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[image] MRS. C. N. PAGE SALVIA.

A New Salvia - Mrs. C. N. Page. A novelty for 1903. This grand variety, which originated on our place, is a sport of the old sort called "Bonfire," but is far superior to it in every respect. It is of dwarf, compact habit forming neat little bushes only 18 inches high and entirely covered with large fiery scarlet flowers of a most intense shade. It blooms two to four weeks earlier than any other variety and continues in bloom until killing frost in the fall. As Salvias are now becoming one of the most popular of bedding plants, taking the place of scarlet geraniums, we predict a great run for this new sort. Heretofore the only objection to Salvias has been their late blooming, but that is now overcome in this new sort. Each 15 cents; dozen $1.50. SALVIA- Splendens.-One of the finest of all bedding plants being completely covered in autumn with long spikes of dazzling scarlet flowers, remaining in bloom until cut down by frost. Each 10 cents; per dozen 75 cents. SOLANUM- Jasminoides Grand.-This·beautiful plant is of trailing or climbing habit, but if desired can be cut back to a bush form. They are pure white with violet tinge on the back; it is equally a good bloomer in summer and winter, and is wonderfully effective when planted to cover a low wall or trellis, showing hundreds of magnificent panicles of bloom which remain perfect a long time before fading. Each 10 cents; one-half dozen for 50 cents. PARIS DAISY - White.-A French improvement on the old White Marguerite which has been so popular. Is of much larger size and will produce ten times as many flowers. Each 10c. PARIS DAISY - Blue.-A striking beautiful flowering plant, producing an abundance of clear sky blue flowers. Plants are loaded with the flowers, and are very desirable for cutting. Each 10c. PLUMBAGO-Capensis.-No plant in our greenhouse has caused more exclamations of delight than these beautiful heavenly blue Plumbagoes. They are most excellent pot plants, flowering freely at all times of the year. South of Central Missouri they are hardy in the open ground, and make desirable garden plants. They are of a rare shade of light azure blue. Each 10 cents. PLUMBAGO- Lady Larpent.-The plants are strong, upright in habit, growing to a height of 12 to 15 inches in compact clumps, and from the middle of July until severe frost are covered with lovely rich violet blue colored flowers, borne in close terminal heads. Each 20 cents. SANSEVERIA-Zelanica.-A singular plant, eminently adapted for decorative purposes in parlors, etc. Dark green, beautifully striped crosswise with white. Has white flowers. Each 15 cents; large size 50 cents. SHOWER OF GOLD- Genista.-A most desirable plant which has been given the name "Shower of Gold" or "Fountain of Gold," from its peculiar fountain shape and brilliant color. Pea shaped blossoms of a pure canary color, almost hiding the foliage. Each 10 cents. SMILAX.-Well known handsome climber and the most popular of all vines with the florists. Each 10 cents. SWAINSONIA-White.-A most beautiful new climbing plant. The habit of growth is extremely graceful and the vine trained up at the side of a window or on a trellis, presents a lovely sight of light green, feathery foliage and a splendid profusion of pure white sprays of flowers resembling Sweet Peas in form. Easily grown, and almost a perpetual bloomer. Each 10 cents. STROBILANTHE-Royal Purple.-An excellent bedding plant as well as a beautlful foliage plant for pot culture. It forms a compact bush 18 inches high, with leaves 6 to 9 inches long; of a beautiful, metallic purple, shading into light rose, with a light green margin, a combination unapproached by any other plant. Flowers are violet blue, borne in immense racemes. Each 15c. MAMMOTH VERBENAS.-Everybody likes Verbenas, as no one can help enjoying the sight of a nice bed carpeted with the dark green leaves and brilliant blossoms. Our mammoth flowering varieties bloom freely and have the finest colors. Each 10c, per dozen 75c; one plant each of fourteen kinds for $1.00. Mixed Verbenas, all different, 50c per dozen. STEVIA- Serrata.-A pretty flowering plant, quite largely grown by florists in pots for blooming in the fall and winter. Plants are of upright growth 18 inches in height, producing numerous sprays of small white florets. These sprays are highly desirable for cut flowers and of delightful fragrance. Plants grow vigorously, enduring both sun and shade and thriving with even very poor treatment. Not hardy, and therefore should be potted in the fall for winter blooming. Pinch off the tips of stems during summer to make them branch out and produce more bloom. Each 15 cents.


AQUATIC PLANTS. The constantly increasing demand proves the coming popularity of Aquatics. Artificial ponds can easily be made or you can grow them in tubs or tanks. In winter most of the varieties should be taken in to keep from injury by frost. Most of the varieties are adapted for aquariums in the house. FAIRY WATER LILY.-This resembles a miniature water lily bearing small white flowers the year round. Fine for aquariums. Each 15 cents. LUDWIGIA.-A pretty plant with smooth, green leaves, variegated at certain seasons with yellow and red. It grows nicely in the aquarium and propagates rapidly if set in sand. Each 10 cents, six for 50 cents. UMBRELLA PALM -(Cyperus.)-It is a splendid decorative plant, being as ornamental as a palm or fern, and above all, it is as easily grown as the commonest weed, as it will thrive in shade as well as sun. It should have an abundance of water. We sell thousands of these plants and they are always satisfactory. Nice plants 15 cents each. Larger 25 cents, and 50 cents. SAGITARIA.-A grass like plant quite desirable for growing in aquariums. When well established it is a very satisfactory plant, growing rapidly; fine wavy appearance. Propagates slowly therefore expensive. Each 25 cents. VARIEGATED CYPERUS.-A decided novelty which will please all flower lovers. It is a sport which occurred in our greenhouse several years ago and we have since been propagating to try and obtain sufficient stock to offer it to our trade. See description of Umbrella Palm. It is beautifully striped dark green and pure white, thus making one of the most showy and attractive plants. Does nicely for growing either in pots or in the aquarium as it is of easiest culture. Each 35 cents. LEMNA.-This is sometimes called duckweed, and is always floating. It has small, oval leaves, with rootlets hanging down in the water, and the plants are produced very rapidly by off-shoots. It is an ornamental plant and shades the water. The fish are fond of it because of the amount of animal life which lodges in the roots and leaves. Bunch 15 cents.


CABOMBA OR AQUARIA MOSS. -This is the prettiest plant in existence for growing in aquariums and also the most valuable. The leaves are beautifully and regularly cut and resemble a delicate lace fern. It rarely blooms in the aquaria, but grows all the year round. It may be broken at any length and roots readily. Should be weighted down so that the base of stems are in the sand. Bunch of ten stems 25c, postpaid. PARROT' S FEATHER.-An aquatic hanging plant is a novelty indeed, and we have it to perfection in this dainty little jewel. Its long, trailing stems are clothed with whorls of most exquisite foliage, as finely cut as leaves of the Cypress Vine, but more delicate. Planted in water tight hanging basket, will trail finely. Each 15 cents. WATER HYACINTH.-One of the most remarkable, curious and beautiful plants we have ever grown. It floats in water, forming a lovely rosette of its curious, shining green leaves, and throws up spikes of most exquisite flowers. (See cut.) Color a beautiful, soft lilac rose, sparkling as if covered with diamond dust. The upper petal has large metallic blue blotch, and in the center of that a small golden yellow spot. Each 15 cents.

WE SHIP PLANTS EVERYWHERE. The plants arrived by mail today in good condition.-Pedro D. L . Santos, Saltillo, Mexico. Plants came in fine condition.-Mrs. R. S. Chaffee, Springfield, Mass. Plants received in perfect order and I am much pleased with them.- Wm B. Foss, South Berwick, Maine.


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ROSES. We consider them not only the most popular but also the most satisfactory of all flowers. We do not grow cut flowers and our rose growing is exclusively for the production of plants. Our soil here is well adapted to rose culture and we are sure that customers will find our plants specially strong, healthy and vigorous. Every variety listed has our most hearty recommendation. Roses are sent by mail or express prepaid in perfect condition to the most distant parts of the United States and also to some foreign countries. Directions for Rose Culture sent with every package if requested. We furnish one dozen of any variety at the price of ten. EMILIE GONIN.-There was no rose at our place this year which attracted more attention than this grand new variety. Creamy white, tinted with orange yellow at the base of petals, while the tips of the petals are reflected and broadly margined with bright carmine crimson. Each 15c. MADAM COCHET. -Has rich, healthy foliage and large flowers on long, straight stems, color deep rosy pink, the inner side of petals silvery rose. Equally valuable for pot culture or out-door planting. Each 15c. Strong dormant plants 35c. HALLOWE'EN.-A beautiful new variety of dark crimson color, distinctly striped with pink and pure white. Each 15c. SNOWFLAKE.-The freest flowering pure white rose that we know of. Each 15c.

BEAUTY INCONSTANT.-A new variety of many shades of pink, red, crimson and yellow. Each 15c. KAISERIN AUGUSTA VICTORIA. -The finest white ever-blooming hardy garden rose. The beautiful, perfectly shaped flowers are borne in profusion on long, graceful stems. Each 15c. SOUVENIR DE WOOTON. -Color a beautiful shade of velvety crimson, and the full open flowers are frequently six inches across. Each 10c. Dormant 30c. BLACK PRINCE.-Very dark, rich velvety crimson. Each l5c. Dormant 35c. LADY HELEN STEWART.-Color bright crimson, flamed with scarlet, very beautiful. Each 15c. Dormant 30c. THE QUEEN-It is pure snow white, makes good, finely formed buds. Each 15c.

CLIMBING ROSES. For porches and trellises nothing surpass the climbing roses, especially the everblooming varieties. We recommend the two year old dormant plants for immediate effect. MARY WASHINGTON. -A hardy perpetual blooming climber, producing double snow white blossoms from June until frost. See cut. Our first president named it after his mother, Mary Washington. The original bush can yet be seen at Mt. Vernon. Each 15c. Dormant 35c. MRS. ROB'T PEARY, OR CLIMBING KAISERIN AUGUSTA VICTORIA.-The buds are long and pointed. Color, pure ivory white, of delicious fragrance. Grows 10 to 15 feet in a single season. Each 20c. Strong two year old dormant plants each 50c. MANDA'S TRIUMPH.-Beautiful white climbing rose; elegant for cemetery. Each 15c. Dormant 30c. ENGLAND'S FAVORITE.-An everblooming climber, golden yellow color, delightfully fragrant. Each 20c. Dormant 40c. AMERICA. - A novel everblooming climber bearing immense numbers of large, beautiful buds of rich, creamy white tinted with pink. Each 20c. Dormant 40c. EMPRESS OF CHINA.-A new climbing Rose of Chinese origin. Hardy and perpetual bloomer. Color, soft red, changing to light pink when when fully open. Each 15c. Dormant 35c. PINK ROAMER.-Single, flowers pink with white center. Each 10c. Dormant 25c. SEVEN SISTERS.-Crimson, changing all shades to white, blooms in clusters. Each 15c. Dormant 25c. BALTIMORE BELLE.-Very double blush white bloom. Each 10c. Dormant 25c. PRAIRIE QUEEN -An old standard variety. Bright rosy red, large, compact and globular flower. Each l5c. Dormant 30c. DOROTHY PERKINS.-Very hardy, immense clusters of deep pink flowers. Each 20c.

SET OF RAMBLER ROSES. CRIMSON RAMBLER.-The blooms remain on the plant for a great length of time without losing their brightness. Each 10c. Strong dormant plants 30c. YELLOW RAMBLER.-Grand new variety like above, except that it is golden yellow and is one of the most satisfactory sorts. Each 10c. Dormant 25c. WHITE RAMBLER. -Quite similar to above except that it is pure white, very fragrant. Each 15c. Dormant 25c. PINK RAMBLER.-Of vigorous climbing habit with flowers of shining rose color. Each 10c. Dormant 30c.

EVERGREEN MEMORIAL ROSES. Hardy and creep over the ground like ivy. Used extensively for covering graves, rock work, embankments. etc. EVERGREEN GEM.-Flowers creamy white. Each 15c. Dormant 30c. SOUTH ORANGE PERFECTION. -Color soft blush pink at tips. Each 15c. Dormant 25c. WHITE MEMORIAL-Perfectly hardy. Each 10c. Strong dormant plants 25c. JERSEY BEAUTY.-Bright yellow flowers. Each 10c. Dormant 25c. UNIVERSAL FAVORITE.-Beautiful rose pink. Each 10c. Dormant 25c.

[image] SUNSET. METEOR BRIDESMAID THE BRIDE Above four grand Roses shown in cut for only 35c.

METEOR-Very double and perfect in shape. The color is rich velvety crimson, exceedingly bright and attractive. The plant is of vigorous growth. Each 10c. SUNSET.-This exquisite orange yellow variety, shaded ruddy copper color, "a sunset glow," is one of the finest Tea Roses. Each 15c. CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.-The champion bloomer. It is claimed that one plant of it will produce more flowers during the year than ten plants of any Tea Rose. Rich, deep, rosy pink. Each 15c. Dormant 30c. PRESIDENT CARNOT.-Magnificent new Hybrid Tea Rose, which we consider one of the daintiest and most charming and fragrant roses in cultivation. Each 15c. Large two year old plants 35c.

BEAUTIFUL HARDY ROSES. The most satisfactory of all flowering plants, making a permanent improvement which is constantly growing in value. Nothing is more beautiful than a nice hedge of these roses. We can supply these from the time this catalogue is issued up to May 15th. Remember we prepay the postage or express charges on plants at prices named. GLORIE DE MARGOTTIN.- The color is a clear dazzling red. Each 15c. Dormant 30c. AMERICAN BEAUTY.-Color rosy crimson, exquisitely shaded. Extra large full flowers, fine buds, very hardy, a constant bloomer. Each 15c. Dormant 35c. BARON DE BONSTETTEN. -The Black Rose. -The color of this rose is a rich dark red, passing to a deep velvety maroon, nearly black. Each 15c. Dormant 35c. MOSS ROSES.-Acknowledged queen of all roses; moss-covered stems and buds show off the delicate loveliness of blossom to great advantage. See cut. Crested Moss.-Deep pink colored buds, surrounded with a mossy fringe; fine. Each 35c. Crimson Globe.-Fine large flowers, deep rich crimson, richly mossed. Each 35c. White Moss.-Beautiful. Each 35c.

BRIDE.-This is undoubtedly one of the finest white roses ever offered. The buds are of exquisite form, the flower very double, measuring from 3 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter. The color is a very delicate creamy white. Each 10c. BRIDESMAID.-An exquisite bright clear pink, a lovely shade; flowers very large and perfectly double. Each 10c. CLOTHILDE SOUPERT.-This hybrid polyantha Tea Rose has become one of the most popular. Flowers pure white. Each 10c. PERLE DES JARDINS.-Fine straw-yellow; very large and perfect. Blooms freely and we consider it one of the most satisfactory varieties. Each 10c.



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HARDY SHRUBS. If you have a home of your own, better add permanent improvements by setting out an assortment of hardy shrubs. It costs but little and you will in a few years have a place to be proud of. There is nothing which so quickly, and for so little cost, adds so much to the beauty, cheerfulness and homelike appearance of a place as an assortment of hardy shrubs. Our price is for strong, healthy plants. Sent by mail or express prepaid. HYDRANGEA PANICULATA GRANDIFLORA.-The grandest as well as the most popular of all shrubs, and hundreds of thousands of them are sold every year and the demand is constantly increasing. It readily attains a height of 5 to 7 feet; hardy in all localities, needs no protection in winter; blooms the first season in July and August and annually thereafter, and continues in bloom for two or three months; the flowers are massive, cone-shape, often measuring 10 inches in length, and have a pleasing variation of color, changing from the original pure white to pink, and finally a beautiful, rich coppery red. Each 15c, doz. $1.25. Large dormant plants, each 35c, doz. $2.50. CALYCANTHUS.-A beautiful sweet-scented shrub; flowers purple, quite double, exquisitely fragrant and borne in profusion during the entire season. Each 20c. SNOWBALL.-A well known and popular shrub, which grows to large size, covered with dense, spherical clusters of white flowers, which give it its name. Each 25c. LILAC, Persian.-A well known, strong growing shrub, bearing large fragrant clusters of purple flowers early in spring. Each 20c. LILAC, White.-Like above but has white flowers, making it more desired by some. Each 25c. LILAC, New Double White.-A novelty of great merit and the finest flowering shrub which has been introduced for many years. Each 50c. DEUTZIA. - Pride of Rochester.-By far the handsomest variety of Deutzia. It is a very desirable shrub of strong, hardy growth, with nice luxuriant foliage and bearing in abundance large numbers of beautiful white flowers. Strong plants. Each 25c, small 15c. JAPAN SNOWBALL.-A valuable improvement on the common Snowball, the flowers being smaller and more numerous. Each 35c. EXOCHORDIA GRANDIFLORA.-(Pearl Bush.)-A neat, compact bush 10 to 12 feet high. Hardy; flowers pure white. Each 25c. BRIDAL WREATH.-(Spirea Prunifolia.)-A beautiful common shrub; blooms in May with long sprays of beautiful flowers; the sight is one which attracts the attention of everyone. Each 20c; small, 10c. WEIGELA.-Superb, large trumpet-shaped flowers in June and July, of all shades from white to dark red. Either as a single specimen or in groups it is certainly one of the most effective and most satisfactory shrubs we know of. Assorted varieties. Each 25c; small, 15c. ROSE OF SHARON, DOUBLE WHITE.-(Altheaor Hibiscus Syracus.)-One of the most beautiful shrubs; perfectly hardy and always satisfactory. Double white flowers about two inches in diameter and produced in great profusion. Each 25c; small, 15c. ROSE OF SHARON, DOUBLE PURPLE.-Like above except that the flowers are of beautiful purple color. Each 25c; small, 15c.


ROSE OF SHARON, DOUBLE VARIEGATED.-Variegated pink and white. A beautiful and attractive variety. Each 35c; small, 15c. SPIRAEA VAN HOUTTI.-The hardiest of all Spiraes. The bushes form fine, compact clumps; the pure white flowers are borne in such masses that they form great plumes, drooping gracefully, giving the clumps the appearance of "a snow bank of white bloom." Ea. 25c; small, 10c. SPIRAEA.- Anthony Waterer.-In our estimation one of the best flowering hardy plants. Makes a dwarf bush 15 to 18 inches high, covered from spring till late in the fall with large heads of crimson flowers. Hardy. Grand for border to taller growing shrubs, or single specimen plants. Each 15c; extra choice, 25c.


HARDY CLEMATIS. The most popular climbing plant of the day and is constantly gaining in popularity.

[image] CLEMATIS.

CLEMATIS, Jackmanii.-Most magnificent and showy vine in existence; of strong, healthy growth, perfectly hardy and sure to succeed anywhere. Flowers four to six inches in diameter, of a rich, deep velvety purple, distinctly veined. Blooms the entire season from July to October. Strong plants, each 45c postpaid. Extra large three-year-old roots 75c. CLEMATIS, Henryii.-This may be briefly described as a white flowered Jackmanii. Each 40c. CLEMATIS, Mad. Edouard Andre.-An entirely distinct and beautiful new variety, being the nearest approach to bright red ever sent out. Each 50c. CLEMATIS, Paniculata.-This small-flowered variety of Clematis is one of our most beautiful, hardy fall blooming vines. The flowers are of pure snowy white. Each 20c. Large, extra strong plants each 35c. VIRGIN'S BOWER, Clematis Flammula.-A very handsome variety of the Clematis, growing to a height of 20 feet and making a nice shade for porches, arbors, etc. Each 15c.

AMPELOPSIS VEITCHI.-(Boston Ivy.)-A beautiful hardy climbing plant. This is one of the finest climbers we have for covering walls as it clings firmly to the smoothest surface, covering it smoothly with overlapping foliage, giving it the appearance of being shingled with green leaves. Each 15c. Large, strong plants 25c. CALYSTEGIA.-An excellent, rapid growing, hardy vine coming up from the roots each year. Bears a profusion of beautiful double pink flowers. Each 15c, doz. $1.50. APIOS TUBEROSA. -A valuable hardy tuberous-rooted climber, resembling in miniature the common Wistaria vine and having clusters of deep purple flowers, which have a strong violet fragrance. Each 5c, doz. 40c. CHINESE MATRIMONY VINE.-A vigorous growing, hardy climbing vine that may be used anywhere that a vine is needed for training to trellis, fence or wall. Every new shoot becomes filled with small purple flowers which are remarkably handsome, and are followed by brilliant scarlet berries nearly an inch long. Is already a popular climbing plant. Succeeds everywhere. Each 15c.

GLECOMA.-(Variegated Ground-lvy.)-The foliage is a bright green marked with pure white, and has a refreshing fragrance similar to mint. Graceful and beautiful for hanging baskets. Entirely hardy when planted out and makes an ornamental, dense mat on the ground. Each 10c. BLUE CHINESE WISTARIA.-A very rapid grower, and one of the most beautiful of all climbers. It is perfectly hardy, climbing to a height of fifty feet; when covered with bloom is magnificent. Each 25c; small, 10c. WOODBINE.- (Virginia Creeper.)-A strong, rapid grower; foliage large dark green; in autumn bronze and crimson. This is an old favorite and quite common in most localities. Valuable for covering back porches, out-buildings, arbors, etc. Each 15c, doz. $1.25. RED CORAL HONEYSUCKLE.- (Scarlet Trumpet.) - There is nothing prettier than this; the foliage is pretty, neat and clean; the bright red, trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers are attractive. Each 25c; small, 15c. HARDY BLUE SOLANUM.-A beautiful perennial vine of rapid growth. The handsomely cut foliage makes a beautiful shade for porch or arbor and is also desirable to train along fences, etc. It is covered during the summer months with hundreds of clusters of blue flowers, brightly set off with golden stamens, clusters measuring 15 inches in circumference, and often attaining a length of 12 inches. Strong, one-year-old plants of above, 25c each; doz. $2.00; small 10c each. CINNAMON VINE.-This beautiful climber possesses the rare quality of emitting from its flowers the delightful odor of cinnamon, and is very appropriately called the Cinnamon Vine. Perfectly hardy, the stem dying down every autumn, but growing again so rapidly as to completely cover any trellis or arbor very early in the season. With its beautiful heart-shaped leaves and clusters of delicate white flowers and delicious cinnamon odor it is a most desirable climber. We have always been short of these but this year grew about 35,000 roots and hope to be able to supply the demand. We furnish the large tubers, postpaid, for 10c, 3 for 25c, doz. 75c.

COLLECTION. Ten Hardy Vines, all different, our choice of varieties, but all desirable, for $1.50 prepaid.



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Hardy Perennial Plants It is really wonderful the immense demand which there has been for these plants during the past few years, our trade in this line multiplying fourfold every year. We pay the postage at these prices and you may select $1.25 worth at the single rate for $1.00. ACHILLEA.-The Pearl - Finest of all plants for cemetery planting. Flowers are good sized, forming a beautiful plant 18 inches high. Our cut shows one of the numerous heads of bloom with which the plant is covered. Each 10c, dozen 75c. CRIMSON EYE HIBISCUS.-Flowers often measure twenty inches in circumference. Color of purest white, with a large spot of deep velvety crimson in the center of each flower. It will succeed anywhere and is perfectly hardy. Each 15c, dozen $1.25; extra large 30c each. Seed 10c per pkt. PARDANTHUS.-(Blackberry Lily.)-Quite curious and handsome. Flowers orange color spotted with brown, about two inches in diameter. The blossoms are followed by seed clusters like a blackberry in size, shape and color. Each 10c, 3 for 25c, dozen 85c.


GRASS PINKS.- The hardy and pretty clove-scented flowers which our grandmothers loved. Flowers are double, semi-double and single, and range from pure white to dark pink and red. Each 10c, dozen $1.00. HER MAJESTY GARDEN PINKS.- A grand variety of the hardy garden pinks. Each 15c, dozen $1.25. GAILARDIA GRANDIFLORA.- These are among the showiest and most effective of hardy perennial plants; beginning to flower in June, they continue one mass of bloom the entire season. The flowers are large, 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Each 15c, dozen $1.50. MYRTLE.- A handsome trailing plant largely used for cemetery planting. Beautiful, glossy dark green leaves. Each 10c, doz. 75c, 100, $4.00. LEMON LILY.- (Hemerocalis Flava.)- Clear lemon yellow, very bright, pleasing appearance. Each flower stem bearing 7 to 20 flowers; hardy. Each 15c, dozen $1.50. ORANGE LILY.- (Hemerocalis Dermorteri.)- Similar to Lemon Lily but of a fine orange color. Each 15c, dozen $1.50. HARDY PERENNIAL PHLOX.- These are among the most useful and desirable of our hardy herbaceous plants, and should be planted largely. Our collection embraces the best new and old varieties mixed. Each 10c, dozen $1.00. JAPANESE IRIS.-(Kaempferi.)-These magnificent Iris are among the most beautiful of our summer flowering plants and are marvels of elegance and stateliness. Once planted in your garden they are a joy for a lifetime. Double and single mixed. Each 15c, dozen $1.25. GERMAN IRIS.-The true "Fleur-de-Lis," the national flower of France; perfectly hardy, grow and bloom luxuriantly, particularly in moist situations. Mixed colors. Each 10c, dozen 85c. HYPERICUM MOSERIANUM.-One of the very best herbaceous plants of recent introduction. Flower a rich golden yellow, which is rendered still more effective by numerous yellow stamens and crimson anthers. Blooms continuously the entire season. Each 15c, doz. $1.50. RUDBECKIA, GOLDEN GLOW.-A glorious new hardy plant. It will be found excellent also for cut flower purposes. The stems are long and gracefully poised. The foliage is abundant and ornamental. A small plant set out in the spring will produce hundreds of blossoms during August and September, each one as large as a fair sized chrysanthemum. Nice for a screen row at back of lawn. Each 10c, dozen $1.00. DAY LILY.-(White.)-Pure white lily-shaped flowers borne in large clusters. This is sometimes quite scarce but we have a good supply this year. Each 15c, dozen $1.50. DICENTRA SPECTABILIS.-The old Bleeding Heart, the flower of our childhood. Bears in early spring, long chains of pendulous bloom of exquisite beauty. Each 20c.


Violets. Of all delightful perfumes that of Violets is the most delicate and pleasant and place the modest little blue flowers among our greatest favorites. Violets grow and bloom freely if given a cool situation; cover well in winter. SWANLEY WHITE.- Unquestionably the finest double variety in existence. The plants are of vigorous growth, producing a great many of the pure, snowy white double flowers. Each 10c, doz. $1.00. MARIE LOUISE. - To contrast with the white we offer this, the finest double blue violet grown. Ea. 10c, doz. $1.00. CALIFORNIA-Grand new single variety. A sturdy grower, dense, heavy foliage, free from disease. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.


HELIANTHUS MULTIFLORUS PLENUS.-The flowers are from [?] to 4 inches in diameter, as double as any Double Dahlia, and cover the plant from the ground to the top. Color a bright golden yellow. It should have a sunny position and rich soil. Each 10c, dozen 75c. GOLDEN MARGUERITE.-A fine yellow-flowered perennial. It is a continuous bloomer the entire summer, withstanding both wet and dry weather. Each 15c. DELPHINIUM FORMOSUM.-(Hardy Larkspur.)-This is certainly one of the handsomest and most satisfactory of all the hardy herbaceous plants and should be planted extensively, even in the smallest garden; its long spikes of bright blue flowers are produced continually from June until frost. Each 20c, dozen $1.75. PHLOX SUBLATA.-(Moss Pink.)-One of the finest of low, turfy-growing plants, fine for carpeting under trees, around rock work, edging beds, etc. Early in spring is very showy with its cloud of bright, pink blossoms. We do not understand why this is not more widely grown, for it is perfectly hardy, and will care for itself. Each 10c, dozen 50c. EULALIA ZEBRINA.-A stately ornamental grass for the lawn or hardy border; perfectly hardy: often produces 50 to 100 beautiful large plumes. Each 25c.

Paeonies. Everyone knows the old fashioned red "Piny" of our grandmother's garden, but the specialists of America, Europe and particularly those of Japan, have been at work so that there are now more than one thousand named varieties, many of them of the most curiously beautiful shapes and colors. We prepay the postage. FESTIVA MAXIMA.-This is by far the finest double white Paeony grown. Usually sells at $1.00 each, but we offer it at only 75c, dozen $8.00. LA ESPERANCE.-An exceedingly fine vivid rose colored flower. Early and free flowering. Each 35c, dozen $3.50. ANDRE LAURIES.-A very double flower of deep bright red. Blooms till late in season. Each 25c, dozen $2.50. GRANDIFLORA RUBRA.-Extra large perfect balls of blood red magnificent flowers. Probably the largest red variety in existence, often 8 or 9 inches across. Each 35c, doz. $3.50. DOUBLE WHITE.-Large size double flowers. It is about as pure white as any other double white; is a free bloomer. Each 40c, doz. $4 00. RUBRA TRIUMPHANS.-Flower rich, brilliant, glowing, satiny crimson color. Each 25c, dozen $2.50. MISSOURI WHITE.-A handsome variety. On our grounds the outer row of petals are tinged with light pink, and the center ones are creamy white. Each 35c, dozen $3.50. PINK MONARCH.- One of the best tall growing sorts. Flower light pink, handsomely variegated with carmine pink. Each 25c, dozen $2.50. MEDIUM PINK.-A fine large flower of handsome, bright pink color. Blooms freely. Each 25c, dozen $2.50. FINEST MIXED.-This mixture contains many of the choicest American and foreign sorts. Only 20c each, $2.00 per dozen, $12.50 per 100, charges prepaid. Why not put in a large bed, or border your drive with them. COMMON MIXED.-Mainly composed of pink varieties. Each 15c, dozen $1.50, per 100 $10.00, or if sent at purchaser's expense, $7.50 per 100. ROSE FRAGRANS.-Large flowers of rich, dark, rose color and exquisite fragrance. Blooms late in season. Each 25c, doz. $2.50. VICTORIA TRICOLOR.-Very large full flower, outer petals pale rose mottled with pink; center yellowish white. Each 25c, dozen $2.50. POTTSII.-Finest dark crimson sort, the color being very rich and showy; very double. Each 85c, dozen $3.50.

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TOOLS AND IMPLEMENTS. Notice reduced prices. If you desire it, we will send illustrated circular of Planet Jr., and Matthews' tools. MATTHEWS' NEW UNIVERSAL CONSTELLATION DRILL.-The latest improved, and we are convinced that this new tool is one of the best. It sows perfectly all kinds of seeds at any depth with mechanical precision, covering and rolling it down in the most approved manner; has a very complete set of cultivating attachments consisting of plows, hoes, rakes and cultivator teeth. Price only $8.00; the cheapest combined drill and cultivator on the market. MATTHEWS' NEW UNIVERSAL GARDEN DRILL.-It is particularly adapted to planting all kinds of garden seeds. The depth may be gauged to any required space and will make a uniform deposit of the seed. Price $6.25. PLANET JR. NO. 4, COMBINED SEEDER AND CULTIVATOR.-The drill is easily detached and the tool frame substituted. Has all the attachments except the rakes. Price $10.00. Set of three rakes, if desired, $1.00 extra. Price for plain drill, without cultivating attachments, $8.00. PLANET JUNIOR NO. 1, COMBINED DRILL AND CULTIVATOR.-As a cultivator it is admirably adapted to deep mellowing of the soil. It sows all garden seed accurately at the desired depth. Each machine is sent out with all the tools, except the rakes. Price $9.00. Pair of rakes for same, 50c extra.


UNIVERSAL DOUBLE WHEEL HOE-Complete.-A greatly improved implement which will work both sides of the row at once in a most thorough manner. Consisting of one pair each of hoes, plows, rakes, narrow cultivator teeth, and wide cultivator teeth. Price only $5.00. UNIVERSAL DOUBLE WHEEL HOE-Plain.-The above tool with only one pair of hoe blades for $3.25. PLANET JR. NO. 8, HORSE HOE.- Probably no other cultivating machine is so widely known as the "Planet Jr." Combined Horse Hoe and Cultivator, for it is in use throughout the civilized world. It is so strongly built as to stand incredible strain, yet it is light and easy to handle. The No. 8 combines all the latest improvements, levers adjusting it in width and regulating the depth. Ask for circular giving full description. Price $8.00. M'GEE GARDEN CULTIVATOR OR SPRING HOE.-Onion growers claim that this is the best cultivator for onions. With each tool there is a pair of knives that operate as hoes, and a pair of cultivators. Price $4.50. FARMER'S SINGLE WHEEL HOE.- This is made by the manufacturers of the celebrated Planet Jr. tools and is specially designed for farmer's garden work. It is strong, well made and can be quickly set so as to be useful whether in the hands of a man or woman, boy or girl. Strength, variety of tools and cheapness are its great virtues. Price $3.75.


PLANET JUNIOR NO. 17, SINGLE WHEEL HOE.-Has one pair of hoes, three cultivator teeth and a plow. If desired, the rakes and other attachments can be added later to make a complete tool. Price only $4.50. PLANET JUNIOR NO. 12, DOUBLE WHEEL HOE.-This most practical tool is made for gardeners. It will do the work of six men with ordinary hand hoes. Price $6.50. Rakes 75c per pair extra. PLANET JR. NO. 3 SEED DRILL.-We regard this drill as the acme of perfection, and most decidedly the best seed sower made. It will sow perfectly either in a continuous row or drop the seed in hills either 4, 6, 8, 12 or 24 inches apart. It opens the furrow, drops in hills or drills, covers, rolls down and marks the next row all at one operation. It has a force feed, sows equally well whether the hopper is full or contains only a paper of seed. Price $10.00. FIRE FLY PLOW.-This is one of the nicest little tools imaginable. Will both plow the garden and attend to the cultivating and weeding throughout the season. The moldboard is tempered and polished steel. Price only $2.25. PLANET JR. NO. 16 SINGLE WHEEL HOE.-Adjustable handles and quick-change frame. Tools are a well-shaped plow, pair 6 inch shield hoes and three all steel patent cultivator teeth, also a set of two rakes and a practical leaf guard. Price $5.35. PLANET JR. TWELVE-TOOTH HARROW.-Is provided with a pulverizer which leaves ground in fine condition. Price $8.00, or without pulverizer, $6.40. MEEKER SMOOTHING HARROW.-Has 2 sets (4) of rollers containing 58 steel disks. Size 6 ft. 8 in. by 6 ft. Price $25.00.

SPRAYERS AND INSECTICIDES. IT PAYS TO SPRAY YOUR FRUIT TREES. THE LITTLE GIANT BUCKET SPRAY-PUMP. -This pump is constructed entirely of brass and is not affected by the poisonous arsenites used in different formulas for spraying fruit trees, vines and shrubbery. The operator is enabled to keep a constant pressure on the nozzle of from 50 to 100 lbs., with very ordinary exertion, will throw solid stream 50 to 60 feet; fitted with hose and imperial combination fine or coarse spray and solid stream nozzle and malleable foot rest. Price $3.75, with 8 foot pipe extension, $4.25. LEVER BUCKET OR BARREL SPRAY PUMP.-Similar to the Little Giant, but has lever handle and can be attached to barrel or used as bucket pump. Price $4.75, with 8 foot extension pipe, $5.25. LIGHTNING SPRAYING PUMP.-We have been trying for two years past to secure a low priced, serviceable bucket spraying pump that will give satisfactory results. We now offer the Lightning Spraying pump, believing it will fill the demands of our customers. It is made of heavy galvanized iron, furnished with nozzle for throwing either a stream or a spray, and is well made throughout. Each $1.90. STAR INSECT POWDER GUN.- Handy size for house use, to blow powder in cracks and crevices. 10c each; postpaid 13c.


BELLOWS.-Useful for applying Slug Shot or any kind of insect powder. Length 23 inches. Holds 6 ounces of powder. Price $1.00. Postage, if sent by mail, 30 cents extra. Spreader, for distributing powder more evenly, 25c each. DAISY SPRAYING PUMP.-This popular little sprayer is shown by our illustration. We sell hundreds of these pumps which are used for spraying insecticides and whitewash in the poultry house, also for spraying fruit trees and plants. Can be changed so as to throw a solid stream of water 20 to 30 feet high and used for washing windows, buggies, etc. Price only $1.00. Can be sent by express only. FAULTLESS INSECT SPRAYER. - An all brass hand sprayer. Will not rust. The best hand sprayer for applying liquids and insecticides to poultry houses and live stock. Also valuable for spraying grape vines, small trees and shrubbery. Made of heavy brass and very durable. Price by express, not prepaid, $1.00.

LIGHTNING ATOMIZER NO. 2.-Decidedly the best insect exterminator on the market. The reservoir is made of the best brass with double tube and has double the capacity of any other atomizer that we know of, thoroughly covering a very wide space at each action of the handle, and the spray is so fine that it thoroughly covers both under and upper side of the leaves, and everywhere that insects can find lodgement. The spray is so fine that one quart of liquid will spray 1,000 hills of potatoes. Invaluable for spraying plums, grapes, currants, melons and all other fruit and vegetable plants. We consider it fully equal to the more expensive machines for this purpose, which are sold at $12.00 to $15.00 each. Price only $1.00, postage 25c. TOBACCO DUST.-Destroys rose bugs, lice, cut-worms vine bugs, tomato worms, currant worms, cabbage lice and parasites of all descriptions. Price, lb. 10c, 5 lbs. 25c; 16c per lb. extra if by mail. DALMATIAN INSECT POWDER.-The best grade, fresh, and nice. Lb. 40c, 5 lbs. or more at 35c; postage 16c per lb. extra. ANT EXTERMINATOR.-A non-poisonous powder, which, when sprinkled around, will kill or drive away ants from lawns, trees, houses, etc. Price 25c, by mail 30c; large pkg. 50c, by mail 60c. SPRAGUE'S FLY BOUNCER -It instantly drives away flies, mosquitoes and all other insect pests. It is a relief to cows, horses, etc. Price, 1/2 gal. can $1.00, 1 gal. can $1.50, 5 gal. can $7.00. RIPLEY'S COMPRESSED AIR SPRAYER.-After careful examination and test of a number of Compressed Air Sprayers we have decided to offer the Ripley, having been convinced that it is the best constructed and most durable of any on the market. Price, No. 15, 4-gal. galvanized, the most convenient size, each $[5.?0]; No. 16, 4-gal. copper, will last the longest in using poison solutions, each $7.00. SULPHO-TOBACCO SOAP.-For a cheap, effective, clean and harmless Insecticide for Amateur and Professional growers this is unexcelled. Quickly exterminates all insect life on plants and flowers in and out of doors. 3-oz. cake, sufficient for 1 1/2 gallons prepared solution, 10c, mailed postpaid 13c; 8-oz. cake, sufficient for 4 gals. prepared solution, 20c, mailed postpaid 28c. HAMMOND' S SLUG SHOT.-It destroys all insects injurious to house and garden plants, shrubs, trees, vines, potatoes, melons, cabbages, currants, vegetables and fruit of all kinds. Not prepaid, 5 lbs. [3?]c, 10 lbs. 60c, 25 lbs. or more at 5c per lb; postpaid 1 lb. 25c, 4 lbs. 95c. DUSTERS.-For Hammond's Slug Shot, each 35c.



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