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If you have a home of your own, better add permanent improvements by setting out an assortment of hardy shrubs. It costs but little and you will in a few years have a place to be proud of. There is nothing which so quickly, and for so little cost, adds so much to the beauty, cheerfulness and homelike appearance of a place as an assortment of hardy shrubs. Our price is for strong, healthy plants. Sent by mail or express prepaid.
HYDRANGEA PANICULATA GRANDIFLORA.-The grandest as well as the most popular of all shrubs, and hundreds of thousands of them are sold every year and the demand is constantly increasing. It readily attains a height of 5 to 7 feet; hardy in all localities, needs no protection in winter; blooms the first season in July and August and annually thereafter, and continues in bloom for two or three months; the flowers are massive, cone-shape, often measuring 10 inches in length, and have a pleasing variation of color, changing from the original pure white to pink, and finally a beautiful, rich coppery red. Each 15c, doz. $1.25. Large dormant plants, each 35c, doz. $2.50.
CALYCANTHUS.-A beautiful sweet-scented shrub; flowers purple, quite double, exquisitely fragrant and borne in profusion during the entire season. Each 20c.
SNOWBALL.-A well known and popular shrub, which grows to large size, covered with dense, spherical clusters of white flowers, which give it its name. Each 25c.
LILAC, Persian.-A well known, strong growing shrub, bearing large fragrant clusters of purple flowers early in spring. Each 20c.
LILAC, White.-Like above but has white flowers, making it more desired by some. Each 25c.
LILAC, New Double White.-A novelty of great merit and the finest flowering shrub which has been introduced for many years. Each 50c.
DEUTZIA. - Pride of Rochester.-By far the handsomest variety of Deutzia. It is a very desirable shrub of strong, hardy growth, with nice luxuriant foliage and bearing in abundance large numbers of beautiful white flowers. Strong plants. Each 25c, small 15c.
JAPAN SNOWBALL.-A valuable improvement on the common Snowball, the flowers being smaller and more numerous. Each 35c.
EXOCHORDIA GRANDIFLORA.-(Pearl Bush.)-A neat, compact bush 10 to 12 feet high. Hardy; flowers pure white. Each 25c.
BRIDAL WREATH.-(Spirea Prunifolia.)-A beautiful common shrub; blooms in May with long sprays of beautiful flowers; the sight is one which attracts the attention of everyone. Each 20c; small, 10c.
WEIGELA.-Superb, large trumpet-shaped flowers in June and July, of all shades from white to dark red. Either as a single specimen or in groups it is certainly one of the most effective and most satisfactory shrubs we know of. Assorted varieties. Each 25c; small, 15c.
ROSE OF SHARON, DOUBLE WHITE.-(Altheaor Hibiscus Syracus.)-One of the most beautiful shrubs; perfectly hardy and always satisfactory. Double white flowers about two inches in diameter and produced in great profusion. Each 25c; small, 15c.
ROSE OF SHARON, DOUBLE PURPLE.-Like above except that the flowers are of beautiful purple color. Each 25c; small, 15c.


ROSE OF SHARON, DOUBLE VARIEGATED.-Variegated pink and white. A beautiful and attractive variety. Each 35c; small, 15c.
SPIRAEA VAN HOUTTI.-The hardiest of all Spiraes. The bushes form fine, compact clumps; the pure white flowers are borne in such masses that they form great plumes, drooping gracefully, giving the clumps the appearance of "a snow bank of white bloom." Ea. 25c; small, 10c.
SPIRAEA.- Anthony Waterer.-In our estimation one of the best flowering hardy plants. Makes a dwarf bush 15 to 18 inches high, covered from spring till late in the fall with large heads of crimson flowers. Hardy. Grand for border to taller growing shrubs, or single specimen plants. Each 15c; extra choice, 25c.


The most popular climbing plant of the day and is constantly gaining in popularity.

[image] CLEMATIS.

CLEMATIS, Jackmanii.-Most magnificent and showy vine in existence; of strong, healthy growth, perfectly hardy and sure to succeed anywhere. Flowers four to six inches in diameter, of a rich, deep velvety purple, distinctly veined. Blooms the entire season from July to October. Strong plants, each 45c postpaid. Extra large three-year-old roots 75c.
CLEMATIS, Henryii.-This may be briefly described as a white flowered Jackmanii. Each 40c.
CLEMATIS, Mad. Edouard Andre.-An entirely distinct and beautiful new variety, being the nearest approach to bright red ever sent out. Each 50c.
CLEMATIS, Paniculata.-This small-flowered variety of Clematis is one of our most beautiful, hardy fall blooming vines. The flowers are of pure snowy white. Each 20c. Large, extra strong plants each 35c.
VIRGIN'S BOWER, Clematis Flammula.-A very handsome variety of the Clematis, growing to a height of 20 feet and making a nice shade for porches, arbors, etc. Each 15c.

AMPELOPSIS VEITCHI.-(Boston Ivy.)-A beautiful hardy climbing plant. This is one of the finest climbers we have for covering walls as it clings firmly to the smoothest surface, covering it smoothly with overlapping foliage, giving it the appearance of being shingled with green leaves. Each 15c. Large, strong plants 25c.
CALYSTEGIA.-An excellent, rapid growing, hardy vine coming up from the roots each year. Bears a profusion of beautiful double pink flowers. Each 15c, doz. $1.50.
APIOS TUBEROSA. -A valuable hardy tuberous-rooted climber, resembling in miniature the common Wistaria vine and having clusters of deep purple flowers, which have a strong violet fragrance. Each 5c, doz. 40c.
CHINESE MATRIMONY VINE.-A vigorous growing, hardy climbing vine that may be used anywhere that a vine is needed for training to trellis, fence or wall. Every new shoot becomes filled with small purple flowers which are remarkably handsome, and are followed by brilliant scarlet berries nearly an inch long. Is already a popular climbing plant. Succeeds everywhere. Each 15c.

GLECOMA.-(Variegated Ground-lvy.)-The foliage is a bright green marked with pure white, and has a refreshing fragrance similar to mint. Graceful and beautiful for hanging baskets. Entirely hardy when planted out and makes an ornamental, dense mat on the ground. Each 10c.
BLUE CHINESE WISTARIA.-A very rapid grower, and one of the most beautiful of all climbers. It is perfectly hardy, climbing to a height of fifty feet; when covered with bloom is magnificent. Each 25c; small, 10c.
WOODBINE.- (Virginia Creeper.)-A strong, rapid grower; foliage large dark green; in autumn bronze and crimson. This is an old favorite and quite common in most localities. Valuable for covering back porches, out-buildings, arbors, etc. Each 15c, doz. $1.25.
RED CORAL HONEYSUCKLE.- (Scarlet Trumpet.) - There is nothing prettier than this; the foliage is pretty, neat and clean; the bright red, trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers are attractive. Each 25c; small, 15c.
HARDY BLUE SOLANUM.-A beautiful perennial vine of rapid growth. The handsomely cut foliage makes a beautiful shade for porch or arbor and is also desirable to train along fences, etc. It is covered during the summer months with hundreds of clusters of blue flowers, brightly set off with golden stamens, clusters measuring 15 inches in circumference, and often attaining a length of 12 inches. Strong, one-year-old plants of above, 25c each; doz. $2.00; small 10c each.
CINNAMON VINE.-This beautiful climber possesses the rare quality of emitting from its flowers the delightful odor of cinnamon, and is very appropriately called the Cinnamon Vine. Perfectly hardy, the stem dying down every autumn, but growing again so rapidly as to completely cover any trellis or arbor very early in the season. With its beautiful heart-shaped leaves and clusters of delicate white flowers and delicious cinnamon odor it is a most desirable climber. We have always been short of these but this year grew about 35,000 roots and hope to be able to supply the demand. We furnish the large tubers, postpaid, for 10c, 3 for 25c, doz. 75c.

Ten Hardy Vines, all different, our choice of varieties, but all desirable, for $1.50 prepaid.



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