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CLOVER SEED. For many years we have made this a specialty, and we now have electric machinery for cleaning seeds so perfected that we claim that our grades average better than those of most other markets, and believe that they cannot fail to please the most particular. The Nebraska Experiment Station tested clover seed from the leading seed firms of the country, and our seed stood the highest for purity of any west of Pennsylvania, and, with one exception, the highest of any in the United States. PRICES On clover and grass seeds are changing almost daily, so that we are unable to quote prices which will be invariable. Don't fail to write for prices before buying. We issue a price list each week from January to June. If you are in a hurry for the seed you can order it and we will send seed to full value of money sent on day order is received. The following are the prices we are selling at on the date this catalogue goes to press (Dec. 10, 1902). We prepay postage at the 1 and 3 pound rate; larger quantities shipped at purchaser's expense. Trial packets of any variety at 5 cents each. Grain bags 15 cents each extra. MEDIUM RED CLOVER.-This is the most important of all clovers and the standard everywhere for hay and pasture. It is known as Common Red or June Clover in many sections. Our Iowa grown clover seed has become widely known for its purity, strong vitality, hardiness, vigorous and healthy growth, and stooling qualities. It pays to have the best. Sow 15 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 80c postpaid. Per peck $1.90, bushel (60 lbs.) $7.20. Bags extra, 15c each. MEDIUM RED CLOVER; Second Grade.-Useful for thickening pastures, etc. We list this for our customers who want a cheaper grade, and while we do not claim that it is equal to our best, it is as good as much of the seed furnished by other dealers. Country merchants frequently buy this grade because they can make a larger profit on it. Per bushel $6.50. SWEET CLOVER-(Melilotis Alba or Bokhara.)-A tall shrubby plant, bearing innumerable small white flowers and very valuable for bees. Sow 10 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 40c, 3 lbs. $1.10; by freight, 5 lbs or more @ 25c. WHITE DUTCH CLOVER.-Largely used for lawns. It is the most hardy of any variety of clover and as it is of a creeping habit it is desirable for sowing on terraces or sloping grounds. Seed is very small and it requires only 7 lbs. to sow an acre. Choicest quality: 1 lb. 45c, 3 lbs. $1.25 postpaid; by frt. pk. $4.00, bu. (60 lbs.) $15.00. SERADELLA.-When traveling in Germany we found that Seradella was the most profitable of all plants grown there and almost everybody grows it for hay. It has proved of great value here, being considered fully equal to red clover in nutritive qualities and yields a much larger crop. Cattle are very fond of it as hay, green fodder or for pasture. It makes a dense, thick, rapid growth, covering the ground completely and choking out all weeds. Sow early in spring alone or with wheat or other grain. Pkt. 5c, lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 80c postpaid. By freight, 10 lbs. or more @ 15c. Bushel of 45 lbs. (will sow 3 acres) $5.50. MAMMOTH RED CLOVER.-Also called Sapling or Pea Vine Clover. This greatly resembles the Medium Red, but is of much taller and more vigorous growth. The stems are so large and coarse that it is not valued for hay, but nothing equals it for hog pasture, as it will produce an enormous yield. It is the clover for poor soils. Sow 15 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 80c, postpaid. Per pk. $2.00, bu. (60 lbs.) $7.35. CRIMSON CLOVER.-Also called Giant Incarnate. This is an annual variety in common use in the east and south for feeding green. The yield in fodder is immense, and after cutting, it at once commences to grow again, and continues until severe cold, freezing weather. It grows about one foot high, roots nearly black, leaves long, blossoms long, pointed and of a very deep red or carmine color. Makes good hay. Winter kills in this latitude. Per lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 65c. Per peck $1.40, bushel $5.00.

[image] SERADELLA.

ALFALFA or LUCERNE CLOVER.-All classes of stock are exceedingly fond of it. The roots are long and grow deep, frost cannot heave or throw them out in winter. One sowing will stand for twenty years, and instead of impoverishing the soil, enriches it. Grows on the thinnest sandy soil and thrives in greatest drouth. Sow broadcast about 25 lbs. to the acre. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 80c postpaid. By freight, per peck $2.00, bushel (60 lbs.) $7.50. TURKESTAN ALFALFA.-This variety is more hardy than the ordinary having stood a temperature of 40 degrees below zero when the ground was bare. It will also stand extreme drouth. It is considered of the highest value throughout Asia, and is practically the only hay fed to the cattle there. The seed we offer was imported from its native country. As the stock is not in at time this catalogue goes to press we are unable to quote price except in small quantities, as the cost of transportation varies greatly from year to year. Pkt. 10c, lb. 60c postpaid, 3 lbs. $1.50. Ask for prices in quantity. ALSIKE CLOVER.-It is a true perennial, producing a good crop the first year and every year thereafter, and the field really keeps improving each season. Highly valued also as a permanent pasture. It is hardy, even in northern Minnesota, and is the only variety which will produce a good crop and not kill out in low, wet land. Seed is small and therefore requires only 8 lbs. per acre, or half that quantity if sown with timothy. Per lb. 36c, 3 lbs. [9?]c. Pk. $2.75, bu. $[?.00].


GRASS SEEDS. We have pleased thousands of others and can please you with our choice Iowa grown seed. Grass seeds are sold on a very close margin of profit and prices are constantly changing with the market. PRICES. Should you desire a quantity of anything in this line, be sure you write us for special prices, naming the amount needed. Remember that our quotations are for our best grades of recleaned seed. At the pound rate we prepay postage. Larger quantities by freight or express at purchaser's expense. Grain bags to hold seed 15 cents each extra; jute bags free.

BROMUS INERMIS-This new grass has been very highly recommended by the U.S. Agricultural Department and by grass specialists in all parts of the country. It will produce a wonderful crop of hay on land which is too poor for clover or timothy, and it resists intense cold, and also the most hot, dry weather. Forms a quick and dense sod either on sandy or stiff clay soils, and is a permanent grass which does not kill out with any kind of weather. Grows 18 to 36 inches in height and can be cut two or three times per year and is equally desirable as a pasture grass. Should be sown early in the spring, using 20 to 25 lbs. per acre if sown alone, or if with alfalfa use 12 lbs. with 8 lbs. alfalfa. Best grade, per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c postpaid; by frt., per bu. (14 lbs.) $2.10, 50 lbs. $7.00, 100 lbs. $13.50. ORCHARD GRASS.-A most valuable grass for pasture or hay land, and on account of its earliness very valuable for permanent pastures. It furnishes the first green bite in the spring and the last in the fall, and is quick to recover from close cropping, and even thrives better the more it is cropped. When grown for hay, more than one crop can be obtained in one season. It is well suited to shady places, such as orchards and groves. Will grow on almost any kind of land but gives best results on deep, rich, sandy loam or clay soils. Sow 14 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00 postpaid. By freight, per bu. (14 lbs.) $2.25, 100 lbs. $14.00.


The grass and clover seed purchased of you last sping have given excellent satisfaction. The seeds were very clean and free from all foul seeds, and I secured a fine stand.-Sam. Schoenherr, lllinois.



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GRASS SEEDS.-Continued.


TALL MEADOW-OAT GRASS. For either hay or a permanent pasture a most valuable grass, which can be successfully grown in all parts of the country. It is considered a desirable seed for all grass mixtures. Per lb. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00 postpaid. By freight, bushel (14 lbs.) $3.00. CREEPING BENT GRASS. -A valued sort for holding sloping ground or terraces together, as its roots form a compact mass. Sow 15 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00 postpaid. By freight, bushel (14 lbs.) $2.25. RED TOP. - A very hardy native perennial grass, succeeding best on moist land. It accommodates itself to a variety of soils, however, even to quite dry situations, and stands our hot climate admirably. It is, perhaps the most permanent grass we have. Fancy cleaned seed. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c postpaid. By freight, per bu. (14 lbs.) $1.50, 5 bushels or more @ $1.40. PRIME RED TOP. - Or chaff seed. Per bu. 75c, 5 bu. or more @ 60c. KENTUCKY BLUE GRASS.-Very valuable and exceedingly popular in some sections of the country as a pasture grass. It is productive and unusually early in spring, furnishing delicious food for all kinds of stock. Not easily affected by frost or drouth, is suited to a great variety of soils, succeeding best on moist, rich land. Sow 14 lbs. per acre for pasture, or 60 to 100 lbs. for lawns. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c postpaid. By freight, bushel (14 lbs.) $1.75. Sack of 8 bushels $13.25. MEADOW FOXTAIL.-A fine grass for permanent pastures, and should be sown in place of timothy in mixtures with clover and other grasses. Sow 14 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 45c, 3 lbs. $1.25 postpaid. By freight, bushel (14 lbs.) $3.50. TIMOTHY.-No variety of our natural grasses is more cultivated than timothy, and for meadows it is very valuable. It is best suited to moist, rich, strong and loamy soils, where it grows to perfection, but does not succeed well on dry, sandy soil. It is very nutritious and makes good hay. Our seed is extra nice. Sow 11 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 20c, 3 lbs. 50c postpaid. By freight, per bushel (45 lbs.) $2.00. Bags 15 cents each extra. Ask for latest price in quantity. PERENNIAL RYE GRASS.-(Or English Rye Grass.)-A nutritious permanent grass for meadows and pasture, or for mixing with other grasses for lawns. Sow 30 pounds per acre. Per lb. 25c, 3 lbs. 60c postpaid. By freight, per bushel (14 lbs.) $1.20. MEADOW FESCUE or ENGLISH BLUE GRASS.-Succeeds well in almost all soils, from high dry land to moist, standing the dry summer heat excellently. Is hardy, never grows in tufts, and being tender and succulent, makes excellent hay. Lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c postpaid. By freight, bushel (14 lbs.) $1.60. BERMUDA GRASS.-The most valuable grass for the southern states, as it withstands heat and drouth wonderfully well. Is valuable for hay and pasture and unsurpassed for lawns in the south, as it runs over the ground forming a dense turf. Sow 8 lbs. per acre. Lb. $1.25, 3 lbs. $3.00 prepaid; 5 lbs. not prepaid @ 85c per lb.

ITALIAN RYE GRASS.-An annual variety which can be depended on to give a large crop the first year. Sow 20 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 80c postpaid. By freight, per bu. (14 lbs.) $1.25. MEADOW SOFT GRASS.-Also known as "Honey Grass," "Velvet Grass," and "Velvet Mesquite Grass." Although not of high feeding value, it is very valuable for low, soft, spongy places. Per lb. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00 postpaid. By freight, per bushel (14 lbs.) $2.75. SHEEP'S FESCUE.-This variety prefers to grow on light, sandy soil, and dry uplands or hillsides. It is deep rooted, and not affected by extreme drouth. Sheep are especially fond of it. Sow 14 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00 postpaid. By freight, per bushel (14 lbs.) $2.00. WOOD MEADOW GRASS.-This grass is invaluable for wood pasture or shaded ground, and should be included in all mixtures for permanent pastures, especially in shady places. Sow 20 lbs per acre. Per lb. 50c, 3 lbs. $1.25 postpaid. By freight, per bu. (14 lbs.) $5.75.

MILLETS. There is nothing like millet for sowing to cover up shortages in your hay crops. Grain bags 15 cents each extra. JAPANESE MILLET.-(Panicum crus-galli.)-A distinct new variety which has been called by one seedsman the "Billion Dollar Grass," owing to its high value. Especially valuable for the northern states. Sow the seed broadcast at the rate of 15 lbs. to the acre, or in drills 12 to 18 inches apart, using 10 to 12 lbs. per acre. Per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c postpaid. By freight, per bushel (48 lbs.) $2.85. GERMAN or GOLDEN MILLET.-Matures about two weeks later than common millet. The seed we offer is southern grown, and so much better is it than northern grown stock generally offered that more than double the quantity of fodder is produced on the same ground. Sow 1 bushel to the acre. Per lb. 20c, 3 lbs. 50c postpaid. By freight, bushel (48 lbs.) $1.35. Second grade, northern grown, not as pure or clean. Bushel $1.00. COMMON MILLET.-Best quality. Per bu. (48 lbs.) $1.20. HUNGARIAN.-Per bushel (48 lbs.) $1.35. NEW SIBERIAN MILLET.-Per lb, 20c, 3 lbs. 50c. Bushel (48 lbs.) $1.25. MANITOBA MILLET.-Also called Hog or Broomcorn Millet. Per lb. 20c, 3 lbs. 50c. Bu. (48 lbs.) $1.50. PEARL MILLET. - An immense fodder yielder, of tall growth, highly recommended by the U. S. Department of Agriculture for the south. Pkt. 5c, lb. 40c, 3 lbs. $1.00. By freight, 10 lbs, (for one acre) $1.50, 25 lbs. $3.00, 100 lbs. $10.50.


PERMANENT GRASS MIXTURES. After many years of study and numerous experiments we have carefully prepared the following mixtures, which we believe for their various purposes have no equals. They are carefully prepared under the personal attention of an experienced agrostologist.

PERMANENT MEADOW MIXTURES. Will make the best quality of hay every year, the mixture containing such grasses as produce a heavy growth, and mature together. We send out the No. 1 mixture when not otherwise ordered, as it is adapted to medium or average soils. Sow about 20 lbs. per acre, or for a top seeding about half the amount. No. 1. FOR MEDIUM SOILS.-Contains Meadow Fescue, Perennial Rye Grass, Italian Rye, Orchard Grass, Tall Meadow-Oat, Timothy, Red Clover and Alsike, Sweet Vernal, etc. No. 2. FOR HIGH, DRY LAND, LIGHT OR GRAVELLY SOILS.-Contains Sheep's Fescue, Alfalfa, Hard Fescue, Perennial Rye Grass, Meadow Fescue, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Sweet Vernal, etc. No. 3. FOR HIGH, DRY LAND, HEAVY OR CLAY SOILS.-Contains much the same as above with the addition of Orchard Grass, Crested Dogstail and Bromus. No. 4. FOR MOIST AND RICH SOIL OR LAND SUBJECT TO OVERFLOW.-Contains Water Meadow Grass, Meadow Foxtail, Perennial Rye Grass, Meadow Fescue, Red Top, Meadow Soft Grass, Alsike Clover, etc. No. 5. FOR TOP SEEDING SWAMPS, MARSHES, ETC.-(Sow 10 lbs. per acre.) Contains much the same as above in different proportions. Any of the above Permanent Meadow Mixtures, per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c postpaid. By freight, 20 lbs. $2.25, 50 lbs $5.00, 100 lbs. $9.50.

PERMANENT PASTURE MIXTURES. Selected with a view to having a succession of grasses coming on constantly from earliest spring through the dry summer weather, and through the fall. It is permanent and keeps improving year after year. Sow about 20 lbs. per acre, or for top seeding half the amount. No. 6 FOR MEDIUM SOILS.-Contains Kentucky Blue Grass, Meadow Fescue, Perennial Rye Grass, Orchard Grass, Tall Meadow-Oat Grass, Hard Fescue, Alsike Clover, White Clover, Timothy, Red Clover, etc. No. 7. FOR HIGH, DRY GRAVELLY SOILS.-Contains Sheep's Fescue, Hard Fescue, Creeping Bent, Bromus Inermus, Crested Dogstail, Meadow Fescue, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, White Clover, etc. No. 8. FOR HIGH DRY, HEAVY OR CLAY SOILS.-Contains much the same as above, mixed in different proportions, with the addition of Alfalfa and Orchard Grass. No. 9. FOR MOIST AND VERY RICH SOILS.-Contains Perennial Rye Grass, Water Meadow Grass, Water Fescue, Meadow Foxtail, Orchard Grass, Meadow Soft Grass, Tall Meadow-Oat Grass, Alsike, etc. No. 10. FOR ORCHARDS, WOOD PASTURES AND SHADY PLACES.-Contains Wood Meadow Grass, Orchard Grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, English Blue Grass, Meadow Foxtail, Sweet Vernal, Red Clover, Alsike, etc. Any of above Permanent Pasture Mixtures, per lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c postpaid. By freight, 20 lbs $2.25, 50 lbs. $5.00, 100 lbs. $9.50.

Large Orders. If you desire to purchase a large lot of seed of any kind be sure to send list and let us quote special prices. Our orders range from five cents upwards, but we are not afraid of big orders. Our largest retail order was for $1,370.00 worth of seed. Another customer's purchases amounted to $1,487.33 during the season, but it was divided up into several orders. Both were perfectly satisfied. W. P. Turner, of Pennsylvania, who bought seeds of us to the amount of $1,397.54, wrote us in the fall:-All the seed has given perfect satisfaction. We are prepared to select and make up special mixtures of Grasses for all particular purposes, adapted to all soils and climates. When in need, please write us, describing peculiarities of ground.

THE BEST. Not only in Iowa, but everywhere. W. B. Robinett, of Lockwood, Ky., says; "The grass seed received from you is the finest I ever saw. I like it much better than any I ever bought before, and am well pleased in every respect." The seeds you sent us are indeed more than you claim for them. The timothy is fresh and clean; clover seed the cleanest I ever saw tested under a microscope. Please accept my thanks for honorable treatment.-John Mitman, Dodge county, Neb. All the seeds purchased of you have given good satisfaction. In particular your clover grass mixture No. 10 has given good results. I shall seed down more ground with this mixture next spring.-John U. Hunziker, H- - - , Neb.


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SEED POTATOES. POUND PRICES.-All varieties 25c per pound, 3 pounds 60c, postpaid. Read T. B. Terry's new book "A. B. C. of Potato Culture." Price 40c, postpaid.

[image] EXTRA EARLY OHIO. (Grown in Red River Valley.)

SIR WALTER RALEIGH.-The two greatest money makers of recent years have been Rural New Yorker No. 2 and Carman No. 3. These both originated with the late E. S. Carman of the Rural New Yorker. Since then Sir Walter Raleigh has been brought forward as "Mr. Carman's Best." The introducers say: "In most respects it closely resembles Rural New Yorker No. 2, but is more uniform and yields practically no small tubers, every one being marketable. It is unquestionably the best of its type." Sir Walter is one of our standards now for main crop, and it has come to stay. Farmers who plant this variety are practically certain of getting big returns on their investment, as it invariably yields big crops and the potatoes will always sell. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.35. bbl. $3.50. CARMAN NO. 3.-This handsome main crop potato is of large size, yielding immense crops of uniform size and shape. It is of perfect form, almost every potato being of same size and shape, and averaging nearly one pound each in weight, in good seasons. It has but few eyes, and they are shallow; the skin and flesh are extremely white and its cooking qualities are very fine. It is a remarkably handsome potato, enormously prolific, and will please all potato growers. Keeps well. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.25, bbl. $3.00. COLLECTION. One lb. each of the foregoing 13 varieties for $1.25 by express, purchaser to pay charges, 1 peck of each $5.00. HYBRIDIZED POTATO SEED.-Potato seed from the flower boll, (the true seed). From such seed all the choice new varieties are originated. Every farmer boy ought to "try his hand" with one or more packets of Potato Seed, and his father should get him seed, give him ground and time to attend same. Pkt. 10c, 3 for 25c.

[image] PAT'S CHOICE.

BLISS TRIUMPH.-The earliest potato in existence.-A handsome round variety which is by far the earliest variety in the world, maturing a week before the Exta Early Ohio, and is wonderfully productive. There is always such a demand for them that the seed is scarce. Pk. 65c, bu. $1.75, bbl. $4.25. EXTRA EARLY OHIO. -Fancy northern grown stock- For several years past we have been having these grown in the noted Red River valley, about 400 miles north of Des Moines, and careful tests have proven them to be fully ten days earlier than the Iowa grown stock. They keep firm till late in the spring. This variety is frequently sold under name, Extra Early Six Weeks. This is our specialty in standard varieties. Also desirable for late planting as they keep well for winter and spring use. Pk. 60c, bu. $1.50, bbl. $3.75. EARLY OHIO.-Grown in Iowa. Our stock is as nice as any which can be obtained, we think, and is desirable both for early and main crop. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.25, bbl. $3.25. MINNESOTA EARLY ROSE.-The Early Rose will doubtless always be a favorite sort and our Minnesota grown stock is much superior to the Iowa grown in size and earliness. Pk. 60c, bu. $1.35, bbl. $3 50. EARLY BEAUTY OF HEBRON.-A standard early sort and largely grown also for main crop. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.25, bbl. $3.25. BONANZA.-One of the leading varieties for main crop. The tubers are large, oblong, somewhat flattened, skin dark red, smooth, flesh firm, white and fine grained. Productive and of superior quality. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.25, bbl. $3.00. PARSON'S PROLIFIC.-Introduced by us in 1882, and is still considered by many the best main crop potato in cultivation for Iowa growers. They are a very nice, smooth, white potato. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.25, bbl. $3.00. PAT'S CHOICE.-A splendid medium late variety originated in Minnesota. The tubers are long, smooth and handsome, skin light pink in color, with eyes of a deeper shade, and covered over with a thick netting, which always indicates excellent quality. As is known, Pat is a sharp fellow when it comes to passing judgment on Irish potatoes, and the general testimony is that he knew what he was about when he made his choice. Pk. 60c, bu. $1.50, bbl. $3.75. RURAL NEW YORKER NO. 2.-One of the largest yielding varieties in existence. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.25, bbl. $3.00. COMMERCIAL.-The big potato.-A seedling of Wilson Rose. Described as earlier than Sir Walter Raleigh, of large size, oblong in shape, rather flat, skin pink, well russeted, a heavy cropper and the best of keepers. Pk. 60c, bu. $1.50, bbl. $3.75. VAN ORNAM'S EARLIEST.- Mr. F. B. Van Ornam the well known potato man considers this the best of the extra earlies and has allowed it to bear his name. The tubers are long and round, sometimes slightly flattened, of light pink color and large in size. Pk. 75c, bu. $2.50. "The Proof of the Potato is in the Eating."

SEED SWEET POTATOES. For thirty years past our firm has been known as headquarters in central Iowa for choice seed sweet potatoes. Our stock is grown, stored and handled especially for seed purposes and cannot fail to please all. Price subject to market changes. Ask for price list any time after March 1st. We usually ship about April 12 to 20. If desired we will send you a copy of our circular telling how to grow sweet potato plants, free; read Fitz' s Sweet Potato Culture; price 60c, postpaid. See price of plants elsewhere.

EARLY YELLOW JERSEY. -In spite of the many so-called new varieties, all of which we have tested, Early Yellow Jersey holds the first place. The earliest and most productive; of large, short, chunky shape and of best quality. Pk. 50c, bu. $1.50.


YELLOW NANSEMOND-Like above, but averaging longer and not so "chunky." Pk. 50c, bu. $1.50. WHITE SOUTHERN QUEEN-These are the large "Yams" which are so popular in the south. Pk. 75c, bu. $2.00. NEW GOLD COIN VINELESS.- Of dwarf, bush-like growth, leaves large, shaped somewhat like a maple leaf and unlike any other kind of sweet potato. The tubers are yellow, of medium to large size and lie compactly in the hill. When cooked the flesh is rich yellow color, dry, sweet and of best possible quality. They are quite productive; an immense crop can be raised, because, owing to their peculiar manner of growth, they can be planted closer together and require less labor in cultivation. Pk. 75c, bu. $2.25. RED JERSEY.- Similar in shape to our Early Yellow Jersey but of a dark red color. Quality excellent and it is without doubt the best of all the red varieties. Pk. 75c, bu. $2.00. Any of the above varieties by mail, postpaid, at 35c per lb., 3 lbs. $1.00. Ask for price in quantity.


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A NICE LAWN Adds More to the Value and Beauty of a Place Than any other Adornment

Thank God for grass! No other glory vies With the refreshing glory of the grass; Not e'en the blue of the o'erbending skies, Nor fading splendors when the daylight dies, Can this sweet smile of living green surpass.

LAWN GRASS. EVERGREEN MIXED LAWN GRASS SEED.-This is a mixture of the best varieties of grass seeds, suited for growing together in the central and northern states, and will make a beautiful soft velvety lawn and as handsome green as an emerald, and is formed of grasses which keep green from early spring all through the hot dry summer weather, until late in the fall. It comes up quickly (in about two weeks after seed is sown), and after once up it soon spreads to cover the ground and is ready for the lawn mower in six to eight weeks. Price per qt. (will sow 300 square feet), 25c, 4 qts. [8?]c, postpaid; by freight per bu. (15 lbs.) $2.75, 50 lbs. $8.00, 100 lbs. (will sow one acre), $15.00. TERRACE LAWN MIXTURE.-It is difficult to get a good sod on sloping ground. This is a mixture of such grasses as have strong spreading roots, making a close turf which heavy rains cannot easily wash out. Qt. 35c, 3 qts. 90c, postpaid; by freight, per bu. (15 lbs.) $3.60. CENTRAL PARK LAWN GRASS.- A very nice mixture for lawns but is of special value for parks and around country homes where it is not convenient to mow the lawns frequently. Qt. 20c, 4 qts. 75c, postpaid; by freight, bu. (15 lbs.), $2.50; 100 lbs. $[?4.00]. KENTUCKY BLUE GRASS.-Many of our customers prefer a clear blue grass lawn to the mixtures. Our stock of this is the best grade of fancy cleaned new crop, tested seed. Lb. 30c, 3 lbs. 75c, postpaid; by freight, bu. (14 lbs,), $1.75. SHADY PLACE LAWN MIXTURE.-This mixture is a combination of fine dwarf growing, evergreen varieties of grass, which grow naturally in the woods or in shaded spots. They are mixed in proper proportions to make a fine lawn under shade trees. Sow seed thickly, 1 quart to 150 square feet. Qt. 35c, 3 qts. $1.00, postpaid; by frt. bu. (15 lbs.) $4.00. GOLF LINKS MIXTURE.-This is a mixture of various sorts of fine grasses, which, when liberally sown will produce a fine green sward during the season. Qt 30c, 3 qts. 75c, postpaid; by freight, bu. (15 lbs.) $3.00. PUTTING-GREEN MIXTURE.-A mixture of extra fine grasses that makes a lasting turf. Qt. 50c, 3 qts. $1.25, postpaid; by frt. bu. (14 lbs.) $4.00. WHITE CLOVER.-The well known common white clover is very hardy. Lb. 45c, 3 lbs. $1.25, postpaid; by freight, peck $4.00, bu. (60 lbs.) $15.00. SOUTHLAND MIXTURE.-Mixture southern Blue grass, Bermuda grass and other varieties adapted to hot climates. Qt. 40c, 3 qts. $1.10, postpaid. SWEET VERNAL.-A very fragrant grass. Sown with other kinds it exhales a pleasant aroma when the lawn is cut. Lb. 35c, 3 lbs. 85c, postpaid.

[image] LAWN BOOKLET. A Complete 16 Page Treatise on the care of Lawns. Mailed Free on Request.

LAWN SUPPLIES. All of the Best Quality. NEW BALL BEARING CONQUEROR LAWN MOWER.-We offer our customers by far the best mower ever put on the market. The wheels are 9 inches in diameter, with skeleton rims. Stationary knife is of the best cast steel, hardened, tempered and self-sharpening. In all respects it is designed for hard, continuous service, and still the ball bearings and all parts are so perfectly adjusted that it runs as easily as a bicycle. As will be noticed the handles are a new style made specially for us. If desired we can furnish mowers with the ordinary handles at 50c less. The mowers are warranted and we are sure will please the most particular. Price for mower cutting 14-inch swath, $6.50; 16-in., $7.00; 20-in. for large lawns, $7.75. TURF EDGER.-For trimming borders of walks, drives, etc., to make a square edge. Price 50c each. EXCELSIOR HORSE LAWN MOWERS.-The best make, 30-inch cut, $80.00; 35-inch cut, $95.00; 40-inch, $120. PERFECTION HORSE LAWN MOWERS.-A much cheaper pattern; 30-inch cut, $22.00. IOWA CLIPPER LAWN MOWER. -For four years we have sold a great many of these and they gave splendid satisfaction everywhere. There was not one complaint. It is thoroughly weil [well] made, runs easily, does excellent work, cutting smooth and clean. Diameter of drive wheels 8 1/4 inches. Price for mower cutting 12-in. swath, $2.75; 14-inch, $3.25; 16-inch, $3.75. GRASS CATCHERS.-The most successful device yet brought out for the purpose. It is easily attached to any kind of lawn mower we know of, and as it fastens to the handle only, it does not in any way interfere with the action of the mower. Cut shows it adjusted ready for use. No. 1, suitable for the 12, 14 and 16 inch mowers. Price 65c; No. 2, for 16 to 20 inch, 90c.

[image] Iowa Clipper Lawn Mower and Grass Catcher.


LAWN SUPPLIES. SAMPSON RUBBER HOSE-A high grade, five ply rubber hose. Per coil of 50 feet $7.50. GREEN LINE COTTON HOSE.-Many persons consider the cotton hose more serviceable than rubber. Per coil of 50 feet $6.00. DEFIANCE RUBBER HOSE.-(Half inch.)-Every year the 1/2-inch hose is becoming more popular, as it is lighter and easier to handle. Per coil of 50 feet $5.00. DUDE HOSE REEL.-It pays to use a reel as it keeps the hose in better shape and saves considerable labor and annoyance. Price 85 cents. MAGIC NOZZLE.-Sprays or will throw solid stream. Price 50c each. PRESTON LAWN SPRINKLER.-The whirling arms give a beautiful fountain-like appearance and fine spray. The sled arrangement on which it rests makes it easy to move from place to place. Each $1.35. FINLAY ROTARY LAWN RAKE.-It does the work of raking and gathering up all loose grass, leaves, twigs and loose litter. Price $12.00. IRON RESERVOIR VASES.-These do not require watering oftener than once in ten days. Price $10.00 each; larger size $20.00. EUREKA WEED KILLER.-Weeds, grass and moss are a nuisance on gravel and brick walks and driveways. Package 75c, by express. ANT EXTERMINATOR.-Pkg. 50c, or postpaid for 60c. GRASS HOOKS OR SICKLES.-Useful for trimming the edges of lawns, next to fences, around trees, shrubs, etc. Price 25c each, superior qual. 40c. DANDELION PULLER.-Of special value for use on lawns; 50c each. SELF CLEANING LAWN RAKE.-Best cheap device for raking the lawn. An automatic self cleaner, keeping the teeth clear. Price 75c each. IMPROVED GRASS SHEARS.-An improvement on the ordinary grass or sheep shears. Each 50c. CLEVELAND LAWN WEEDER.-"Extracting the root" is easy with this little tool and its use saves time and a great amount of back aching work. Price 75c. PEERLESS LAWN FERTILIZER.-Lawn grass is a voracious feeder, and will not thrive and hold its beautiful dark green color and velvety appearance unless it is suitably fed. The lack of this one requisite causes very many poor and rusty looking lawns. Do not use barn manure as it is apt to contain objectionable grass seed and noxious weed seeds which you will have to fight for years to come. It is unpleasant to handle, ill-looking and decidedly odorous and dangerous to health. It cannot be evenly distributed, the result being that one spot is over-nourished while the next is starved. These objections are obviated by the use of our Peerless Lawn Dressing. Sow from 10 to 30 pounds per 1000 square feet surface. Price per 10 lb. pkg. 60c, 25 lb. pkg. $1.00, 50 lb. pkg. $1.85, 100 lbs. $3.50, 400 lbs. $12.



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NURSERY STOCK. Nothing is more healthful than fruit, and nothing more easily grown. No farm, garden or city lot is complete without a few fruit trees and small fruit plants. Fifty or more of any variety at the 100 rate. Orders for nursery stock must amount to at least 50c. Special prices on large orders. Send list of wants.

RASPBERRIES. REDFIELD. -Introduced by us several years ago and we doubt if any variety will be brought out for many years to come equal to it. The berries are unusually large and luscious, somewhat similar to Shaffer's Collossal in color and shape. Each 20c, doz. $1.25 prepaid. By express, per 100, $3.00. CUMBERLAND.-This is undoubtedly the best blackcap variety yet introduced. It is of very large size, good quality, firm and handsome, and an excellent shipper. Each 20c, doz. $1.25 prepaid; by express not prepaid, per 100 $2.50. CONRATH.-Resembles the Gregg in many ways, but is much earlier, better quality and hardier. Each 15c, doz. $1.00 prepaid; by express per 100 $2.25. GREGG.-Has been one of the leading blackcap varieties for many years. Each 15c, doz. 75c prepaid; by express per 100 $2.00. EUREKA.-This is an early variety, fruit large and firm; almost equaling the Gregg in size. Each 15c, doz. $1.00 prepaid; by express per 100 $2.25.

GRAPES. CAMPBELL'S EARLY.- Strong grower with large, healthy foliage. Very productive; its keeping and shipping qualities are unequaled by any other early grape. Ripens with Moore's Early. Bunch and berry large, glossy black with blue bloom. Sweet and juicy, clusters are usually shouldered. Each 35c; per doz. $3.50 postpaid. By express per 100 $15.00. MOORE' S EARLY.-A very desirable early market black variety. Each 25c, per doz. $1.75 prepaid. By express per 100 $5.00. WORDEN.-A large grape of the Concord type. Each 25c; per doz. $1.50 postpaid. By express, per 100 $4.25. CONCORD.-The well known standard black variety. Each 20c; per doz. $1.50 postpaid. By express, per 100 $4.00. AGAWAM.-Berries very large, bright red. Each 25c; per doz. $1.50 postpaid. By express, per 100 $4.50. BRIGHTON.-Berries medium size, red, excellent flavor. Each 25c; per doz. $1.50. By express, per 100 $4.50. LUCILE.-A beautiful bright red grape. Each 50c; per doz. $4.00 prepaid. NIAGARA.-Bunch and berries large, green or white, changing to pale yellow when fully ripe. Each 25c; per doz. $1.75 postpaid. By express, per 100 $5.00.

PLUMS. Strong, well grown trees. Purchaser to pay freight or express charges. ABUNDANCE.-It is large, showy and beautiful; amber turning to a rich, bright cherry color with a decided white bloom. Each 60c, doz. $5.00. BURBANK. -Color clear cherry red with a thin lilac bloom. Each 50c, doz. $4.50. LOMBARD.-Each 50c, doz. $4.50. AMERICAN VARIETIES.-Forest Garden.-Large, mottled red and yellow. Wolf.-Very large, freestone, excellent quality, hardy and productive, late. Weaver.-Flesh firm, red, juicy, freestone, early bearer and very productive. Wild Goose.-Tree strong grower and very prolific, season medium. Price for all the above, each 50c; doz. $4.50, not prep'd.



CHERRIES. Price each 60c; per dozen $5.00. Purchaser to pay express or freight charges. EARLY RICHMOND. -Medium size, dark red, juicy acid flavor. Montmorency.-A large red acid cherry, larger than the Early Richmond and about ten days later. Wragg.-A large late acid variety, dark purple. English Morello.-Medium dark red, rich and juicy, late.

CURRANTS. POMONA.-A vigorous red currant, ripens early, but remains on the bush longer than any other sort. Each 20c, doz. $1.75 prepaid. FAY' S PROLIFIC.-One of the most prolific and of excellent quality. Each 15c, doz. $1.25 prepaid. WHITE GRAPE, RED DUTCH AND VICTORIA.-Each 15c, doz. $1.00 prepaid.

APPLES. Price 35c each; $2.75 per dozen. Purchaser to pay transportation charges. Ask for prices by the hundred. SUMMER VARIETIES. RED ASTRACHAN.-Large, beautiful, deep crimson. Red June.-Medium, of excellent quality. AUTUMN VARIETIES. AUTUMN STRAWBERRY.-Tender, juicy, productive. Duchess.-Good size, yellow streaked, rich, juicy, productive. Maidens Blush.-Beautiful blush cheek, large. WINTER VARIETIES. WINESAP.-Medium deep red, firm, crisp; one of the standard varieties. Wealthy.- Large, red, showy, sub-acid and productive. Ben Davis.- Large, handsome, standard western variety for market. Jonathan.-Medium, red, extra quality.

[image] ROUGH RIDER.

CRAB APPLES. TRANSCENDENT.-Medium size, golden yellow, rich, crimson red cheek, hardy, abundant bearer. WHITNEY NO. 20. -Red striped. Fruit of medium size. Flesh firm and juicy. Early. Price, any of above, 35c; doz. $2.75, by express or freight, at purchaser's expense. Ask for prices by the hundred.

BLACKBERRIES. ERIE. -Very productive. Fruit large and of fine quality; makes a very attractive appearance on the market. Each 20c, doz. $1.25 prepaid; by express per 100 $3.00. EARLY HARVEST.-This is one of the earliest blackberries yet introduced. Each 15c, doz. $1.00 prepaid; by express per 100 $2.25.

STRAWBERRIES. Perfect flowered varieties are marked (s); the imperfect, marked (p), must have perfect flowered sorts planted with them or they will not fruit. Ask for low prices by the thousand. ROUGH RIDER (s).- One of the newer varieties, and has proved to be one of the most vigorous growing and productive varieties yet introduced. Per doz. 50c; per 100 $2.25 postpaid. By exp. per 100 $1.75. SAMPLE (p).-It is claimed that this is the most productive of any variety yet introduced with an imperfect bloom. Large size, fine shape, good quality. Per doz. 50c; per 100 $2.00 postpaid. By exp. per 100 $1.75. SENATOR DUNLAP (s.)-A medium sized variety of the Warfield type. Per doz. 50c; per 100 $1.75 postpaid. By express per 100 $[?.50]. WARFIELD (p)-Per doz. 30c; per 100 $1.00 postpaid. By express per 100 75c.



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