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As the farm crop is more important to the general welfare of the country than any other, so the farm seed department should have the pre-eminence in seed catalogues, but we regret to say that with most seedsmen it has very little attention. Realizing the vast importance of this branch of our business, we devote careful attention to the growth and selection of the best farm seeds of all sorts. Our seed grain is grown especially for seed in the section best suited to its development and perfect maturity, is all carefully selected, thoroughly cleaned, of the best quality and we sell at reasonable prices. We take pride in our large and increasing trade in this branch of our business.

PRICES named in this derartment are subject to important market changes. Quotations are net and are not subject to premium or discount which is offered on other seeds. Clover and grass seeds are constantly varying in value, and we issue a price list daily during the busy season. Please write for quotations, sending list of requirements, when in need. Orders sent us will be given benefit of lowest prices on day order is received. Will take pleasure in mailing samples and quoting inside prices at any time on large orders. We have an excellent stock this year. Order early.


SHIPPING.-In this department everything that is quoted by the packet or pound is sent by mail postpaid; all large quantities, unless noted, are sent by express or freight, at the expense of the purchaser. Prices named include bags, except on clover and grass seeds. We deliver to depot here. NOTICE.-While we exercise great care to have all seeds pure and reliable, we give no warranty expressed or implied. However, if the seeds are not satisfactory on receipt and examination, they are to be returned to us at once and we will refund the money.

HIGH GRADE SEED GRAIN. It costs more to grow a crop for seed purposes than the ordinary farmer can understand. It requires extra choice stock seed, special preparation of the land, special cultivation, great care in harvesting, cleaning, testing, preparing for shipment, bags, etc., etc., so that we are obliged to ask a considerable advance over market prices, but any intelligent farmer will agree with us that such pedigreed seed is worth to him the price we ask for it.

It Pays to Sow the Best.

SEED CORN. This is our great specialty, and we claim to supply more farmers with seed corn each year than any firm in the United States; that means that the Iowa Seed Store may well be considered the world's headquarters for choice seed corn. We ship annually to every state in the Union and to almost every country in the world. We are in the center of the best corn growing country of the world. For the season of 1903 we have the best supply of seed corn ever offered by any seed firm in the world. The varieties of field corn we offer are the best now in use. They were grown especially for seed purposes, and well matured, cured, carefully sorted by our own seed corn experts, and shelled with great care. Choice seed corn is scarce this year, and prices a trifle higher, but it will not pay you to buy doubtful seed at any price. All our seed corn is carefully tested, and none sent out that we are not certain will grow well under proper conditions. If not satisfactory on arrival and examination, it may be returned and we will refund money. If a large quantity is wanted, ask for prices. No extra charge for bags.

There is no question but that seeds GROWN IN IOWA Are the best.

That is now quite generally admitted on many kinds. The reason for this is that the soil and climate here are well adapted to the perfect growth and maturity of the crop. Seeds grown here are better matured and are of stronger growth and vitality than those grown either north or south, and

Will Produce Better Crops.

TESTED SEED CORN. WILL IT GROW? When brought in from the farm each ear is taken in hand by a seed corn expert and critically examined. After passing the first examination it goes to another man and is looked over the second time. It is then shelled with great care and carefully tested in soil and also given a severe test in cold water. The tests range this year from 92 to 100 per cent. Seed corn handled in this way is cheap at any price, but this year it costs you only about 25c per acre to use our seed corn.

THOROUGHBRED SEED CORN. THE IOWA SEED STORE is now recognized as headquarters for thoroughbred seed corn, and the varieties which we have originated or introduced are now listed by almost all the prominent seedsmen in America, Europe and Australia, who handle this grain, and are the best everywhere. Don't be satisfied with a second grade even if you can save five or ten cents per acre in cost of seed (one bushel plants eight acres), but send your order direct to Headquarters for Seed Corn and get the best.

PROFIT CORN. A most profitable corn for any farmer who has live stock to feed. We introduced this grand new variety and it has given excellent satisfaction everywhere. It originated from a carefully prepared cross of two well known sorts on the farm of a seed grower in Madison county, Iowa, which is the county that produced our world famous Iowa Gold Mine. For nearly twenty years this corn has been bred up until now it is claimed to be the heaviest and most solid ear of any variety in existence, and of good size.

"It Isn't a Handsome Corn, but It's Got Money In It." The color of the surface of the ear is variegated from light sulphur to reddish orange, being agreeably diversified making it particularly striking in appearance. With some this might be an objection if they desire to sell it in the ear, but when shelled it looks quite uniform in color as the variation is simply in the color of cap or top of grain. The purpose of the originator was to fix a type of field corn for profit, superior to any in cultivation, and profit in corn growing, as we understand it, means the largest crop of shelled corn (not cobs), maturing in a reasonably short time and of the best quality. The ears are of large size, grain is very deep, cob small and dries out rapidly, thus making it a sure cropper. The corn is so solid on the cob that the kernels appear as if driven in and it shells out immensely. It will produce a larger crop on poor soil than any variety that we know of and with good culture will astonish everybody. It is the corn to plant and we want all our customers to try it. Order early as our stock is limited. Per packet, 5 cents; pound, 25 cents; three pounds, 60 cents, postpaid; by freight, peck, 65 cents; bushel, $2.00; two bushels or more at $1.85; five bushels or more at $1.75.

KIND WORDS FROM OUR FRIENDS. J. H. Ludington, Ashtabula county, Ohio: I was much pleased with your Profit Corn this season, as it gave an exceedingly large yield. An enterprising and prominent Polk county farmer says: "It has outyielded every other variety on my place. Ears are large, extremely solid and grain is deep, and shells out more than other sorts." W. C. McHenry, Crawford county, Ia.: The seed corn I bought of you last spring was the best investment I ever made. It produced fully double as much as that of my neighbors and it is of the finest quality. S. W. Callanan,Kossuth county, Iowa: I purchased from you ten bushels of Pride of the North corn for planting and am very much pleased with the variety and its yield. I had a splendid stand and believe that it pays to buy seed corn from you, as it is more carefully selected and cared for than most of the farmers can do. Ira Foster, Johnson county, Iowa: Your Profit Corn has made a large yield this year. D. M. McKindley, Kane county, Ill.: The 70 acres of corn we planted with seed from your firm, is the best field of corn in this county. It runs from two to three ears on each stalk. L. L. Stewart, Peoria county, Ill.: I am much pleased with your Profit Corn, as it is remarkable for its vigorous growth, and in spite of the dry weather at earing time it having no extra cultlvation, it yielded at the rate of 120 bushels per acre of solid, well filled ears. It beats your Iowa Gold Mine, and this I consider high praise. F. H. Furneaux, Arapahoe county, Colo.: Your Iowa Gold Mine was early, stood the drouth remarkably well and produced 500 bushels of good, sound corn. My neighbors, with as good, or better conditions, either failed entirely or had only soft corn. I never made a more profitable investment in my life.

[image] EARS OF PROFIT CORN. Notice depth of grain and how wonderfully well it is filled out over both tip and butt ends. These points, together with its great solidity, make it a most profitable sort to feed or sell.


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The past ten years have brought out many varieties of corn and we have tested hundreds of varieties on our farm, but none answered every requirement. The one which nearest approached perfection was the Golden West, which is a new variety originated in eastern Iowa by one of the most practical seed corn specialists in the United States.

The Best Yellow Corn Ever Offered. For six or seven years past we have been searching for a variety of corn which had the characteristics of the Iowa Gold Mine as to depth of grain and color, but which produced a larger ear and would yield a better crop. The New Golden West comes the nearest to our ideal, and we have decided that it is far superior to any yellow corn now on the market.

DESCRIPTION. Golden West is one of the most vigorous growing varieties that we know of. The stalk is of medium height, not as tall as Legal Tender, but very much thicker at the ground, short jointed and has broad leaves which help to mature the large crop of corn which it produces. It is the deepest rooted corn that we know of and therefore not easily injured by hard wind storms nor are the roots so near the surface as to be broken off and the vitality of the plant sapped and weakened in cultivating the crop. The ears have usually eighteen to twenty rows a little larger size than Legal Tender in an ordinary season. The germ contains more nutriment than any other part of the kernel, and it should be plump and well filled out to insure good feeding value as well as vigorous growth. The ear is solid, nearly uniform in size throughout its entire length, but gradually tapering off to a blunt oval tip. It matures in about 100 days, thus making it a safe corn to plant, and we claim that it will yield a larger crop than any other yellow corn in existence.

THE BREEDER'S METHOD. Instead of having simply surface roots like other northern varieties, he has bred to obtain a deep rooted sort which would obtain its nutriment from the subsoil as well as having plenty of surface roots. In this way he has secured a better leaf structure for the plant, which enables it to stand long seasons of drouth, hot weather and strong winds. By working with his first cross to obtain plants with unusual heavy leafage and roots, he has been enabled to build this new variety on a foundation of perfect health and vigor. It will become the leading corn for this latitude and win the confidence of all corn growers. Thousands ot farmers made money buying our Iowa Gold Mine and Iowa Silver Mine corn when they were first introduced and selling the seed to their neighbors the following season. It will pay you to follow this plan and send in your order early, as the supply is limited. Remember that a bushel plants seven or eight acres, therefore it will cost you only abont 35 cents per acre for the seed.

What the Originator Says: The Golden West corn originated on the farm of Mr. S. S. Barr in Eastern Iowa, who has made a life study of the corn plant as well as working out his theories in a practical manner. In response to a letter in which we asked him to give, in his own language, full particulars regarding this new variety, he replies: IOWA SEED CO., DES MOINES, IOWA: Gentlemen-I hand you a photo of the new yellow corn, the result of many years of careful intelligent breeding, conducted on the only true method for the permanent improvement of types of corn. The stalk, leaf and manner of earing much resembles the Silver Mine, but the ears are larger. The stalk is thick at the ground, short-jointed, has very broad leaves and deep yellow ear, uniform in character. Grain is wide and thick, cobs red and velvety. The ears represented by the photograph were twenty-rowed, 11 inches long and 8 1/2 inches in circumference. The last two seasons have been extremes; 1901 excessively hot and dry, 1902, on the contrary, cold and wet. In other words, it gave us great extremes of climatic conditions, and any new variety that passed these two seasons more favorably than the old sorts has much to its credit. This the Golden West did. It is characteristic of it to retain the leaf green after the ear is ripe and husk yellow. Along such lines as indicated above I have worked in later years, after learning my methods by the failure of many former years, and by such methods I have produced this new variety. Perfection is not claimed, only that it is well and correctly founded, well established, and I believe, capable of adding millions to the wealth of western farmers, over what, for the most part, they now plant. Vast treasures of soil, rain and sunlight are being annually wasted by trifling with varieties of corn not capable of utiltzing them. To fill this want Golden West was planned. The Iowa Seed Company and a few other men working alone and almost unappreciated, have done great good, but the work of improvement for lasting effect has just begun. Yours truly, S. S. BARR.

PRICE. Per pkt. 5c, lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c, 7 lbs. (will plant one acre) for $1.25, charges prepaid to any part of the United States. By freight, per peck, 90c; bushel, $3.00; 2 bushels or more @ $2.75; 5 bushels or more @ $2 .60. Your Golden West is by far the best corn ever grown in this locality, and fully equal in yield to the Iowa Silver Mine. Part of my land was flooded this year and badly washed by the river, but owing to the Golden West being so deeply rooted it stood up very much better than either of the other varieties which I grew or any other sorts in this locality. It yielded a grand crop of good, sound corn in spite of the unfavorable season.-G. W. Pfeifer.

Corn Judging.-Most farmers think they know what good corn is but are unable to give the reasons why one ear of corn is positively superior to another. For the benefit of our customers we have prepared a short treatise on corn judging, including a score card and directions for its use. Fully illustrated. While a course in the Corn Judging School is the most desirable, still, few think they can afford the time or expense, and a little practice with our system will enable you to become fairly expert, and may be worth thousands of dollars to you. Ask for our Corn Judging Manual. Price 10 cents per copy, or we will send one free to any one ordering seed corn from us this year, if they request it.


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[image] [Section of Ear, and man who grew prize crop - 215 bushels per acre.]

IOWA SILVER MINE CORN. THE GREAT $1,000 CORN - YIELDS 215 BU. PER ACRE. The most marvelous variety of corn ever offered, and one which will surprise every one who plants it. Thousands of farmers have tried it and doubled their crops and also made money rapidly by selling seed to their less enterprising neighbors. It is revolutionizing the corn growing of the country. Just think of this wonderful yield, 215 bushels per acre with ordinary culture. The seed corn trade is our great specialty, and we claim to be corn experts, and in the spring of 1895, when we first saw this corn, we purchased the entire stock for $1,000.00 cash. An offer of $10.00 per pound would not have induced us to sell all we had of it, as we wanted to save it for our customers. The average corn crop of the United States is only twenty-eight bushels per acre, and there was more than seven times this amount of Iowa Silver Mine grown on one acre. Adopt our new method of culture, which will be sent free to every one ordering this variety of seed corn from us.

DESCRIPTION. Stalk grows to a height of seven or eight feet, and sets the ears about three and one-half to four feet from the ground, just the right height for easy picking. One peculiarity which will be noticed in going over the fields is that there are no barren stalks, every one has an ear, many stalks have two or three good ears, and the originator says that has been characteristic every year that he has grown it. The type is very even. Ears measuring from Ten to Twelve inches in length and weighing one and one-half pounds are often found. The ears are very uniform in size and shape, with sixteen to twenty straight rows, (usually eighteen rows,) of deep, pure white kernels, set on a small white cob, and the ears are well filled out over the tip. It is early, maturing in less than ninety-five days, and never has been caught by the frost. The cob dries out rapidly, so that it is ready for market earlier than any other White Field Corn in existence. Seventy pounds in the the ear will make sixty-two pounds shelled. It is adapted to a wider range of soil and climate than any corn ever offered. From Minnesota to Florida, from Massachusetts to California, it will yield a paying crop where other varieties are grown at a loss.

ITS PRIZE RECORD. Everywhere the Iowa Silver Mine captures the prizes over all other varieties. At one fair ten of the largest ears took first prize, ten of the smaller ears took second prize. Afterwards the same ten large ears took sweepstakes over all other varieties, both white and yellow, making a total of $95.00 in prizes taken at one fair by twenty ears of the Iowa Silver Mine Corn. It captured the big prize offered by us in 1896, for the largest crop, against all other kinds of any color, yielding 215 bushels. At the Illinois State Fair it took first premium for the best bushel of corn, any color or sort; first for best white corn in the state, and grand sweepstakes for the best corn of any color, competition open to the world. In 1899 the Illinois State Agricultural Society offered three large prizes for the largest corn crop grown on an acre, and the Iowa Silver Mine captured all three of them with crops of 196, 176 AND 154 BUSHELS PER ACRE. No other corn of any color can compare with it in wonderful productiveness.

Average of above is 176 bushels of shelled corn per acre. Has produced immense crops everywhere. Our customers all rejoice with us.

Read the Astonishing Record of our own prize contest. It produced 215 bushels per acre in Scott county, Iowa; 211 bushels per acre in Indiana; 201 bushels per acre in Arkansas; 178 bushels per acre in Illinois; 145 bushels per acre in Nebraska; 144 bushels per acre in Ohio; 137 bushels per acre in Texas.

Now for 1903. To every one who orders Iowa Silver Mine Seed Corn from us we will send free, full information as to how 215 bushels of corn were grown on one acre and instructions so that you can do as well.

WE ARE THE ORIGINAL INTRODUCERS. And if you want pure Iowa Silver Mine Corn, it must be purchased from us. We have proof that other dealers are copying our descriptions and selling common white corn as Iowa Silver Mine. The cost of pure seed is almost nothing (only about 25 cents per acre).

$10,000.00 IN PRIZES. Everywhere the Iowa Silver Mine Captures Prizes. Over all other varieties, and it is estimated that they have amounted to over ten thousand dollars. At one great Corn Show it won eleven (11) of the best prizes offered, in competition with varieties of every color, kind and description, competition open to the world. In 1896 we offered $500.00 in prizes for the largest yield, and the first prize was won by Mr. Claus Jochimsen, a well-to-do German farmer of Scott county, Iowa, with a yield of 215 bushels of shelled corn per acre. His written report was signed, also, by two neighbors, who helped him to measure the ground and gather the corn, and it was weighed by the public weighmaster, who also made a written report. To verify this the president of the Iowa Seed Company personally inspected and measured the field and estimated carefully the corn in the crib.

READ WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY. "The Iowa Silver Mine is all you represent it to be. It ripened in 90 days and produced ears ten inches long and seven inches in circumference."-H. R. Burton, Butler county, Pa. "I have been growing your Iowa Silver Mine Corn for three years past, and it yielded fully ten bushels more per acre than any other corn here this year, in spite of the unfavorable weather."-E. W. Parnell, Story county, Iowa. "Your Iowa Silver Mine Corn did exceptionally well with me considering the unfavorable season. It ripened earlier than any other corn in my neighborhood. It is strictly a number one corn, very solid on the cob and well filled out at the tips; makes also a superior quality of fodder."-M. S. Wittle, Lancaster county, Pa. "The Iowa Silver Mine purchased from you was planted one month after planting my native corn, but it ripened by the time the native corn was in roasting ear and made 50 per cent larger crop." W. G. Jordan, Chickasaw county, Indian Ter.

THE BEST ON A 22,000 ACRE FARM. "On this estate, comprising 22,000 acres, there was this year nearly 10,000 acres of corn, including almost all known standard sorts suited to this latitude, and we consider that of the white varieties the Iowa Silver Mine is the purest and in all respects the most satisfactory." - W. A. Bichet, Manager.

PRICE Postpaid or by express prepaid: Per pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, 7 lbs (will plant an acre) $1.00. Specimen ears 25c each postpaid. By freight or express, purchaser paying charges, per pk. 65c, bushel $2.00, 2 bushel or more @ $1.85, 5 bushels or more @ $1.75.

Order Early. There Is Sure to Be a Great Demand.


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IOWA GOLD MINE CORN. Best Variety of Yellow Corn in the World. Everyone who has tried it is enthusiastic in the praise of this splendid new variety which we introduced in 1892. It has received the most cordial endorsement as the best and most profitable variety ever grown. It is early ripening, only a few days later than Pride of the North. Golden yellow, as handsome as a twenty dollar gold coin just from the mint; grain is very deep, cob small, and therefore dries out very quickly as soon as ripe. Seventy pounds of ear corn makes 62 to 63 pounds of shelled corn and in hauling to market it weighs out five bushels more to the wagon than common varieties in the same size wagon. We have shelled selected ears of this variety which produced 64 pounds of shelled corn and only 6 pounds of cobs to the bushel. It matures perfectly, even in southern Minnesota. We can most confidently recommend it as the acme of perfection, and stake our reputation on its pleasing everyone who tries it. One carload lot of 400 bushels of Iowa Gold Mine corn was carefully weighed, and after shelling it was reweighed and there was just 456 bushels. Just think of it - a gain of 14 bushels to the 100. Remember, if you want pure Iowa Gold Mine Corn you must purchase it direct from us. If you purchase from your local dealer, insist on seeing that our label is in every bag, plainly marked IOWA SEED CO. lt will pay you to change your seed, and don't fail to at least see a sample of Iowa Gold Mine before buying elsewhere. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid; by freight, pk. 60c, bu. $2.00, 2 bu. or more @ $1.75, [1?] bu. or more @ $1.50. "I received your sample package of Iowa Gold Mine Corn. I just had 24 stalks and there were 64 ears on them."-Oscar A. Adams, Fannin Co., Tex. "I sent to you last year for four bushels of Iowa Gold Mine Corn. It was first-class. My corn made a big crop."-A. D. Mann, Kankakee Co., Ill. "The Iowa Gold Mine Corn I got of you has done fine. Has been in ear two weeks ahead of other field corn."-H. G. Blackhall, Rice Co, Kan.

REID'S YELLOW DENT. Ear is of excellent shape, nearly cylindrical, tapering slowly to tip; length about 10 inches. Kernels firm on cob, 18 to 24 rows with narrow space between rows. Color medium yellow with red cob. Ear is quite solid and rather smooth. Matures in about 110 days and yields well although not equal in this respect to some other sorts. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid; by freight, pk. 65c, bu. $2.00, 2 bu. or more @ $1.85, 5 bu. or more @ $1.75.

CHAMPION WHITE PEARL. This was undoubtedly the best variety of white corn before the introduction of the Iowa Silver Mine. It is recognized and catalogued as a leading standard variety of medium sized early white dent corn, suitable for general crop. Matures in 115 days. It is prolific, and the grain is deep and wide with small cob. The stalk is short and thick and roots very deeply, with ear growing very low upon it, thus standing our severe storms and drouth well. Desirable for milling and very largely grown for that purpose throughout the south. If you want some good palatable corn meal, grow a little of the Champion White Pearl and have it ground. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 8 lbs. 60c, postpaid; by freight, pk. [?0]c, bu. $1.75, 2 bu. or more @ $1.65, 5 bu. or more @ $1.60. Results at the Iowa Experiment Station in 1900 show that the Champion White Pearl was planted May 12th, matured September 14th, and yielded 91 bushels per acre.

LEGAL TENDER. This is now one of the most prominent late varieties of yellow dent corn in the country. It is the result of about ten years' selection by a seed corn specialist in Iowa, and has taken first premium at many state and county fairs. The corn is productive, and of uniform pure yellow color, ear very large and long and a deep grain on a small cob, while the stalk does not grow too large. The introducer says: "Our ideal ear is an ear two-thirds as large around as it is long, containing sixteen to twenty rows, and small shank. The kernels are deep, the cob is small at the butt and the ear holds its bigness toward the point until near tapering off. It should be capped over and the kernels should hold their bigness toward the point, and the butt run out straight and not crinkle." It matures in about 115 days, but we do not recommend it for the extreme northern portion of this state. Our stock of this is extra select, grown from the originator's stock seed, but improved in earliness by being grown in a more northern latitude. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid; by freight, pk. 60c, bu. $1.75, 2 bu. or more @ $1.65, 5 bu. or more @ $1.60. "Your Legal Tender Corn took first premium for the best yellow corn at the Cass county fair. It was very fine." -F. B. Van Ornam, Cass Co., Iowa.

The ten bushels of Iowa Gold Mine Corn purchased from you made a good stand and vigorous growth and has matured two weeks ahead of any other. We are now husking it and it far exceeds our expectation, the yield being decidedly larger than any other corn, and it is the brightest yellow color I ever saw.-O. E. Shonneman, Montgomery Co., Iowa. The Iowa Gold Mine has done splendidly here in northwestern Iowa, and is now (Sept. 1) out of danger of frost. It is a yellow dent variety with large well formed ears, much larger and finer than our native corn in this part of the state.-P. R. Bailey, O'Brien county, Iowa.


LENOCHER'S HOMESTEAD. Well known in Iowa for having won the Iowa Homestead prize of $100.00, yielding [34?] bushels on three acres with ordinary culture. It was also awarded a diploma at the World's Fair. This variety originated with Mr. G. F. Lenocher, one of the most practical corn growers and stock feeders in the state, and was named and introduced by the Iowa Seed Co. Color varies from dark reddish yellow to almost black, but most of the ears are dark red with light colored cap, grain deep and hackled. We believe it to be a safe corn to plant, makes an excellent corn for feeding, although its color is sometimes objectionable for marketing. Our stock has been carefully selected for seed purposes. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c. postpaid; by freight, pk. 60c, bu. $2.00, 2 bu. or more @ $1.75, 10 bu or more @ $1.50. "Your Lenocher's Homestead Corn is out of sight. My neighbors bought all I could spare for seed purposes, and I had hard work to keep seed enough for my own use." -Frank Degnan, Seneca Co., Ill. "I was well pleased with your Lenocher's Homestead Corn purchased from you last spring and shall put in a larger acreage of it next year than any corn that I am raising."-E. T. Warne, DuPage Co. Ill. "Lenocher's Homestead Corn is the best hog corn I ever fed. It is the earliest corn in this part of the country."-John Aberle, Doniphan Co., Kan.



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[images] $$$ FULL CORN CRIBS

"The Farmers' Reliance Corn purchased from you has made a splendid yield."-Herman Hunt, Iowa.

"Your Farmers' Reliance Corn proved to be a very fine corn and I was much pleased with it."- W. [?]. Whitmer, Clinton Co., Iowa. "The Farmers' Reliance Corn yielded a big crop for [illegible] and I was much pleased with it."-C. Guilford, Jones Co., Iowa.

FARMERS' RELIANCE CORN. A grand novelty in field corn, introduced by the Iowa Seed Co. and it is by far the earlist variety of dent corn in existence, and also the largest eared early corn. It is earlier than Pride of the North and a much better cropper. Its quick growth really surprises one. The stalks usually have from 9 to 12 blades, white most ordinary corn has 13 blades. These leaves are quite broad, of dark emerald green healthy color. This corn has been planted as late as June 26th and yielded a splendid crop, earlier than Pride of the North. We claim that it will mature any year in 80 to 85 days. The ears are much larger than Pride of the North, not as rough or hackled, thus making it easier to handle. It is the farmers reliance every year. Don't fail to plant at least a small quantity, and thus obtain your seed for another season. Per lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid. By freight or express, pk. 75c, bu. $2.25; 2 bu. or more @ $2.10, 5 bu. or more @ $2.00.

ST. CHARLES WHITE CORN. This variety is quite popular with some of our customers in Missouri and makes a good crop in southern Iowa, though we do not recommend it north of Des Moines. It is a handsome, pure white corn, set on a red cob, and the corn appears to be much clearer white than most of the white cob varieties. The ears are usually 8 1/2 to 10 inches in length, 16 rowed, and the kernels are quite deep and broad. Stalk grows to medium height but has quite broad, succulent leaves and therefore desirable for fodder purposes. Pkt. 5c., lb. 25c., 3 1bs. 60c, postpaid. By freight, pk. 65c, bu. $2.00, 2 bu. or more @ $1.85, 5 bu. or more @ $1.75.

IMPROVED WORLD'S FAIR CORN. IT IS A STRONG GROWING VARIETY, maturing a large handsome ear in about 110 days, or ten days earlier than the Legal Tender. While there may be two or three other kinds that have outyielded it, yet it is a heavy cropper and for uniformity of grain, shape of ear, filling out of butts and tips, and solidity, there is perhaps no other that equals it. It was the prize winner of both diploma and medal at the great World's Fair Exposition in Chicago, but since then has been greatly improved. Our stock seed came from the originator two years ago and our present crop is grown from seed selected from the crop of that stock. This cut of the World's Fair Corn represents about the standard ear, which is as follows:-shape of ear nearly cylindrical; length 10 inches; circumference 7 1/4 inches. The kernel is firm, upright, and medium yellow in color, long wedge shape and slightly rough, 18 to 22 rows which are in pairs. Butt deeply rounded and compressed regular rows clear to the tip, shank small, cob red of medium size. Pkt. 5c, 1 lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid. By freight or express, pk. 75c; bu. $2.50; 2 bu. at $2.35.

STAR LEAMING. THE LEAMING CORN, which originated with Mr. Leaming, of Ohio, was always a good variety, but it had some serious faults for culture in this state, and we have refrained from giving it our endorsement. A few years ago we found an extra fine lot in the hands of an enterprising Iowa farmer, who had been selecting it for many years. We were greatly pleased with it, but were not willing to offer it without still further selection. We now have a corn which is a great improvement on the Leaming, but retains the valuable characteristics, so that instead of giving it a new name, we call it Star Leaming to distinguish it from other strains. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c postpaid. By freight, peck 60c, bu. $1.75, 2 bu. or more (@ $1.60, 5 bu. or more @ $1.50.

PERFECTED GOLDEN BEAUTY. IT IS CLAIMED to be the largest grained and handsomest bright golden yellow corn. Ears are of medium length, 10 to 14 rows on a comparatively small cob. In many respects, aside from color, it resembles the Hickory King. It is rather late and we do not advise planting north of Des Moines, but for southern Iowa, Missouri and places of that latitude it produces a large crop. Makes a superior quality of bright yellow corn meal. Pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. [6?]c postpaid. By freight, peck 65c, bu. $2.00, 2 bu. or more @ $1.85, 5 bu. or more @ $1.75.

GIANT RED COB ENSILAGE. BEYOND doubt the best Fodder Corn. It is a pure white corn, cropping as high as 45 tons of fodder per acre, but not over-large and coarse-stalked as some varieties. It is adapted to every section of the country, although it does not ripen here, usually it matures enough to come in full milk, which is right to cut. Popular with dairy farmers. Per pkt. 5c, lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c, postpaid. By freight, per peck 60c, bu. $1.75, 2 bu. or more @ $1.60, 5 bu. or more @ $1.50.

VAST TREASURES of Iowa soil, rain and sunshine are being annually wasted by trifling with varieties of corn not capable of utilizing them. Don't plant the old worn out sorts any longer but begin right this year by buying seed of some new varieties.

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