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FRUIT PACKAGES. WE ARE The oldest as well as the largest dealers in Fruit Packages in the west. The best always in stock at the lowest price; special prices in quantity.


BERRY BOXES. Made of (poplar) heart stock, cut smoothly, and perfect shape; size 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3 7/8, and will hold a wine measure quart. Are put up in bundles of 500 boxes complete for shipment. We furnish 500 at the 1,000 rate; broken bundles at the 100 rate. Price per 100 35c; 1,000 $3.00. If a large lot is wanted ask for special prices. ANNEALED TACKS.-One pound will make 1,000 boxes. Per lb. 25c; 5 lbs. $1.00; 10 lbs $1.75. MAGNETIC TACK HAMMER.-Picks up the tacks and saves much of the labor. Each 12c. FORMS.-Just the right size to make the boxes on, covered with an iron plate to clinch the tacks. Price 25c. CRATES.-Ship in the flat. Hold 16 and 24 quart boxes; 16 qt. crates per 10, 85c; per 100, $7.00; 24 qt. crates per 10, $1.00; 100, $8.00. CRATE NAILS -Twelve lbs. (will make 100 crates) for $1.00. STANDARD WIRE STAPLING MACHINE.-The latest improved, and with it the boxes can be made with wonderful rapidity. Price $35.00. We can also furnish a cheaper one for $25. CLIMAX GRAPE BASKET.-The best package for shipping grapes, cherries, plums, etc. It is the standard 8 lb. size, making a strong but light package nested for shipment. Price for 10, 40c, 25 for 80c, 100 for $2.75, 1,000 for $26.00. Ask for our prices in large lots. SMALL CLIMAX GRAPE BASKET.-For fancy grapes, etc. Holds about 4 pounds; 40c for 10; 90c for 25; $3.00 per 100. WARREN'S BERRY PICKING CRATE.-Price 25c; doz. $2.50. DIAMOND MARKET BASKET.-It has two handles which close down over the edge of the basket. They are used quite largely for marketing grapes, plums, cherries, etc., as well as for some kinds of vegetables. Per dozen, 40c; 10 dozen, $3.50.


ROTARY CORN PLANTER.-Decidedly the best hand corn planter made, and a very desirable implement for those who have but a small field, or need to replant their ground. Price $1.50. EUREKA POTATO PLANTER.-The best hand potato planter that we know of as it does the work perfectly. Also plants beans and seed corn equal to any corn planter. You will be pleased with this planter as it is giving complete satisfaction wherever introduced. Price $1.25. RAMSEY ADJUSTABLE CORN HUSKER.-It is the most durable husker made, therefore the cheapest. Price 50c each, postpaid; 6 for $2.50. DANDELION PULLER.-Each 25c; by mail, 40c. MAGNIFYING GLASSES.-Wood frame 2 3/4 x 4 1/4, with legs. Price 75c each, or [8?]c each postpaid. SPHAGNUM MOSS.-Price $1.25 per bale; five bales or more @ $[?.10]; ten bales or more @ $1.00. CLIPPER SEED CLEANER.-This is an up-draft fanning mill and does the best work. Price only $22.00, or if sent direct from the factory in Michigan, only $19.40. FARM FANNING MILL.-Price $16.00. REDDICK MOLE TRAP.-If you are bothered with moles you should purchase one of these traps. Price $1.00. OUT O'SIGHT MOLE TRAP.- Price $1.25 postpaid, or $1.00 by express. INDIANA BROADCAST SEED SOWER.-Has a solid malleable iron frame, but the hopper and most of the balance of the machine is of steel. The bag will hold half a bushel. The crank can be used either on the right or left side. It weighs only 3 1/2 pounds; will sow 50 feet of wheat or rye at a round, 30 to 36 feet of flax, clover, timothy or millet; light grass seeds 15 to 30 feet. Price only $1.50.


IOWA BROADCAST SOWER OR GEARED LITTLE GIANT.-An improvement on the Little Giant. It is operated with a crank. Price $2.00. LITTLE GIANT BROADCAST SEED SOWER.-Simple in construction, light, strong and durable, no feed plate to carry and only weighing 3 pounds complete. Each $1.25. CONCAVED AND CURVED SEED POTATO KNIFE.-The right shape to cut 1, 2 or 3 eye pieces fast and not crack the tuber nor injure the germs. Each 35c, postp'd.

[image] PAT'D APL'D FOR

RAFFIA.-Excellent for tying asparagus and other vegetables. Also used for budding. Per lb. 25c; 10 lbs. $2.00; by mail, lb. 45c. WATER'S TREE PRUNER.- The standard make; with 6 foot pole...$ .85 8 foot pole... 1.00 10 foot pole... 1.20

WIRE PLANT STANDS. WE CARRY a larger stock of these than any firm in the west, and in place of the common iron frames we are now having them manufactured with steel frames, and they are far stronger, handsomer and lighter than any yet offered. Nicely finished with green paint and gold bronze. Will last 20 years. NO. 10.-A very popular stand, well shown by the engraving, except that we usually make them with a gothic arch. Holds 20 to 30 plants. Height 5 feet 10 in.; width 40 inches and 26 inches deep. We sell more of these than any other pattern and are thus enabled to make a specially low price. List price $[7.0?]. Our price, including arch and hanging basket, only $4.50. NO. 11.-Same as above; but without arch or hanging basket. List $5.50. Our price $3.50. WIRE WINDOW SHELF.-This can be fastened to window frame, either inside or outside. It is strong and attractive, 36 inches long, 6 or 7 inches wide. Price $1.00 each. WIRE BRACKET.-This new pattern is a very cheap, handsome bracket, made of tinned wire. It is easily put up, adjustable, can be instantly removed, is simple, practical and durable. Price, 4-inch, 10c each; $1.00 per dozen; 5-inch, 12c each, $1.25 per dozen; 6-inch, 15c each, $1.50 per dozen; postage 8c each extra.

[image] NO. 10.

LANG'S HAND WEEDER.-It is in our opinion the best weeder made. Its special advantage over all other weeders of this class is that it has a band which passes over the fingers, which when the tool is not in use, gives full use to the hand for pulling weeds and thinning out plants without laying down the tool. Price 25c, $2.50 per dozen, or 30c each postpaid. EXCELSIOR WEEDING HOOK.-Can be used to great advantage among small and tender plants. Price 10c, dozen $1.10, or postpaid for 20c each. FLUTED FLOWER POTS.-A handsome new pattern. Price is the same as for the common, plain pots, so they are sure to be popular. The following prices per dozen are for the pots and saucers: 4-inch 60c, 5-inch 75c, 6-inch $1.00, 7-inch $1.50, 8-inch $2.40, 9-inch $3.00. We make no charge for packing or delivering at the depot here. Orders for these must amount to at least $1.00. Many styles of handsome pots, jardiniers, hanging baskets and vases at extremely low prices. A nice plant is deserving of one.



BOWKER'S AMMONIATED FOOD FOR FLOWERS.-A fertilizer made especially for plants grown in the house, garden or conservatory; clean, free from offensive odor and is largely soluble in water, producing healthy plants and abundant blossoms, to which it imparts a rich and brilliant color. It starts plants at once into a vigorous and healthy growth, drives insects and worms from the soil. Large box containing sufficient for twenty plants for one year 25c, or postpaid 40c; small package 15c; postpaid 25c. WALKER'S EXCELSIOR PLANT FOOD.-A soluble food for house plants containing all the elements necessary to nourish and make beautiful both flowers and plants. It makes brighter flowers and prolongs period of blooming. Large box containing sufficient for twenty-five plants one year 25c, or postpaid 40c; small package 15c, postpaid 25c. ACME SEED DRILL.-It is simple in construction and by its use you will save time, save seed, make the work easier and get a better stand. Price $1.25, or to persons who order seeds from us also, price will be $1.00, charges prepaid. NEW GARDEN TOOLS.-We have a great variety of ordinary and newest shapes of hoes, rakes, spades, etc., at reasonable prices. IRON RESERVOIR VASES.-These are the best vases made for general use as well as for cemeteries as they do not require watering oftener than once in 10 days. The top part or earth receiver has a tube in the bottom extending down into the water reservoir which is packed with moss or sponges through which the moisture is drawn up into the earth by capillary attraction so that the roots of the plants always have sufficient moisture and are never overwatered. Price $10.00 each. Larger size $20.00.

[image] LAWN VASE.


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We ship birds safely to all parts of the United States, by express at the purchasers expense. Large Bird Catalogue free on request. Ask for one. HARTZ MOUNTAIN CANARIES.-They are bred in Germany, high up among the Hartz Mountains, and are famous for their clear, pure, beautiful song, which is a restful melody. Male birds $3.00 each; second grade birds $2.25 each. IMPORTED FEMALE CANARIES.-For breeding, $1.00 and $1.50 each, according to plumage. MOCKING BIRD.-The most beautiful songster of all American birds and has wonderful powers of mimicry. Nice young birds $3.00 each, older birds, beginning to sing, $6.00 to $15.00. ST. ANDREASBERG ROLLER CANARIES.-These birds are without doubt the finest songsters in the world. Their tones are sweet, round and full, consisting of delightful bell notes, low water bubble, charming flute notes, long, silvery trills and whistling. $5.00 each.


IMPROVED BRASS CAGES.-Well made, better than painted cages for birds. Sizes 5 1/4 x 8 1/2 in. 75c; 6x9 $1.00; 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 $1.25; 7x10 $1.50; 7 3/4 x 10 3/4 $2.00; 8 1/4 x 11 1/2 $2.50. Fancy styles and larger sizes $2.00 to $5.00 each. IDEAL BRASS CAGE. -Most elegant cage ever sent out. The brass screen cloth around the bottom prevents scattering of seed or gravel. Size 6x9, $2.00; 7x10, $2.75; 8 3/8 x 11 3/8, $3.25; 8 3/8 x 11 3/8 fancy top, $5.00. MOCKING BIRD CAGE.-Wood frame, 17 inches long, $2.00; 19 inches $2.25; 21 inches, $2.50; 24 inches, $2.75; 26 inches $3.00. BIRD CAGE SPRINGS.-Brass, 10c each postpaid. Double spring 15c. CUTTLE BONE.-Large piece, with holder 7c; dozen 60c, postpaid. WIRE NESTS. -10c postpaid. BIRD NESTING.-10c per pkg. postpaid. TOY BELLS.-For birds, 7c postpaid. BIRD INSECT DESTROYER.-Pkg. 10c, postpaid. SONG RESTORER.-Very good to sustain the voice as well as to restore it. Small cakes 5c each; doz. 50c, postpaid. IDEAL BIRD GRAVEL.-Of superior quality. 2 lb. pkg. 10c; $1.00 dozen. Postage 32c per pkg. extra. SUPERIOR MIXED BIRD SEED.-This is a specialty with us and we sell tons of it. Lb. 10c; 3 lbs. 25c; 13 lbs. $l.00; 50 lbs. $3.50; 100 lbs. $5.75. Postage 10c. per lb. extra. GERMAN SUMMER RAPE.-For Canaries. Same price as above. SICILY CANARY.-Best recleaned. Same price. MAMMOTH RUSSIAN SUNFLOWER.-Lb. 10c. 3 lbs. 25c 15 lbs. $1.00 postage 10c per lb. extra. PREPARED MOCKING BIRD FOOD.-Best food on the market for all soft billed birds. Large can 35c, postpaid 50c.

RED BIRD OR CARDINAL.- Whistles so nicely it is sometimes called the Virginia Nightingale. $2.50 each; females, $2.00 each. EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH.-The most delightful of parlor birds. Has brilliant plumage and usually an excellent song. $2.50 each. NONPARIEL.-Sometimes called "Painted Bunting" on account of its brilliant coloring. $2.00 each.

PARROTS. The past year we sold about 1500 parrots, shipping to almost every town of importance in the U. S. We guarantee each bird to learn to talk. MEXICAN DOUBLE YELLOW HEAD PARROT.-This is the most generally satisfactory of all species of parrots. If the teaching of these birds begin when they are young, they learn to talk quite readily and become very fluent. Usual price $15.00 each. During the summer, price for young birds is lower. OTHER PARROTS.-We can usually furnish other breeds at $5.00 to $25.00 each. Educated parrots $15.00 to $40.00 each. When you are ready to buy ask for list of birds in stock and prices. ROUND PARROT CAGES.-Strong, handsome and thoroughly well made. 12 in. in diameter $1.50; 13 in. $2.00; 14 in. $2.50; 16 in. $3.25; 18 in. $4.25. PARROT BELLS.-Each 8c, postpaid. RED BIRD MIXTURE.-For Red Birds, Grosbeaks, etc. Lb. 10c, 3 lbs. 25c; 13 lbs. $1.00; postage 10c per lb. extra. MIXED PARROT SEED.-Best. Same price as above. I. S. CO.'S BIRD TONIC.-An excellent remedy for colds, asthma, hoarseness and other throat aliments. Per bottle 15c, postpaid 25c.

THE AQUARIUM.-We ship Gold Fish safely to all parts of the U. S., at prices quoted. We ship by express at purchasers expense. Large Aquaria Catalogue free. GOLD FISH.-They are a species of carp, inhabiting ponds and sluggish streams in China and they are better adapted to life in fish globes than any other breed of fish. Prices 10c; 15c; 25c; 35c; 50c and $1.00 each according to size. Extra choice three-color specimens, when obtainable, $1.00 each. The 25c size, (5 for $1.00) is the most popuar. COMET FISH.-Also called "Gorgeous Tails," "Long Tailed Beauties" and "Fancy Gold Fish." 25c each, medium size 35c each, large 50c each. Extra choice colors and markings 75c to $1.25. JAPANESE FANTAIL FISH.-The tail is V-shape and frequently divided so that it might be called two distinct tails. Nice specimens 50c each. Choice 75c, Fancy $1.00. AMERICAN FANTAIL FISH.-Bred from the imported Japanese fish. Price 25c, 35c, 50c, and 75c each. ORIOLE FISH.-Variegated golden red and clear black. Medium size 25c each; 5 for $1.00. PEARL FISH.-Clear pearly white color or the white is variegated with gold markings. Medium size 25c each; 5 for $1.00. SILVER FISH.-This is simply an uncolored gold fish of dark silvery color. Nice for a variety. Medium size 10c each; 6 for 50c. JAPANESE FRINGETAIL FISH.-These aristocratic fish are undoubtedly the most beautiful of all aquaria fish, having extremely long drooping tail and fins. Nice specimens at $1.50 each; select at $2.50 each. AQUARIA BOOK.-How to breed and care for Gold Fish, etc., 64 pages, 15 cents; cloth bound 50 cents, postpaid.


TELESCOPE FISH.-Eyes are abnormally large and bulging. Price $1.00 to $1.50. Black Telescopes which are quite rare, $3.00 each.

SHIPPING BUCKETS. Unless you order a fish globe with fish it will be necessary to ship them in a bucket or can. For this purpose we offer 2 or 3 quart tin buckets suitable for holding 6 medium sized fishes or less, @ 10c each; 4 qt. @ 15c; 6 qt. will hold 12 medium sized fishes, for 20c. Can for 25 fishes, 50c.

AQUARIA SUPPLIES. AQUARIUM CASTLES.-A great variety of styles and sizes from 10c to $2.50. PREPARED FISH FOOD.-The best food for all kinds of gold fish. This we import from Germany where they make the best quality and of the purest materials. Price 10c per box, $1.00 per doz. postpaid. GLASS FISH GLOBES.-These are neat, cheap and consequently more popular than the large aquariums. The 8, 9, 10 and 11-inch are the sizes most used. [table] [column headings: DIAM. HOLDS. EACH.] 5 in. 1 qt. $ .25. 6 in. 2 qts. $ .40. 7 in. 3 qts. $ .50. 8 in. 4 qts. $ .60. 9 in. 6 qts. $ .75. 10 in. 8 qts. $1.00. 11 in. 12 qts. $1.25. 12 in. 16 qts. $1.75. 15 in. 30 qts. $3.00.

STANDING FISH GLOBES.-Write for prices. EUREKA AQUARIUM.-A strong iron-frame tank. Capacity about 7 1/2 gallons. Price only $5.00.

POULTRY SUPPLIES. MICA CRYSTAL GRIT.- This has proved to be the best on the market. Price 10 lbs. 25c; 25 lbs. 40c; 100 lbs. $1.00; 500 lbs. or more @ 85c per 100 lbs. MICA CRYSTAL CHICK GRIT.-Especially for young chicks. 10 lbs. 25c; 25 lbs. 40c; 100 lbs. $1. CRUSHED OYSTER SHELL.-Your hens will keep healthier and lay better if supplied with it. Price, 10 lbs. 25c; 25 lbs. 40c; 100 lbs. 85c; 500 lbs. or more @ 75c.


CRUSHED RAW BONE.-10 lbs. 50c; 25 lbs. $1.00; 100 lbs. $3.00. PHILADELPHIA POULTRY MARKER. - A convenient little spring punch for marking chickens by making a small hole in the web of the foot. 25c each postpaid.


SANITARY DETACHABLE FOUNTAIN.- 2 qt. 25c; doz. $2.50; gal. 35c; doz. $3.50; 2 gal. 50c; doz, $5.00. STONEWARE DRINKING FOUNTAIN.-Price, 2 qt. 25c; doz. $2.50; gal. 35c; doz. $3.50, 2 gal. 50c; doz. $5.00. CAPONIZING INSTRUMENTS.-Set $[2.5?], prepaid. GAPE WORM EXTRACTOR.-Price, each 15c; 4 for 50c, postpaid.

[image] 2

IOWA LEG BAND.-Made of soft pliable brass. Numbered with plain figures. Price 20c per doz. $1.00 per 100, postpaid.

INCUBATORS AND BROODERS. We handle the celebrated Cyphers Incubators and Brooders. Prices on application. TESTED THERMOMETER.-For incubators. Each 80c by mail. POULTRY WIRE NETTING.- The best make, thoroughly galvanized to prevent rusting, properly twisted. Prices on application.



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CONDENSED INDEX. [table] Vegetable Seeds. 1 to 7. Vegetable Plants, Herbs, etc. 8. Farm and Field Seeds. 9 to 20. Potatoes. 21. Lawn Grass. 22. Nursery Stock. 23. Flower Seeds. 24 to 27. Bulbs. 28 to 29. Flower Plants. 30 to 34. Roses. 35. Shrubs and Vines. 36. Hardy Perennial Plants. 37. Implements ane Sprayers. 38. Berry Boxes and Sundries. 39. Poultry Supplies, Fish, Birds, etc. 40.

ECONOMY In The Garden.

BARGAINS In Garden Seeds.

$1.00 Collection Of The Best Garden Vegetables. Thirty-Five Varieties! ALL GOOD DESIRABLE SORTS. SURE TO PLEASE YOU.

Consists of one full sized packet each of Improved Golden Wax Beans, Old Homestead Pole Beans, Market Gardeners' Beet, Henderson's Snowball Cauliflower, Washington Wakefield Cabbage, Short Stem Drumhead Cabbage, Oxheart Carrot, Golden Self-Blanching Celery, Early Sunrise Corn, Country Gentleman Corn, Perfect White Spine Cucumber, Improved Ground Cherry, American Mammoth Brussels Sprouts, Page's Striped Rice Pop Corn, Continuity Lettuce, Improved Hanson Lettuce, Rocky Ford Musk Melon, Duke Jones Watermelon, Large Red Wethersfield Onion, Mammoth Prizetaker Onion, Nott's Excelsior Peas, Early Scarlet Globe Radish, Perpetual White Summer Radish, Improved Table Guernsey Parsnip, Ruby King Pepper, Early Crookneck Squash, Long Standing Spinach, Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify, Market Gardener's Parsley, White's Excelsior Tomato, Matchless Tomato, White Egg Turnip, Purple Top Strap Leaf Turnip, Monarch Ruta Baga, and Vine Peach.

It is a BARGAIN!

Can One Dollar be Better Invested?

Total 35 full sized packets sent postpaid for $1.00; at regular catalogue price they amount to $2.00.

NOTICE.-These collections are all put up ready for mailing before our busy season begins and therefore cannot be changed or divided.


40 for $1.00 Complete Garden Collection.

Consisting of one full sized packet each of Ageratum, Mexicanum, Aster, all kinds mixed, Alyssum, Antirrhinum, giant, mixed colors, Balsam, choice mixed, Calliopsis, Golden Wave, Candytuft, best mixed, Chrysanthemum, mixed varieties, Canary Bird Flower, Canna, Crozy mixed, Cockscomb, Calendula, Cypress Vine, Dianthus, all kinds mixed, Eschscholtzia, Geranium, Grass Pink, Godetia, Gailardia, Heliotrope, Hollyhock, Larkspur, Morning Glory, Mignonette, Marvel of Peru, Ice Plant, Nasturtium, Imperial, Petunia, fine mixed, Portulacca, Grandiflora, Pansy, Imperial German, Poppy, all kinds mixed, Phlox, Grandiflora mixed, Ricinus, Sensitive Plant, Salpiglossis, Variveined, Sweet Peas, Perfected Mixed, Sweet William, Scabiosa, Stocks, Dwarf German mixed, Verbena, choice mixed, Zinnia, fine double mixed. Total 40 packets for $1.00.

20 for 50c Popular Collection.

Consists of one packet each of Sweet Alyssum, Aster, Balsam, Candytuft, Convolvulus, Cypress Vine, Canna, Cockscomb, Dianthus, Larkspur, Ice Plant, Mignonette, Nasturtium, Petunia, Pansy, Poppy, Phlox, Sweet Peas, Sunflower and Zinnia. Total 20 packets for 50 cents.


Consists of one packet each of Aster, Balsam, Cypress Vine, Eschscholtzia, Mignonette, Petunia, Phlox, Pansy, Pink, Sweet Peas, Verbena and Zinnia.


Consist of one packet each of Balsam, Candytuft, Pinks, Mignonette, Pansy and Sweet Peas.


YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! We want to make these collections popular with our customers, and can assure you, all the varieties named in them are desirable, and the seeds are just as fresh, pure and good as any ever offered. The varieties in the different collections do not duplicate with each other. AN EXTRA.-In addition to the sorts named we will send free with each collection one packet of some desirable new variety which is not listed in our catalogue this year.

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SEED CORN It costs less than 25 cts. an acre to use our carefully selected seed corn. Do you deem it wise to risk doubtful corn when good seed is so cheap?

To Corn Growers. - Thirty-three years ago when we began in the seed business, farmers would not buy seed corn. Every man saved his own seed, and it was considered the height of extravagance and folly to buy seed corn. In 1881 we introduced a new variety, and those few who were venturesome enough to try it were greatly pleased, but the sale was limited. In 1892 we originated and introduced the Iowa Gold Mine Corn, which sprang at once into prominence, as it was and is yet the deepest grained and purest yellow variety ever brought out. Since that time we have introduced the Iowa Silver Mine, Early Longfellow Dent, Lenocher's Homestead, Improved Early Mastodon Star, Leaming, New Century Wonder, Profit, and Farmer's Reliance, which have all become very popular and are considered everywhere the best in their class.

THOROUGHBRED SEED CORN Vast treasures of soil, rain and sunshine are being annually wasted by trifling with varieties of corn not capable of utilizing them. The value of the corn crop in Iowa at the average price would be increased nearly three million dollars by an average increase in yield of one bushel per acre; and it has been demonstrated that from twenty to one hundred per cent can be added to the yield by planting some of our improved varieties. Why not plant at least one field with some of our varieties this year? This year good seed corn is scarce in many localities, but we are glad to state that our fields seem to have been in specially favored localities, and owing to their thoroughbred character they were enabled to stand more unfavorable weather than ordinary corn, and we therefore have an excellent stock of extra choice seed corn to offer this year and are enabled to make reasonable prices for same.

Send Orders to Iowa Seed Company, Des Moines, Iowa

[image] Iowa Silver Mine. 215 Bushels Per Acre.

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