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As the farm crop is more important to the general welfare of the country than any other, so the farm seed department should have the pre-eminence in seed catalogues, but we regret to say that with most seedsmen it has very little attention. Realizing the vast importance of this branch of our business, we devote careful attention to the growth and selection of the best farm seeds of all sorts. Our seed grain is grown especially for seed in the section best suited to its development and perfect maturity, is all carefully selected, thoroughly cleaned, of the best quality and we sell at reasonable prices. We take pride in our large and increasing trade in this branch of our business.

PRICES named in this derartment are subject to important market changes. Quotations are net and are not subject to premium or discount which is offered on other seeds. Clover and grass seeds are constantly varying in value, and we issue a price list daily during the busy season. Please write for quotations, sending list of requirements, when in need. Orders sent us will be given benefit of lowest prices on day order is received. Will take pleasure in mailing samples and quoting inside prices at any time on large orders. We have an excellent stock this year. Order early.


SHIPPING.-In this department everything that is quoted by the packet or pound is sent by mail postpaid; all large quantities, unless noted, are sent by express or freight, at the expense of the purchaser. Prices named include bags, except on clover and grass seeds. We deliver to depot here.
NOTICE.-While we exercise great care to have all seeds pure and reliable, we give no warranty expressed or implied. However, if the seeds are not satisfactory on receipt and examination, they are to be returned to us at once and we will refund the money.

It costs more to grow a crop for seed purposes than the ordinary farmer can understand. It requires extra choice stock seed, special preparation of the land, special cultivation, great care in harvesting, cleaning, testing, preparing for shipment, bags, etc., etc., so that we are obliged to ask a considerable advance over market prices, but any intelligent farmer will agree with us that such pedigreed seed is worth to him the price we ask for it.

It Pays to Sow the Best.

This is our great specialty, and we claim to supply more farmers with seed corn each year than any firm in the United States; that means that the Iowa Seed Store may well be considered the world's headquarters for choice seed corn. We ship annually to every state in the Union and to almost every country in the world. We are in the center of the best corn growing country of the world. For the season of 1903 we have the best supply of seed corn ever offered by any seed firm in the world. The varieties of field corn we offer are the best now in use. They were grown especially for seed purposes, and well matured, cured, carefully sorted by our own seed corn experts, and shelled with great care. Choice seed corn is scarce this year, and prices a trifle higher, but it will not pay you to buy doubtful seed at any price. All our seed corn is carefully tested, and none sent out that we are not certain will grow well under proper conditions. If not satisfactory on arrival and examination, it may be returned and we will refund money. If a large quantity is wanted, ask for prices. No extra charge for bags.

There is no question but that seeds
Are the best.

That is now quite generally admitted on many kinds. The reason for this is that the soil and climate here are well adapted to the perfect growth and maturity of the crop. Seeds grown here are better matured and are of stronger growth and vitality than those grown either north or south, and

Will Produce Better Crops.

WILL IT GROW? When brought in from the farm each ear is taken in hand by a seed corn expert and critically examined. After passing the first examination it goes to another man and is looked over the second time. It is then shelled with great care and carefully tested in soil and also given a severe test in cold water. The tests range this year from 92 to 100 per cent. Seed corn handled in this way is cheap at any price, but this year it costs you only about 25c per acre to use our seed corn.

THE IOWA SEED STORE is now recognized as headquarters for thoroughbred seed corn, and the varieties which we have originated or introduced are now listed by almost all the prominent seedsmen in America, Europe and Australia, who handle this grain, and are the best everywhere. Don't be satisfied with a second grade even if you can save five or ten cents per acre in cost of seed (one bushel plants eight acres), but send your order direct to Headquarters for Seed Corn and get the best.

A most profitable corn for any farmer who has live stock to feed. We introduced this grand new variety and it has given excellent satisfaction everywhere. It originated from a carefully prepared cross of two well known sorts on the farm of a seed grower in Madison county, Iowa, which is the county that produced our world famous Iowa Gold Mine. For nearly twenty years this corn has been bred up until now it is claimed to be the heaviest and most solid ear of any variety in existence, and of good size.

"It Isn't a Handsome Corn, but It's Got Money In It."
The color of the surface of the ear is variegated from light sulphur to reddish orange, being agreeably diversified making it particularly striking in appearance. With some this might be an objection if they desire to sell it in the ear, but when shelled it looks quite uniform in color as the variation is simply in the color of cap or top of grain. The purpose of the originator was to fix a type of field corn for profit, superior to any in cultivation, and profit in corn growing, as we understand it, means the largest crop of shelled corn (not cobs), maturing in a reasonably short time and of the best quality. The ears are of large size, grain is very deep, cob small and dries out rapidly, thus making it a sure cropper. The corn is so solid on the cob that the kernels appear as if driven in and it shells out immensely. It will produce a larger crop on poor soil than any variety that we know of and with good culture will astonish everybody. It is the corn to plant and we want all our customers to try it. Order early as our stock is limited. Per packet, 5 cents; pound, 25 cents; three pounds, 60 cents, postpaid; by freight, peck, 65 cents; bushel, $2.00; two bushels or more at $1.85; five bushels or more at $1.75.

J. H. Ludington, Ashtabula county, Ohio: I was much pleased with your Profit Corn this season, as it gave an exceedingly large yield.
An enterprising and prominent Polk county farmer says: "It has outyielded every other variety on my place. Ears are large, extremely solid and grain is deep, and shells out more than other sorts."
W. C. McHenry, Crawford county, Ia.: The seed corn I bought of you last spring was the best investment I ever made. It produced fully double as much as that of my neighbors and it is of the finest quality.
S. W. Callanan,Kossuth county, Iowa: I purchased from you ten bushels of Pride of the North corn for planting and am very much pleased with the variety and its yield. I had a splendid stand and believe that it pays to buy seed corn from you, as it is more carefully selected and cared for than most of the farmers can do.
Ira Foster, Johnson county, Iowa: Your Profit Corn has made a large yield this year.
D. M. McKindley, Kane county, Ill.: The 70 acres of corn we planted with seed from your
firm, is the best field of corn in this county. It runs from two to three ears on each stalk.
L. L. Stewart, Peoria county, Ill.: I am much pleased with your Profit Corn, as it is remarkable for its vigorous growth, and in spite of the dry weather at earing time it having no extra cultlvation, it yielded at the rate of 120 bushels per acre of solid, well filled ears. It beats your Iowa Gold Mine, and this I consider high praise.
F. H. Furneaux, Arapahoe county, Colo.: Your Iowa Gold Mine was early, stood the drouth remarkably well and produced 500 bushels of good, sound corn. My neighbors, with as good, or better conditions, either failed entirely or had only soft corn. I never made a more profitable investment in my life.

Notice depth of grain and how wonderfully well it is filled out over both tip and butt ends. These points, together with its great solidity, make it a most profitable sort to feed or sell.


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