1903 2nd Edition







BEAUTIFUL LILIES. Nothing can surpass the Lily in beauty, purity, delicacy, and stately magnificent grandeur. A few clumps planted in some place in your yard where they will not be disturbed from year to year will reward you with abundant flowers. AURATUM. (Japanese Gold Banded Lily.)-The immense flowers are produced in great profusion. The large white petals are thickly spotted with rich chocolate crimson, and have a bright golden yellow band through the center of each. Each 15 cents, dozen $1.20; extra large bulbs, each 25 cents, dozen $2.50. SPECIOSUM RUBRUM.-Height from 2 to 4 feet. Blooms in August. Flowers are white, with a deep rosy or crimson band on each petal. Each 15c, 3 for 40c. SPECIOSUM ALBUM.-It has very large white flowers. Each 20c, 3 for 50c. TIGRINUM SPLENDENS.-An Improved Tiger Lily growing sometimes six feet high, producing orange red flowers spotted with black. Each 10c, doz. $1.00. DOUBLE TIGER LILY.-The flower is densely double, color orange red, spotted with black. Blooms freely and should be largely grown. Ea. 15c, doz. $1.35. LEMON LILY.-The flower is about three inches in diameter, clear lemon yellow color; perfectly hardy and very satisfactory; delightful lemon fragrance; each flower stem bearing from seven to twenty flowers. Each 15c, dozen $1.50. ORANGE LILY. -Similar to Lemon Lily, dark orange color. Ea. 15c, doz. $1.50.


DAHLIAS. Thess showy flowers are again becoming popular favorites. Specialists have been quietly at work improving them for many years past and the result has been some grand varieties. NYMPHAEA.-There is not a dahlia in existence exceeding this one in decorative value. Color a distinct, clear light pink, shading darker toward the outer petals. Inner petals nearly white; with no sign of yellow center. Each 20 cents, three for 50 cents. DOUBLE MIXED VARIETIES.-Contains a good proportion of best scarlet, yellow and white varieties. Each 15 cents, dozen $1.25. FANCY DOUBLE MIXED.-The handsome tipped, striped, spotted and variegated sorts in a splendid mixture. Each 25 cents, dozen $2.25. CRIMSON KING.-Each 20c, three for 50c.

OXALIS. DEIPII ROSEA.-Greatly resembles 4-leaved clover; flowers rose color and borne in profusion on vine-like stems, which make them suitable for cutting for bouquets as well as pretty for for borders. Dozen 10 cents, 100 for 50 cents. DEIPII ALBA.-Bulbs when planted three inches apart produce an unbroken row of elegant foliage and pure white flowers, and as they bloom quickly after planting, they furnish a neat and attractive border the whole season. Per dozen 10 cents; per 100, 40 cents.


GOLDEN BALL. - A most beautful, large, pure deep yellow flower, shaded with old gold. Each 20c, three for 50c. CACTUS DAHLIAS.-Mixed varieties. Each 15 cents, dozen $1.50. SINGLE DAHLIAS.-In grace, freedom of bloom, adaptability for bouquets, decorations and wherever cut flowers are used they are certainly useful. Mixed colors; each 15c, three for 40c. FERN LEAF BEAUTY.-This grand novelty has fern-like foliage and flowers of creamy white, with a distinct marking of bright crimson on each petal. Entirely different from any other variety. Each 25 cents, 3 for 60 cents.

WINTER BLOOMING BULBS. Our bulbs arrive from Holland about Sept. 15th. You should send for fall catalogue which contains a full descriptive list. Ready Sept. 1st. Hyacinths. - Double or single mixed; each 8c, doz. 85c. Tulips.-Double or single mixed; each 4c, doz 30c. Narcissus, or Daffodils.-Mixed; each 5c, doz. 50c. Crocus.- Doz. 10c. Scilla Siberica.-Each 4c, doz 35c. Chinese Sacred Lily-Each 15c. Snowdrops.-Single, doz. 15c; double, doz. 25c.

[image] GLADIOLUS.

CHOICE GLADIOLUS. These are a specialty with us, and our fields devoted to them make a most magnificent sight each year, appearing at a distance a mass of bright colors. We grow the largest number and the largest variety to be found in this part of the country. ROYAL QUEEN.-The flower spike is very long; the flowers are of a clear, pearly white ground, strip­ed and splashed with a rich carmine. Ea. 25c, 3 for 65c. GROFF'S HYBRIDS MIXED.-All colors mixed; large bulbs. Ea. 6c, doz. 60c; second size, ea. 4c, doz. 30c. PINK, STRIPED AND VARIEGATED.-Varieties mixed. Each 5c, doz. 40c; second size, doz. 25c. RED VARIETIES MIXED.-Each 5c, doz. 40c; second size, doz. 25c. WHITE AND LIGHT VARIETIES MIXED.-Each 5c, doz. 40c; second size, doz. 30c. YELLOW VARIETIES MIXED.-Each 5c, doz. 50c; second size, doz. 40c. CHOICEST MIXTURE.-Made up mainly from best named sorts. We are sure our customers will be pleased with this mixture. Large bulbs. Each 5c, doz. 50c, 100 for $3.00; second size, each 3c, doz. 25c, 100 for $1.75, postpaid. FINE MIXED.-A nice assortment. Each 4c, doz. 35c; second size, doz. 20c.

HYACINTHUS CANDICANS. Has a stem 3 or four feet high, which bears quantities of drooping, ivory white, bell-shaped flowers of delicate fragrance. Each 5c, doz. 50c.

MADERIA VINE. Also called Mignonette Vine and Mexican Vine. A beautiful tuberous-rooted climber, with glossy green leaves and handsome racemes of fragrant white flowers. The vine makes a very rapid growth and a few plants will cover a trellis or cottage wall in a single season. Each 5c, 6 for 25c, doz. 45c, postpaid.


TUBEROSES. NEW EXCELSIOR PEARL.-The Tuberose is justly a universal favorite and easily grown. This variety has been selected with care and is superior to the ordinary Pearl Tuberoses. Each 5c, doz. 40c, 100 $2.65, postpaid. DWARF PEARL.-Similar to above, but not as carefully selected and grown. Each 3c, doz. 25c; 100 for $1.50, postpaid. VARIEGATED LEAVED.- Leaves are bordered with creamy white; flowers single, but large. Each 5 cents, dozen 45 cents.


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FLOWER PLANTS. FOR the past few years we have devoted special attention to the growing of flower plants exclusively for the mail order trade, as for this purpose they require special culture in greenhouses kept at a low temperature so that they will be hardy, healthy and vigorous. This year we have added several new greenhouses to our place, besides cool storage rooms for dormant plants. Our system of packing is so very complete that plants arrive in almost as perfect condition after traveling many hundreds of miles as they were when packed. TERMS AND DISCOUNTS.-At prices named we send plants postpaid. Orders for plants must amount to at least 25c. We will furnish plants amounting to $1.20 for $1.00, $2.50 for $2.00, $7.00 for $5.00. WE GUARANTEE-That plants ordered from this list will reach purchasers in any part of the United States in good order if sent by mail or express. NOTICE.-We ship all plants as soon after order is received as weather permits. Bedding plants we will hold until the usual season for setting out. If ordered for immediate shipment they will be sent at purchaser's risk. ASPARAGUS SPRENGERI.-A splendid new plant for hanging baskets or pots, making great pendulous masses of fine feathery foliage, exceedingly graceful and beautiful in a short time. Each 15c, large plants 25c, extra strong plants 40c. ALFRED NEUNER BOUVARDIA.-This magnificent and showy plant is the ideal Bouvardia. It is an erect, strong grower, making charming shaped plants. Some consider it the best of all winter blooming plants. They are quite rare and will attract attention anywhere. Each 20c. ARAUCARIA EXCELSA.-This beautiful plant resembles the pine somewhat in appearance, though much finer in texture, and is particularly adapted to table decoration. Of rare value for house or conservatory decoration. Must be sent by express; too large to mail. Each $1.00, $2.00 and $3.00.

VARIEGATED SWEET ALYSSUM.-A charming little novelty, the flower having all the sweet grace and beauty of the common Sweet Alyssum, being pure white and produced in numerous spikes which cover the plant. Each 10c, dozen 90c. WHITE SWEET ALYSSUM.-Nice little pure white flowers. Valuable for baskets, vases and borders. Each 10c. BOSTON IVY.-(Ampelopsis Veitchi.)-This very attractive clinging vine will be readily recognized by our customers when we remind them that its glossy ivy leaves overlap each other and its long, delicate young shoots stretch up the stone wall of our finest city residences. The glossy leaves assume in antumn the most beautiful tints of scarlet and crimson. Each 15c, large plants 25c. CHENILLE PLANT.- (Acalypha Sanderii.)-A most striking ornamental plant. Is a native of the South Sea Islands, of rapid growth and blooms continuously. They are of a bright crimson color, drooping and mixing among the green foliage with charming effect. Can be lifted in fall and will make a fine show in the house during the winter. Strong, well established plants 25c each, five for $1.00. MOON FLOWER.-A handsome climber growing to a height of 25 to 40 feet, and covered nightly and on dull days with its white, moon-like flowers five to six inches in diameter. Each 15c. MUSK PLANT.- Many persons are fond of the musk odor though it is not as much used for perfume as it was twenty-five years ago. This is the true musk plant. Each 10c.


BRYOPHYLLUM. -(Sprouting Leaf.)-One of the most curious plants it has ever been our privilege to grow. The leaves are thick and heavy. When cut and placed in moist soil little plants start from the notches in them. In bloom it presents an odd and interesting appearance. Each 15c. PRINCESS PAULINE AGERATUM.-Both colors, blue and white are combined in the same flower. This pretty variegation gives the flower a most charming appearance. Each 10c. CRIMSON VELVET PLANT.-(Gynura Aurantiaca.)-This is one of the rarest and most beautiful foliage plants in cultivation - a veritable kaleidoscope, changing its hues with every movement of the foliage. It is so strangely beautiful that the flowers seem superfluous, yet they are produced. Each 15c, large plants 25c. ASPARAGUS PLUMOSUS NANUS.-One of the handsomest of our foliage plants for pot culture, beautiful the year round, and there is no more decorative plant in entire list. Easily grown even in a north window. See cut. Each 15c, large 25c. COLEUS.-Everyone admires this beautiful decorative plant. Varieties each 10c, dozen 85c; set of 20 all different $1.15; named mixed varieties 75c dozen. ANTIGONON.-This splendid climbing plant is sometimes called "Queen's Wreath," or "Mountain Rose." It requires some protection in the north. They are killed down by the frost, but come up again from the roots in the spring. Strong plants, each 15c. ALTERNANTHERAS.-A very bright colored, dwarf growing foliage plant, largely used for borders. Each 10c; doz. 75c. ACHYRANTHES.-Dwarf growing foliage plants, valuable on account of their beautiful colored leaves. Color a deep blood red. Each 10c; doz. 75c.

BEGONIAS There is nothing more showy or desirable than a collection of the flowering and ornamental leaved Begonias. COUNTESS LOUISE ERDODY.-This variety is sometimes called "Snail Begonia" on account of the peculiar formation of the leaves. The form is exceedingly odd and unique. The striking peculiarity which distinguishes it from all other Begonias consists in the fact that the two lobes at the base of the leaf do not grow side by side, but one of them winds in a spiral-like way until in a full grown leaf there are four of these twists. Each 25 cents. TUBEROUS ROOTED.-These flowers sometimes grow six inches in diameter, are borne upright on stiff stems, and of the richest colors, embracing every shade of white, rose, pink, red, scarlet, crimson, maroon, lake, yellow and orange. Each 15c, dozen $1.50. METALICA.-Has very large leaves shaded with green, crimson and olive, with a peculiar metallic luster over all. Flowers a clear pink, shaded white. Each 10c.


ARGENTEA GUTTATA.-It has purple bronze leaves with silvery markings. White flowers; splendid for the house. Each 10c. MADAM DE LESSEPS.-Has very large leaves of silky texture and beautifully spotted with silver. Flowers pink and white. Each 15c. MARJORIE DAW.-Its bright salmon-pink flowers are produced in broad panicles, drooping down from under the foliage. Each 15c. REX.-The Rex or King Begonias may well be called the king of foliage plants, and they make a magnificent showing with their rich lustrous tints and tropical looking leaves. Choicest varieties. Each 20c. BERTHA.-Bright green leaves; flowers a beautiful currant red. Each 15c. COLLECTION.-One plant each of the eight kinds of Begonias for only $1.00.

I received plants March l5th and they were in excellent condition, as fresh as if just packed, and such nice, large ones too. I am greatly pleased with them. Many thanks for the extras, they were just what I would have selected. I shall remember you with all future plant orders.-Mrs. W. S. Rees, Ontario, Oregon. June 6.-Plants arrived in good shape and I am much pleased with them. Thank you for the extras.-Mrs. A. E. C. Gilmore, Crafton, Penn. April 12.- The roses and plants came to hand in fine condition.-Frank H. Owen, Marion, Ohio.

ABUTILON - Souvenir de Bonn. -A striking decorative foliage plant with beautiful variegated leaves of good size, regularly and evenly marked with white and green. Each 15c. NEW DOUBLE ABUTILON-Thompsonii Plena.- This has a perfectly double flower resembling a double hollyhock in form and of rich deep orange color. Each 15c. ABUTILON- Savitzi.-One of the most beautiful variegated-leaved plants in existence. Its large, maple-like leaves are almost white being blotched here and there only with clear, bright green, a most charming contrast, heightened still more by the very large orange, bell shaped flowers with which the plant is always covered. Each 15c, 4 for 50c.



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Fancy Leaved Caladiums. THEIR beautifully shaped and glossy foliage is elegantly variegated in the most telling manner. In fact the immense leaves are so marked with delicate and vivid colors as to make them as showy as great and peculiar flowers. Start bulbs early in a warm place and do not put out of doors before the last of May. Many choice varieties mixed, only 15 cents each; $1.50 per dozen.

Carnations. Fragrant flowers are always sought after and the rich, spicy odor of the carnation, combined with various colors, leaves little to be desired. Evel na.-A grand pure white, early and free flowering carnation of healthy, vigorous growth. Each 10c. American Flag.-Color is different from any other variety, being distinctly and regularly striped vivid scarlet and pure white, giving it a most novel and striking effect. Each 10 cents. The $30,000 Carnation.-(Mrs. Thos. W. Lawson.)-The largest pink Carnation at the present time. The flowers measure over 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Each 15 cents. Gold Nugget.-Rich golden yellow, in fact the best yellow known among carnations. Strong, vigorous grower with long stems, very full double flower; free flowering. Each 15 cents. Alaska.-A grand new pure white variety with finely fringed petals. Each 15 cents. Wm. Scott.-Greatest cut flower carnation. Strong, rich pink with a shade of salmon, giving it a warmth of color; finely fringed; flowers of large size with long stems that hold it erect. Each 15 cents. A Baker's Dozen.-One plant of each of thirteen splendid carnations for only 90 cents.


Chrysanthemums. THESE are now the most popular and fashionable of autumn flowers. These varieties are superior to all other varieties for pot culture. Illumination.-Claimed to be the best white. Grows a profusion of large white flowers. Each 15 cents. Major Bonnafon.-A very popular yellow variety, flowers six to seven inches in diameter. Each 15 cents. Golden Wedding.-Rich golden yellow color, flowers 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Each 15 cents. Silver Wedding.-Very much like the above but of pure silvery white. Each 20 cents. Marion Henderson.-The earliest golden yellow; center incurved, outer petals reflexed, flowers six inches in diameter. Each 10 cents. Gettysburg.-Deep, rich crimson, which in the flower itself is soft and velvet-like. Each 10 cents. Fisher's Torch. - Color is bright red, passing to richest velvety crimson. Each 15 cents. Christmas Eve.-The latest of all white chrysanthemums. Each 15 cents. Timothy Eaton.-Color, pure white when fully developed. A prize winner at all shows last fall. Each 15c. Ivory.-Pure white flowers of exquisite form and finish. Each 10c. Louis Boehmer.-The splendid new pink. Grand flowers of globular form; petals broad and lasting and thickly covered with fine downy hairs so much admired. Color deep rich pink, solid and fine. Strong and vigorous. Each 10 cents.

CUPHEA TRICOLOR.-The flowers are tubular in shape, about 2 inches long, and combine three distinct colors in each flower - scarlet, white and blue. In bloom continually. Each 10 cents. CUPHEA PLATYCENTRA.-This is the old-fashioned Cigar Plant, with narrow tubular scarlet flowers, tipped with purple; always in bloom. Each 10c. CACTUS.-The night Blooming Cereus, bearing immense flowers, 25c each, and many other varieties at 10c to 25c each. A collection of ten varieties for $1.00, postpaid. CROWN OF THORNS. -(Euphorbia.)-Flowers which almost cover the deep, glossy green leaves. It is an object of rare and striking beauty. Easily grown. Grows wild in Judea and it is claimed it was from this plant that the crown of thorns was made which was worn by our Savior. Each 25 cents. COBOEA SCANDENS.-A well known summer climber. Foliage green; large, purple, bell-shaped flowers. Each 15 cents. HYDRANGEA,-Thomas Hogg-The immense trusses of flowers are at first slightly tinged with green, becoming of the purest white. Each 15c. H YDRANGEA. - Hortensia-Its growth is strong and upright, forming excellent specimen plants; flowers pink, in immense trusses. Each 10c. HYDRANGEA.-Otaska. -A Japanese variety used extensively for Easter decorations. Produces enormous trusses of intense pink flowers. Makes excellent specimen plants for the porch or lawn. Blooms the entire season. Each 15 cents.


Fuchsias These, when in full bloom, are the most graceful of all cultivated plants; nothing surpasses the beauty of well grown specimens. White Phenomenal.-The grandest double-white variety in existence. Each 15 cents. Jupiter.-The flowers are of really mammoth size with very large, rich violet purple double corolla. Tube and sepals bright crimson. Each 15c. Phenomenal.-The flowers are of enormous size, a single flower measuring three inches across; sepals bright scarlet with rich purple corolla, very double, flaked with red. Each 10 cents. Monarch.-The largest of all the single flowering varieties, bearing immense bloom of a very dark purple. Each 15 cents. Black Prince.-Tube and sepals bright waxy carmine, sepals large and broad with pale green tips; large, open, pale pink corolla. Each 10 cents. Storm King.-Large double flowers. The sepals are glowing scarlet crimson, corolla delicate waxy white, elegantly penciled with deep, bright crimson. Each 10 cents. Collection.-One plant each of eleven of the best varieties of Fuchsias for only $1.00.

GREVILLEA OR SILK OAK.-With its long, drooping silky foliage, it reminds one of a palm or fern. The young growths are of a light bronze color, the tips being covered with a soft down, closely resembling raw silk. Each 15 cents. MAURANDIA.-Graceful climbers for window or conservatories, or open ground in summer; admirable to hang from vases, cover stumps and low trellises, flowering freely. Each 15 cents.


Boston Fern. This is a wonderfully healthy, rapid growing and graceful house plant. It bas been in great demand everywhere. Many people buy it in preference to the finest Palms or Rubber Plants. Its long, broad fronds are more graceful than the old Sword Fern and seem to grow faster. Thrives in all rooms, gas or furnace heat do not seem to injure it. It is one of the most beautiful and useful of house plants. It is of easy culture and its sword-like fronds on large specimens attain a length of 5 to 6 feet, produced in a bewildering mass, arching, curving, and interlacing in every conceivable direction. Each 15 cents. See cut. FERNS.-We have many choice varieties of these delicate appearing, attractive plants at prices from 10c to $1.00 each.

New Peachblow Hibiscus This is one of the finest free flowering plant novelties offered in recent years. It is a sport from the double red Hibiscus Rosea-Sinensis; the flowers are double and from 4 to 5 inches in diameter; of a charming, rich clear pink color, with a small deep crimson center; an entirely new and most beautiful shade. It blooms abundantly and continuously, even on small plants, during the entire summer and fall months, may be easily wintered in the house. Large plants, two to three years old, make a magnificent show. It will give great satisfaction to all who grow it, either in pots or planted out in the garden. It is a good winter bloomer. Each 20 cents.



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Single Geraniums. Geraniums are the most easily grown and satisfactory of all flower plants and only the rose can vie with them in popularity. We have about 200 varieties growing at our place and test a large number of new sorts every year. AUREOLE.-(Mad. Bruant.)-Plant is loaded with blooms and each floret is large, center being white, beautifully veined with carmine lake. A fine pot plant. Each 15c. THE WONDER.-The flowers are the most intense, dazzling scarlet and are borne in great trusses of enormous size, measuring from 18 to 20 inches in circumference. Each 10c. CAMILLE BERNARDIN.-Color is very attractive; upper petals are half white, succeeded by pink; lower petals base white followed by soft rosy pink with soft scarlet edge. Each 15c. COLUMBIAN.-Flowers are brilliant scarlet with large, strong trusses; the habit of the plant is good and it may be classed as one of the freest bloomers in cultivation. Each 10c. CARMEN SYLVA.-The grandest single pure white geranium in existence. Each 15c. SOUVENIR DE MIRANDE.-It has nicely formed, round florets, upper petals cream white, with distinct salmon rose border; lower petals salmon rose, streaked with pure white; very free flowering and produces fine trusses of magnificent blooms. Each 10c, dozen 85c. ELECTRIC.-Very large flower of most brilliant scarlet color with white eye. Each 10c. MRS J. M. GAAR.-A perfect white bedding variety; never burns; is of dwarf, compact habit; is superior to all whites and equal to the best scarlet bedders. Each 10c. AMERICA.-Ideal variety for pot culture or bedding, white with salmon center. Each 25c.

Double Geraniums. As a rule the double varieties do not produce quite as many trusses of bloom as the single, but each truss remains in bloom longer. They are therefore very satisfactory both for bedding and pot culture.

WM. LANGGUTH GERANIUM.-The plant is of short stocky growth, and the beautiful deep green leaves are bordered with a broad, pure snow white band, so that it is handsome even when not in bloom. It is, however, the most free flowering of any fancy foliage variety, and just think of it, the flowers are double, and this makes it a decided novelty. Clusters are extra large and of bright red color. Each 25c, 3 for 60c. OLD GLORY GERANIUM.-Color is a clear, bright rosy pink, the upper petals are spotted with pure white which adds to the brilliancy of the pink. During the hottest, dryest midsummer weather "Old Glory" was as fresh and sweet as if just watered by an April shower. Ea. 15c, doz. $1.40. VERA VEND.-Beautiful white, delicately marbled and striped with orange. One of the finest and most beautiful in the Aureole section and will be grown by all when known. Each 10c. REMARKABLE.-A beautiful intensely double variety of dwarf compact growth. The florets, which look like little rosebuds, are of dark scarlet crimson color. Each 15c. DOUBLE NEW LIFE.-The outer florets are large, of a brilliant red. In the center of these appear another semi-double floret, pure white in color effecting a very charming contrast, difficult to realize unless seen, and having the appearance of being produced artificially. Each 15c, doz. $1.50. COLOSSUS.-The color is very beautiful, a rich shade of rosy crimson. Very free in bloom. One of the very largest and finest. Each 10c. BRUANTI. One of the finest bedding sorts. As will be seen by our illustration the leaves are beautifully zoned and therefore showy at all times. Color of flowers bright, vermilion red; trusses exceptionally large and borne in immense balls often eight inches in diameter. Each 10c, dozen $1.00. ALPINE BEAUTY. -An equisitely new double white. Each 10c. MARVEL.-Rich crimson scarlet; large flowers and truss; free-flowering, one of the best bedding sorts. Each 10c. GOLDEN DAWN.-The nearest yellow of any geranium grown. Plant is a sturdy, vigorous grower and well filled with large clusters of rich orange scarlet double flowers. Every one who grows plants should add this to their collection of geraniums. Each 15c. RUY BLAS.-An extra fine double pink variety, bearing large trusses of large flowers in profusion. Each 15c. DE ROY MITTING.-An elegant novelty, having double red flower and yellow foliage. Each 15c.


CHAMELEON GERANIUM.-When first introduced it sold at $5.00 per plant. It is what might be called a "sport" or "freak" of nature, as it is quite erratic in its growth as shown by our illustration. Some flowers are red, some white, some pinkish salmon, and some clearly striped with the three colors. Frequently one plant will have on it flowers of all these colors at the same time. It is a free bloomer, bearing many trusses of large single flowers. The name Chameleon was suggested by its peculiar manner of changing color. Everyone who grows geraniums, and that means almost everybody, should try it. Each 25c. LA FAVORITE.-What S. A. Nutt is among dark crimsons, La Favorite is among whites - without doubt the best double white geranium ever offered. Each 10c, doz. 85c. By express not prepaid, 50 for $2.75, 100 for $5.00. S. A. NUTT.-The best crimson bedding geranium. This, the finest of dark crimson geraniums, has now taken the lead as a bedding variety, beiug used in the largest parks and public grounds of the country in preference to all others. As a pot plant it cannot be excelled. Each 10 cents, dozen 85 cents. By express not prepaid, 50 for $2.75, 100 for $5.00.

Fancy Leaved Geraniums. We grow only the most desirable varieties. Send a description of the kinds you want and we will supply the same at the rate of 15 cents each, $1.20 per dozen.

Ivy Leaved Geraniums. Very beautiful, we sell large numbers each season. Each 15c, set of six, 60c.

Sweet Scented Geraniums. Many persons enjoy scented geraniums; we grow eleven of the best varieties and are sure we have the varieties you wish. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.

Pelargoniums. Better known as Lady Washington Geraniums and our improved large flowerlng sorts are certainly the most beautiful of all geraniums. Each 20c, dozen $2.00.



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LEMON VERBENA.-A universal favorite, invaluable for its fragrant leaves. They will retain their fragrance for years when dried. As a plant for the garden or for pots it is equally valuable, its fine sprays of foliage and delicious fragrance making it desirable for bouquets, etc. In good rich soil each plant will cover a space of three to four feet in diameter. Each 10c. MANETTA BICOLOR.-One of the handsomest little vines in existence. Is easily and quickly grown, blooms continuously and is well adapted for hanging baskets, pot culture, vases or bedding; brilliant scarlet, tipped with clear golden yellow, making it wonderfully attractive. Blooms constantly and profusely all summer out doors and all winter when taken into the house. Each [?]c. Large size 25c. LANTANA.-We consider this one of the most satisfactory plants grown. It is the flower for everybody both for out door bedding, and blooming all winter in house. The flowers embrace all shades of orange, sulphur, lilac, red, pink, white, etc., changing from one distinct color to another as they increase in age and development. Each [?0] cents. OTAHEITE ORANGE.-An extra fine pot plant, with glossy green leaves, the true fragrant orange blooms and abundant little bright oranges that will hang on the little bush like balls of gold for six months after they are ripe. They will bloom and fruit in a two inch pot. The fruit is very sweet and handsome. Could we have but one plant in our window it would be an Otaheite Orange. In beauty, grace and fragrance there is nothing like its deilcate, leafy sprays of bloom, so indescribably exquisite, dainty, lovely and desirable. Fine plants for blooming and fruiting at once. Each 20c.

"I received the seed and rose bushes all right. Accept my thanks for the extra rose bushes you put in.-Mrs. Eva Galloway, Snmner [Sumner?], Neb.

THE BABY PRIMROSE.-(Primula Forbesi.) It is a wonderfully free-blooming plant, commencing to flower as soon as born. The flowers are not more than a half an inch in diameter, but they are produced in such great abundance that a few plants present a dense mass of bloom from September until June. As a pot plant it cannot be surpassed, as it is a vigorous grower and thrives either in shade or sunshine. Each 10c. MEXICAN PRIMROSE. - Is a perpetual bloomer, in flower all times of the year, a good specimen showing always from ten to thirty large saucer-shaped blossoms two to three inches across, of several beautiful colors. The plant is a free grower, succeeding in almost any soil or situation. Each 10c. PRIMULA OBCONICA.-A lovely perpetual blooming primrose. Flowers of rose lilac, shading to white. Each 10c. PALMS.-The most elegant and decorative of all plants and the low prices at which they are now offered place them within the reach of all. The following is the most desirable variety for house culture: Latanla Borbanica.-Or Fan Palm. One of the most popular varieties grown, prized especially for its beautiful, large, fan-shaped leaves, of deep glossy green. 25c each. Large plants by express $1.00 to $10.00 each. HELIOTROPE.-This well known plant does not need a description, as it is as well known as Geraniums. We have a choice stock of Heliotropes and can supply mixed varieties at 15c each, $1.00 per doz. INDIA RUBBER TREE.-(Ficus.) During the past few years there has sprung up an immense demand for Rubber plants and they are highly valued everywhere for their tropical appearance. Leaves are very large, very thick and leathery and of a beautiful shining green color. It endures the dry air of living rooms remarkably well. Each 60c. Larger size $1.00 and $1.50 each. PANSIES.-Pansy plants are a specialty with us and we sell immense numbers of them every year. Our plants are grown from the very best quality of seed and are strong and vigorous and have beautiful, large velvety flowers of all shades of colors known in pansies. Extra large strong plants 50c per doz., 4 doz. for $1.50 postpaid. Smaller sizes 25c per doz., 5 doz. for $1.00 pospaid [postpaid].

I received plants March 15th and they were in excellent condition, as fresh as if just packed, and such nice, large ones, too. I am greatly pleased with them. Many thanks for the extras, they were just what I would have selected. I shall remember you with all future plant orders.-Mrs. W. S. Rees, Ontario, Oregon.

NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE.-World famous, deliciously fragrant Night Blooming Jasmine (or Jessamine), about which poets have sung and over which tourists, in its native land (Chili), have gone into ecstacies, and yet how few, comparatively, in our own country have ever seen it. It is a plant of strong, handsome growth, with handsome glossy green foliage and bears an immense number of small star-shaped flowers. One plant on our place this year had at one time fully 3,000 flowers, and you can well imagine that it was a grand sight, as the plant was about three feet high and thirty inches in diameter. It is specially adapted to house and window culture, as it begins to bloom when very small and continues to blossom freely as it becomes larger. Don't fail to try it, ladies, if you want something nice. It will please you. Each 15c, 3 for 40c. PETUNIA.-Double -The brilliancy and variety of its colors, combined with the duration of its blooming period, render it invaluable for garden decoration. We devote special attention to the cultivation of the Double Petunia. We spare no pains or expense to obtain the best results, and as a consequence our stock is unsurpassed and includes best blotched aud fringed sorts. Mixed varieties. (See illustration.) Each 10c, doz. 90c. Snow Queen.-White varieties are always scarce. This is an extra choice new double white Petunia which for profuse flowering qualities is unsurpassed and for keeping has no equal. Plant grows two feet high and often has two or three hundred flowers on at a time and blooms throughout the season. Each 15c.


PENTSTEMON.-One of the most beautiful and hardy perennials. It is of graceful growth and produces large spikes of flowers as handsome as the most rare sorts of Gloxinias and greatly resembling them. Give good culture and it will bloom from June until October and attract much attention, as few persons have ever seen it. Each 15c; dozen $1.25. MAMOTH BROWALLIA.-The most beautiful of all the Browallias. The plants grow only about a foot high, form a dense little bush, which is covered with an abundance of the most delightful sky blue flowers. For beds, borders or pots there is hardly another plant with blue flowers that compares with it. Each 10c; dozen $1.00. ASTER PLANTS.-Grown from best seed of all varieties mixed. Many of our customers prefer to buy these plants instead of sowing the seed themselves. Per dozen 75c; per 100 $3.00, charges prepaid. SHASTA DAISY.-The Shasta Daisy is one of the most marvelous productions in the flower line that has ever been brought to the notice of floriculturists. Its first qualification is hardiness; it can be grown out of doors by anybody where it is not cold enough to kill oak trees. Second, perennial, blooming better, more abundantly each succeeding season. Third, it can be multiplied rapidly by simple division, and it is not particular as to soil. Fourth, it blooms for several months. Fifth, the flowers are extremely large and graceful, averaging about four inches in diameter, with three or more rows of petals of the purest glistening whiteness, and are borne on single, stiff, wiry stems, nearly two feet in length. Sixth, the blooms when cut remain perfectly fresh and in good condition for two weeks or more. Strong plants, each 15c; dozen $1.50.


Sea Foam Petunia.-A grand new double white fringed variety; unsurpassed among the new fringed sorts for purity of color, size, form and vigor of growth. Each 15c. Fritz Petunia.-This is a decided novelty. The ground work of the flower is a deep purple which is beautifully marked and penciled with cream, white and pink, the whole forming a most gorgeous combination. Each 15c. NEW ORNAMENTAL JAPAN PEPPER.-This is a surprisingly pretty house plant. Makes a round compact bush [1?] to 15 inches in height, with dark olive green leaves and covered all over with curious little heart-shaped fruits of various bright colors - purple, white, yellow, orange and red on the same bush. They remain on for months, so that the plant continues loaded with its pretty, bright colored fruits nearly all the time, and always attracts a great deal of attention. May be bedded out in summer. New and scarce and a very pleasing and attractive novelty. Each 15c. GOLDEN LEMON THYME.-The leaves are curiously edged and variegated with golden-yellow, increasing in brilliancy of color as the autumn approaches. Desirable as a bedding plant. Each 10c. ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT.-A very showy plant belonging to the Cleome family which blooms constantly from July until killing frosts in October or November. Is very desirable either as specimen plants or for bedding. Grows 4 to 6 feet high, makes a large branching tree like plant each branch being tipped with bloom. Each 10c; dozen 90c.



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