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FLORAL Beauties come in for a considerable share of our attention, we devote twelve acres exclusively to flowers and grow thousands of varieties. When you visit Des Moines be sure and visit our trial grounds and greenhouses; street cars within three blocks run every six minutes. We grow some varieties, but import most of the fancy sorts from Europe. DISCOUNTS.-In spite of our very low prices by the packet, we still offer flower seeds in packets only, to the amount of $1.25 for $1.00. This discount does not apply to collections of seeds nor to seeds by weight or measure. All flower seeds are sent free by mail on receipt of price. ARCTOTIS GRANDIS.-A remarkably handsome annual which forms nice, branched bushes two to three feet high. Its flowers are large and showy; the ray florets pure white on the upper surface; the reverse of petals pale lilac blue. Altogether a lovely flower. Pkt. 10c. ARABIAN RUNNER BEANS.-Undoubtedly most of our customers have seen the scarlet runner bean which makes such a fine climbing plant for covering porches and other places. Blooms very freely. Earlier bloomer than the Scarlet Runner. Pkt. 5c, 1/4 pt. 20c. ABUTILON.-A well known greenhouse shrub, also called Flowering Maple or Chinese Bell Flower. Are of easy culture; bloom readily from seed the first summer if the seed is started early in the house. Finest varieties mixed. Pkt. 10c. AMARANTHUS, Tricolor.-Leaves yellow, red and green; well known as "Joseph's Coat." Very showy in beds alone. Hardy annual; two feet high. Pkt. 3c. Sunrise.-The most brilliant and showy variety. Top of plant brilliant crimson, lower leaves dark maroon. Worthy a place in every garden. Pkt. 10c. Caudatus. (Love Lies Bleeding.)-Long, drooping chains of brilliant flowers. Pkt. 3c. Mixed Varieties.-A great assortment. Pkt. 5c. ASPERULA AZUREA SETOSA.-Produces many small, light blue flowers. Pkt. 5c. AMOBIUM-ALATUM GRANDIFLORUM.-A pretty double white everlasting. Pkt. 4c. ARABIS ALPINA.-Pure white early flowering plants. Perennial. Pkt. 10c. ADLUMIA. (Mountain Fringe.)-A beautiful hardy perennial vine, with fern-like foliage of a pale green color, with pretty flesh colored blossoms; called Allegheny Vine. Pkt. 7c. ANTIRRHINUM. (Snapdragon.)-Our mixtures contain all the new and choice colors, including the beautiful, striped, variegated and margined. Tall Varieties Mixed.-Pkt. 3c. Tom Thumb.-A collection of the most beautiful, very dwarf varieties. Pkt. 5c. Giant Flowered.-A most beautiful new class, having all finest colors and markings. Immense spikes and flowers. Pkt. 10c. AQUILEGIA. (Columbine) CHRYSANTHA.-Yellow flowered. Pkt. 5c. COERULA.-Large blue and white flowers.-Pkt. 5c: WHITE.-Desirable for cemetery. Pkt. 10c. DOUBLE MIXED.-Pkt. 5c. BEGONIA.-Seeds should be sown on top of the soil in a box, pressing soil evenly with a block. Cover box with a glass and give partial shade until up. Rex.-The king of Begonias and will always be very elegant and popular.-Pkt. 15c. Tuberous Rooted.-Covered the whole summer with bright large and elegant flowers. Single and double mixed. Pkt. 15c. BRACHYCOME.-Pretty for borders. Blue and white. Mixed. Pkt. 5c. BRYONOPSIS.-A hardy climbing annual, with nice ivy-like foliage. Pkt. 5c. CANTERBURY BELLS.-Single and double, mixed colors. Pkt. 5c. CUPHEA-PLATYCENTRA.-(Cigar Plant)-Pretty, bright scarlet flowers. Pkt. 10c. CALLIOPSIS OR COREOPSIS.- Mixed Colors.-Flowers of every shade of yellow, orange, crimson, red and brown. Pkt. 5c. Double -A grand novelty, bearing double flowers. Pkt. 10c. CALENDULA.-Meteor.-A new variety; very fine for pot culture, bearing large light yellow flowers, striped with bright orange. Pkt. 5c. Fine Mixed.-Many nice varieties. Pkt. 3c. CARNATION.-Double Extra Mixed -The best greenhouse varieties. Very fragrant. Our seed is unsurpassed. Pkt. 10c. Marguerite.- These lovely, fragrant flowers are in full bloom in about four months after sowing the seed. Pkt. 5c. CINERARIA.-A wonder for wealth of bloom. Large flowering. Pkt. 15c. CROTOLARIA.-Retusa.-The flowers are of rich golden yellow color with a spot of velvety brown in the center. Start seed early and it will bloom the first year. Pkt. 10c. COBOEA SCANDENS.-Magnificent climber of rapid growth and beautiful blue flowers. Pkt. 10c. CYRESS VINE.-A beautiful rapid climber with delicate, dark green foliage, and an abundance of bright blossoms. Mixed Colors.-The above mixed. Pkt. 5c, oz. 30c. CANARY BIRD FLOWER.-One of the most beautiful climbers with delicate, finely cut foliage and curious bright yellow flowers resembling the canary bird in shape and color. Pkt. 5c. CYCLAMEN PERSICUM-A handsome flowered winter blooming plant. Pkt. 10. CHRYSANTHEMUMS. - We list a few of the most desirable mixtures of this popular plant, which is so well known as not to need a desciption. Single Mixed.-The best assortment of single flowers. Pkt. 3c. New Double Annual. A variety of colors, markings and pencilings, very double and semi-double. Pkt. 5cts. Perennial-DOUBLE MIXED-A very popular mixture. Sow seeds early. Pkt. 10c. CURIOUS CACTI.-This seed is collected from the choicest varieties. Pkt. 10c. CLARKIA.-A very pretty hardy annual. Mixed colors. Pkt. 3c.


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CANDYTUFT, Giant Empress.-The plant is of very branching habit and when grown is covered with pure white flowers and resembles a floral candelabra. Pkt. 7c. Best Mixed.-Mixture of all varieties and colors. Pkt. 3c, oz. 40c. COSMOS, Mammoth Perfection.-Flowers double the size of the old large flowering cosmos. Pkt. 7c. Early Dawn Mixed.-Two months earlier than any other variety. Pkt. 10c. All Colors Mixed.-Pkt. 5c. CELOSIA, Giant Empress.-It is not uncommon for heads to measure over 12 inches in breadth; very bright reddish purple combs and dark bronze foliage. Pkt. 10c. Golden Glow.-Plants large and produce many handsome flowers 6 to 10 inches in diameter, rich golden yellow color. Pkt. 10c. Mixed Varieties.-Includes both the Cockscomb and feathered sorts. Pkt. 3c. CLITORIA, Ternatea.-Blooms freely the first season from seed; blossoms shaped like Sweet Peas and of a dark, rich Indigo blue with a white center. Pkt. 10c. DELPHINUM.- (Perennial Larkspur.) Mixed. Pkt. 5c. DOLICHOS, or Hyacinth Bean.-Desirable climbing plant; mixed colors. Pkt. 5c. DAHLIAS, Double Mixed.-Our seed is of the finest strain and produces magnificent, large, very double flowers. Pkt. 7c. New Tom Thumb.-Very pretty little plants, only 12 to 15 inches high. Pkt. 7c. Single Mixed.-Pkt. 5c.

I was much pleased with both the flower seeds and plants received from you.-Mrs. S. R. Curry, Duncan, Mo.

ESCHSCHOLTZIA, Single Mixed.-California poppies. Showy summer flowering plants. Mixed colors. Pkt. 4c. Double Mixed.-The double form of this flower will prove very satisfactory. Pkt. 5c. Golden West.-A giant flower from 3 1/2 to 6 inches across, with wide overlapping petals often delicately waved at the edge. Pkt. 10c. FERNS.-Fine mixed varieties. Pkt. 15c. FEVERFEW.-Handsome double white flowers. Pkt. 15c. FOUNTAIN PLANT.-This handsome pyramidal or fountain-shaped plant is a variety of amaranthus which deserves a place in every garden. It droops most gracefully and the leaves are brilliantly banded and tipped with orange, carmine, purple, crimson and gold, forming bright colored plumes. Pkt. 7c. FUCHSIA.- Fine plants can easily be raised from the seed, which will bloom very freely during the summer in a cool, moist situation in the open air. On the approach of frost in the fall they can be taken up and planted in pots. A packet contains about 15 seed. Finest double and single mixed. Pkt. 10c. GLADIOLUS.- A well known flower, easily grown from seed, and we should like to have all our customers try raising them in this way. This seed is of our own growing, from the best varieties, and will produce an assortment sure to please any lover of flowers. Pkt. 8c. GERANIUM, Choice Mixed.-These favorite plants are easily raised from seed. Plants from seed started early in the house will bloom the first summer in the garden. The seeds come up irregularly; some come up in a few days and others later. Pkt. 5c. Good Venture.-A greatly improved strain of geranium seed grown by a specialist, which we are sure will delight any one. Pkt 15c. GOURDS, Ornamental Varieties Mixed.-A great variety of these curious fruited climbers. Pkt 5c, oz. 25c. GRASS PINKS.-The hardy and pretty clove-scented flowers which were so much loved by our grandmothers. Their fragrance is quickly noticed by any one passing by the yard where they are grown, before seeing the flowers. The flowers range from pure white to a dark pink, most of them, however, being a clear, delicate pink color. A hardy perennial very desirable for borders. Pkt. 5c. HOLLYHOCK, Fine Mixed.-No garden flower is more showy or admired. Start seeds in a box in house in February or March, and about May 1st transfer to permanent place in garden. Mixed colors. Pkt. 5c. Double Pure White.-Large, clear, pure white flowers about 3 inches in diameter. Handsome in cut flower work. Pkt. 10c. Chater's Prize Double Mixed.-Has magnificent double flowers 3 to 4 inches across and all of brightest colors. Flowers are quite as beautiful and perfect as those of the Camelia. A mixture of seventeen choice varieties, including all colors and shades known. Pkt. 10c. Allegheny Mammoth Fringed.-Entirely new and distinct variety. Flowers single, semi-double and double, of rich colors and fine form. Pkt.7c.

I was more than pleased with the seeds received from you last year. They produced many pretty flowers.- Miss L. Moore, Garland, Texas.

HELIOTROPE, Fine Mixed.-Suited for beds or borders, where they will bloom in summer, and may be potted and cut back for winter blooming. Saved from choice plants. Pkt. 5c. New Mammoth.-Grand new variety, producing immense clusters of flowers. Pkt. 10c. ICE PLANT.-Leaves and stems appear covered with ice crystals. Pkt. 5c.


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[image] A. BLANC ASTER.

THE numerous forms of the aster, and the now great variety of rich colors of its perfectly double flowers make it a leading favorite. For a late summer and fall display it has no equal. Sow seed early and give deep, rich soil, with plenty of mulching. GIANT COMET MIXED.-In its peculiarity of shape this new variety differs from all others, resembling closely the large-flowered Japanese chrysanthemums. The flowers are from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches in diameter, perfectly double, many handsome colors mixed. Pkt. 10c. CHRISTMAS TREE.-One of the most popular European novelties; of pyramidal shape, usually covered with 70 to 100 flowers. Mixed colors. Pkt. 10c. HOHENZOLLERN.-A [?] and new pure white variety from Germany. Plant is of bushy habit, nice for beds; flowers are borne on very long stems, frequently 15 to 18 inches in length. Pkt. 10c. PERENNIAL MIXED.-Single flowering, hardy, herbaceus plants, thriving in any good garden soil. If sown early in the spring they will flower first season. Pkt. 5c. ALL KINDS MIXED.-Seeds of most of above kinds. Pkt. 5c. ROYAL MIXED.-A very choice selection of all the best sorts. No second grades. Pkt. 10c.

ALYSSUM. SWEET.-Has pretty little white flowers, useful for making up in all kinds of small bouquets. The most popular. Packet 3 cents. LITTLE GEM.-The plants are very dwarf and remarkably uniform in growth, grows only 3 or 4 inches high. Packet 5 cents.


JONAH'S GOURD. "And the Lord prepared a gourd and made it to come up over Jonah, that it might be a shadow over his head.' Jonah 4:6. Two years ago one of our friends was traveling through Asia and the Holy Land. He noticed a peculiar vine which he was interested in, and on making inquiry found that in that country it went by the name of Jonah's Gourd, and is probably the variety which sheltered the prophet. It grows with wonderful rapidity and will quickly climb to the top of tall trees and therefore will be useful for covering old trees, walls, outbuildings, etc. Leaves are quite large, flowers are pure white, two or three inches in diameter, and the fruits are of great length and make a curious ornament. Packets of 6 seeds for 10c; 3 pkts. for 25c. $20 Prize. We offer a cash prize of $20.00 in gold for the the longest gourd grown this year from this seed. Any one purchasing direct from us may compete.

CHINESE HORN NUTS. A large and most singular appearing nut, resembling buffalo horns. It is a swamp plant, and will grow well in a jar of water. The nuts sprout in about ten days. Can be grown in an aquarium. We offer them in pkts. of 4 for 15c.

[image] JONAH'S GOURD.

GOOD VENTURE GERANIUM. Yes, you can grow good Geraniums from seed, and as they sport, the gardener is frequently rewarded by charming new varieties, and may obtain a novelty of much value, especially if this new strain of seed is used. The colors are all shades of crimson, scarlet, salmon, pink, rose, snowy white, and the new aureole types with beautiful veilings, shadings, edgings and clear eyes. Per pkt. 15c.

BALSAM. One of the most beautiful of our annuals, and under the old names, Lady Slipper and Touch-Me-Not, has always been popular. The packets contain about 50 seeds. CAMELIA-FLOWERED MIXED-Very double, resembling the camelia in form, of unusual size, perfect shape. Pkt. 5c. PEERLESS MIXED.-The flowers are double and of all known colors, plants are loaded with hundreds of flowers. Pkt. 10c. All Varieties Mixed.-A nice mixture of the older sorts. Pkt. 4c; oz. 25c.

BLUE BELLS. Who has not heard of the "Bonnie Blue Bells of Scotland," renowned in poetry? Perennial. Pkt. 10c.

MORNING GLORIES. These "glories" of the old home gardens are again coming into popular favor, and the improved sorts are so bright, fresh and beautiful that we cannot help loving them. IMPROVED CLIMBING.-Flowers of large size, and plants climb to a height of twenty to forty feet in one season from seed, producing thousands of flowers. Packet 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c. IMPERIAL JAPANESE.-Choice magnificent large flowers of exquisite new colors which are rich and velvety; single and double mixed. Packet 8c, oz. 25c. NEW DOUBLE FLOWERING.-They are white, with a slight spot of red or blue at the base of the larger petals. About 80 per cent of the seedlings will reproduce themselves true from seed; when sown early in the spring, a long season of beautiful double flowers will repay you. Pkt. 10c. Fine Mixed.-A mixture of the old varieties. Pkt. 2c; oz; 10c; 1/4 lb. 20c; lb. 60c.

DOUBLE CENTAUREA CYANUS. The National Flower of Germany and celebrated as the late Emperor William's favorite flower. Who does not know and love the old-fashioned Ragged Sailor or Bluets. This is a new double flowering variety of it. We offer the seed in mixed colors. Pkt. 8c.

GILIA. Gilias are free-flowering hardy annuals, one foot to eighteen inches high; with finely cut foliage and clusters of small, delicate flowers, white, blue, lilac, and rose-color. Suitable for beds. Mixed colors. Pkt. 5c.

STRIPED JAPANESE MAIZE. An ornamental foliage plant of rapid growth, giving immediate effect and one which would be attractive in any garden. Packet 5c, oz. 15c.


GOLDEN ROD. Has been adopted by New York as the state flower. Greatly admired. Easily grown from seed. Pkt. 5c.

MEXICAN BURNING BUSH. This is one of the most ornamental border or hedge plants which has ever been brought out and is sure to attract great attention. It grows quickly from seed sown in the open ground. Early in the fall the ends of the shoots are thickly set with small bright scarlet flowers, the bushy plants resembling balls of fire. See illustration. Per packet 10c.

CHINESE LANTERN PLANT. (OR THE GIANT SCARLET GROUND CHERRY.) A remarkable plant which is being widely advertised under various names, but its botanical name is Physalis Francheti. The plant grows to a height of 18 to 24 inches, of sturdy, upright growth, and is loaded with balloon-like husks 3 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. These husks are at first light green; gradually turning to bright yellow and then to the most intense orange scarlet. Pkt. 10c. Strong plants 10c each, 3 for 25c, doz. 75c.



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PANSIES. These little beauties need no extended description, as it would be hard to find even a child in the land whose heart has not been gladdened by their bright faces. Circular giving full directions for growing pansies will be sent free if requested. Packets contain 100 to 250 seeds. WINE SHADES.-There are 75 distinct varieties in this collection. Pkt. 20c. NEW RAINBOW.-We have given it the name of New Rainbow, and consider it very appropriate owing to its beautiful irridescent colors. They will both astonish and delight "pansy fanciers." Packet of 100 seeds 25 cents. INTERNATIONAL MIXED.-In almost every country in the world there are pansy specialists, notably those of Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. This mixture consists of a grand assortment from the world's leading growers. You should have the International Mixture. Pkt. 20c, 1/4 oz. $3.00, oz. $10.00. IMPERIAL GERMAN MIXED.-A choice mixture. Pkt. 10c, 1/4 oz. $1.00, oz. $3.50. LARGE FLOWERING MIXED.-Pkt. 7c. oz. $2.75. FINE MIXED. - Many good sorts. Pkt. 5c, oz. $1.00.

SWEET PEAS. The most popular of all flowers, culture simple and success assured. Our seed was grown for us by the most prominent Sweet Pea specialist in the U. S. IMPERIAL MIXED.-Sixty of the best varieties carefully selected, so as to get the proper proportion. Our customers cannot fail to be pleased with them. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c. DOUBLE MIXED.-Saved from the best double flowered plants, and will produce a large proportion of flowers with double or triple standards. Better try them. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. [3?]c, lb. 85c. PERFECTED MIXED.-Of graceful form, charming color, exquisite fragrance, and simple loveliness. This mixture contains many choice new varieties and some of the old favorites. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c. FINE MIXED. -A nice mixture for a very low price. Why not plant a pound of the seed and revel in Sweet Peas this year. Pkt. 2c, oz. 5c, 1/4 lb. 15c, lb. 35c postpaid. PERENNIAL.-(Lathyrus.)-A very popular perennial variety wherever known and it should be more generally used. Mixed colors. Blooms second year. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c.


FAIRY ROSES. These little beauties are very easily grown from seed. The roses are only about an inch across, usually very double, but occasionally semidouble, and seldom single; they are borne in large clusters and are of many colors. What is most remarkable, these Fairy Roses grow only 10 to 15 inches high and will commence blooming in a few weeks after the seed is sown, and continue year after year in uninterrupted profusion from May until frost. Also nice for pot plants for winter blooming. Pkt. 10c.

POPPIES. This grand old flower has kept pace with the march of improvement, and now comes around and surprises us with its new forms, new sizes and new colors. AMERICAN FLAG.-Flowers extra large, very double, snow white, bordered with scarlet, thus making an extra choice, very showy variety, that should be very popular. Pkt. 5c. SNOWDRIFT.-Beautiful new, large, double, pure white variety. Pkt. 5c. DOUBLE CARNATION.-A splendid assortment of the best double carnation flowered sorts. The most popular variety, and will make an attractive bed. Pkt. 5c. ALL VARIETIES MIXED.-Pkt. 3 cts.

VERBENA. NEW CENTURY MAMMOTH.-Most beautiful colors, largest flowers and largest truss of any verbena, and it is a variety which will please everyone. More vigorous in growth than the ordinary verbena. The illustration shows a flower of dark scarlet with white eye. Pkt. 15c. SWEET SCENTED MAYFLOWER.-This is of the same trailing habit as the Arbutus or Mayflower, its branches creeping over the ground and hugging it closely. Its blossoms are of the same shape and about the same size. The new Verbena Mayflower has all these characteristics, with the additional merit of possessing the same lovely and delicate pink and white coloring. Pkt. 10c.

NASTURTIUM. These may well be classed among our most showy and handsome annuals. They are of very easy culture, and make a continuous show of bloom. CAPRICE NASTURTIUM.-A profuse blooming, extra large flowered climbing variety with beautiful dark foliage. The flowers are wonderfully rich and brilliant in markings-showing many combinations of coloring. Pkt. 10c, oz. 35c. AURORA.-The plant forms a perfect globe and is literally covered with flowers, completely hiding the foliage when in full bloom. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c. BEAUTY.-An extra fine dwarf variety, having handsome scarlet flowers splashed with canary yellow. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c. DWARF CHAMELEON.-The flowers change in hue almost daily, hence named "Chameleon." Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c. CLOTH OF GOLD.-Dwarf, compact habit. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c. EMPRESS OF INDIA.-Dwarf, bushy habit. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c. LADYBIRD.-Of dwarf, neat, compact habit of growth. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c. KING THEODORE.-Deep, scarlet maroon. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c.


PETUNIA. Surely there is no garden complete without a bed of elegant petunias. They commence flowering early and continue a mass of bloom throughout the whole season, until killed by frost; easily cultivated, requiring rich soil and a sunny situation. FINE MIXED.-Best of older sorts carefully mixed. Contains some extra fine striped and blotched varieties. Pkt. 3c. DOUBLE INIMITABLE. -A splendid mixture. Our seed is the best German grown, and will produce a large percentage of fine double flowering plants. Pkt. 25c. GIANT FANCY FLOWERED.-A grand new strain and unquestionably the finest selection of petunia in existence, as it is of incomparable beauty, size and luxuriance. Most of the flowers are exquisitely ruffled or fringed on the edges, and are of enormous dimensions (4 to 5 inches across). Produces very little seed and will therefore always be high in price. Worth about double its weight In gold. Pkt. 25c. GRANDIFLORA MIXED.-Very large, elegant flowers; a great improvement and fully twice the size of the old sorts, with the most beautiful shades of crimson, white, rose, maroon, etc., blotched, striped, veined, bordered, marked and fringed. Pkt. of 200 seeds 10c.



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FLOWER BULBS. MANY of the most showy, attractive, inexpensive and easiest grown of all summer and autumn flowers are contained in this important class. There are scarcely any other flowers that can compare with the noble and brilliant spikes of the Gladiolus, the grace and elegance of the Lily, the purity and sweetness of the Tuberose, the majestic foliage of the Caladium, and the wonderful markings of the Tigridia. Discounts.-Your selection of bulbs to the amount of $1.20 at catalogue prices will be sent postpaid for $1.00; $2.50 for $2.00.

AMARYLLIS. ATAMASCO.-Six bulbs clustered in a 6-inch pot in the autumn will give a fine display during the winter. The flowers are upright with broad petals, either pink or white, Each 10. JOHNSONII OR BERMUDA SPICE LILY.-Of strong, vigorous growth, bearing from three to six brilliant red flowers on each stem. The petals are striped with white, rendering the flower very atractive [attractive]. Very fragrant. Each 50 cents. FORMOSISSIMA.-(Jacobean Lily.) Of extremely rich, deep, velvety, crimson color. It is a free bloomer, and succeeds well either in the pots or in the open ground. Each 15 cents, 3 for 40 cents, doz. $1.25.


CALADIUMS. NEW GIANT FLOWERING.-In general appearance this plant somewhat resembes the common Caladium (C. Esculentum). It does not produce a bulb, but is increased by suckers, and is perennial. The leaf stalks are strong and tall, holding mammoth leaves well above the ground. Leaves 3 to 5 feet long, by 2 to 2 1/2 feet broad; perfectly immense, and make a plant which for tropical luxuriance has no equal. The flower resembles a giant calla, and remains open three days and nights; the first two days it is of the purest snow white, the third day it changes to a pale yellow. Strong, well rooted plants, each 30c. ESCULENTUM.-(Elephant's Ear.) A splendid tropical plant, growing 4 to 5 feet with immense leaves, beautifully veined and variegated with different shades of green. Of easy culture: roots can be stored in cellar in fall, and grow larger and more showy each year. Medium sized bulbs 10c, 3 for 25c; large bulbs 25c, 3 for 60c; mammoth 40c, 3 for $1.00. FANCY-LEAVED. - These have, in recent years, grown very rapidly in popular favor, not only for the decoration of the conservatory, green-house and window-boxes, but nearly all of the varieties succeed admirably if planted out of doors. Choice varieties mixed; each [?5]c, dozen $1.50.

BLACKBERRY LILY. (Pardanthus Sinensis.) Flowers are orange color spotted with brown, about two inches in diameter, followed by blackberry-like seed clusters. Each 10 cents, dszen [dozen] 85 cents.

Plants received in perfect order and am much pleased with them.-Wm B. Foss, South Berwick, Maine.


CALLA LILIES. MAMMOTH WHITE.-Large tropical appearing leaves of bright green color and yielding throughout the season a profusion of superb white flowers. Large bulbs, each 25c, 3 for 60c; medium size, each 15c, 8 for 40c. BLACK.-(Solomon's Lily.) This is the wonderful Black Lily of Palestine which was for many years supposed to be a myth. Each 15c, doz. $1.50. SPOTTED LEAF.-Dark green leaves, being beautifully spotted with white; in other respects the plant is the same as the old favorite white Calla, except being of smaller habit. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.

LILY of the VALLEY. A well known and universally admired spring flowering plant; flowers bell-shaped, freely produced and powerfully fragrant. To grow in open ground, select a partly shaded rather moist situation, and they are charming when grown in large patches, as their handsome green leaves and lovely sprays of flowers make a beautiful effect together. Four strong roots for 15c, dozen 40c.

TUBEROUS ROOTED BEGONIAS. Of all the introductions of recent years, none have received a heartier welcome than the giant-flowered, tuberous-rooted begonias. The flowers frequentIy measure from 4 1/2 to 6 inches across, and colors ranging from the purest white and the most delicate tints of pink, yellow and orange to the most intense scarlet and richest crimson. Choice single mixed colors, each 10c, doz. $1.00; choice double mixed colors, ea. 20c; doz. $1.75.


GLORIOUS CANNAS. Such a great improvement has been made in Cannas during the past few years that they may well be called "Glorious." They are now generally considered the most showy and effective bedding plants. BURBANK.-The flowers are gigantic in size, the upper petals spreading fully 7 inches and the form is really semi-double. The inner part of the petals show fine crimson spots; all the rest of the flower is of a most beautiful, rich canary yellow. Height 5 feet. Green foliage. Each 15c, 3 for 40c; dozen $1.20. AUSTRIA.-The new giant golden lily-flowered Canna. In truth a giant, with flowers 6 to 8 inches across, grows over 6 feet high. Each 15c, 3 for 40c, dozen $1.20. GLORIOSO.-Color is rich crimson scarlet with a distinct golden band around each petal, blending so as to make a "perfect symphony of crimson and gold. Green foliage. Each 25c, 3 for 65c. ITALIA.-Height five feet. Large foliage of deep green, bordered white. Very large flowers, bright red, bordered with golden yellow. Each 15c, 3 for 40c, doz. $1.20. ALSACE, THE WHITE CANNA.-Hight [Height] 3 1/2 feet. Green foliage. Each 15c, 3 for 40c, doz. $1.20. MADAM CROZY.-Height 3 1/2 feet. Green foliage. Flower heads of red, gold bordered. Each 15c, 3 for 40c, dozen $1.00. QUEEN CHARLOTTE.-Height four feet. A choice variety with green foliage. Flowers orange scarlet with gold band. Each 15c, 3 for 40c, dozen $1.20. FLORENCE VAUGHAN.-Height five feet. Dark green foliage. A yellow canna, spotted with bright red. Each 15c, 3 for 40c. dozen $1.20.

ROBUSTA.-Well known; although not a large flowering sort, it is valued on accouut of its luxuriant foliage. Its immense dark bronze leaves are 12 to 18 inches wide and 30 to 36 inches long. Height 8 feet. Each 10c, dozen $1.00. DISCOLOR.-Height 8 to 10 feet. Its mammoth leaves are of green marble, creamy yellow and bordered with rich, bronze red. Flowers small. This and Robusta are fine plants for center beds. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.

MIXED BEDDING CANNAS. These consist of roots grown from tubers the names of which were lost in handling. Mixed colors. Each 8c, doz. 85.

CANNA BEDS. Nothing is more showy or satisfactory than a nice bed of Cannas, and we cannot too strongly urge you to set out a large number of them this year. Both foliage and flowers are beautiful and they bloom constantly. For a 7 foot bed we will send postpaid 19 plants in three different varieties, 1 for center, 6 in next row, 12 for outside for $1.75. For a 10 foot bed we will send postpaid 37 plants in four different varieties, 1 for center, 6 in next row, 12 in next and 18 for border for $3.50. For a 13 foot bed we will send postpaid, or free by express, 62 plants in five different varieties, 3 in center, 5 next row, 12 next, 18 next and 24 outside for $5.50. The above special beds are entirely our selection of varieties, but all are choice sorts suitable for growing together, making grand beds.


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