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Hardy Perennial Plants
It is really wonderful the immense demand which there has been for these plants during the past few years, our trade in this line multiplying fourfold every year. We pay the postage at these prices and you may select $1.25 worth at the single rate for $1.00.
ACHILLEA.-The Pearl - Finest of all plants for cemetery planting. Flowers are good sized, forming a beautiful plant 18 inches high. Our cut shows one of the numerous heads of bloom with which the plant is covered. Each 10c, dozen 75c.
CRIMSON EYE HIBISCUS.-Flowers often measure twenty inches in circumference. Color of purest white, with a large spot of deep velvety crimson in the center of each flower. It will succeed anywhere and is perfectly hardy. Each 15c, dozen $1.25;
extra large 30c each. Seed 10c per pkt.
PARDANTHUS.-(Blackberry Lily.)-Quite curious and handsome. Flowers orange color spotted with brown, about two inches in diameter. The blossoms are followed by seed clusters like a blackberry in size, shape and color. Each 10c, 3 for 25c, dozen 85c.


GRASS PINKS.- The hardy and pretty clove-scented flowers which our grandmothers loved. Flowers are double, semi-double and single, and range from pure white to dark pink and red. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.
HER MAJESTY GARDEN PINKS.- A grand variety of the hardy garden pinks. Each 15c, dozen $1.25.
GAILARDIA GRANDIFLORA.- These are among the showiest and most effective of hardy perennial plants; beginning to flower in June, they continue one mass of bloom the entire season. The flowers are large, 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Each 15c, dozen $1.50.
MYRTLE.- A handsome trailing plant largely used for cemetery planting. Beautiful, glossy dark green leaves. Each 10c, doz. 75c, 100, $4.00.
LEMON LILY.- (Hemerocalis Flava.)- Clear lemon yellow, very bright, pleasing appearance. Each flower stem bearing 7 to 20 flowers; hardy. Each 15c, dozen $1.50.
ORANGE LILY.- (Hemerocalis Dermorteri.)- Similar to Lemon Lily but of a fine orange color. Each 15c, dozen $1.50.
HARDY PERENNIAL PHLOX.- These are among the most useful and desirable of our hardy herbaceous plants, and should be planted largely. Our collection embraces the best new and old varieties mixed. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.
JAPANESE IRIS.-(Kaempferi.)-These magnificent Iris are among the most beautiful of our summer flowering plants and are marvels of elegance and stateliness. Once planted in your garden they are a joy for a lifetime. Double and single mixed. Each 15c, dozen $1.25.
GERMAN IRIS.-The true "Fleur-de-Lis," the national flower of France; perfectly hardy, grow and bloom luxuriantly, particularly in moist situations. Mixed colors. Each 10c, dozen 85c.
HYPERICUM MOSERIANUM.-One of the very best herbaceous plants of recent introduction. Flower a rich golden yellow, which is rendered still more effective by numerous yellow stamens and crimson anthers. Blooms continuously the entire season. Each 15c, doz. $1.50.
RUDBECKIA, GOLDEN GLOW.-A glorious new hardy plant. It will be found excellent also for cut flower purposes. The stems are long and gracefully poised. The foliage is abundant and ornamental. A small plant set out in the spring will produce hundreds of blossoms during August and September, each one as large as a fair sized chrysanthemum. Nice for a screen row at back of lawn. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.
DAY LILY.-(White.)-Pure white lily-shaped flowers borne in large clusters. This is sometimes quite scarce but we have a good supply this year. Each 15c, dozen $1.50.
DICENTRA SPECTABILIS.-The old Bleeding Heart, the flower of our childhood. Bears in early spring, long chains of pendulous bloom of exquisite beauty. Each 20c.


Of all delightful perfumes that of Violets is the most delicate and pleasant and place the modest little blue flowers among our greatest favorites. Violets grow and bloom freely if given a cool situation; cover well in winter.
SWANLEY WHITE.- Unquestionably the finest double variety in existence. The plants are of vigorous growth, producing a great many of the pure, snowy white double flowers. Each 10c, doz. $1.00.
MARIE LOUISE. - To contrast with the white we offer this, the finest double blue violet grown. Ea. 10c, doz. $1.00.
CALIFORNIA-Grand new single variety. A sturdy grower, dense, heavy foliage, free from disease. Each 10c, dozen $1.00.


HELIANTHUS MULTIFLORUS PLENUS.-The flowers are from [?] to 4 inches in diameter, as double as any Double Dahlia, and cover the plant from the ground to the top. Color a bright golden yellow. It should have a sunny position and rich soil. Each 10c, dozen 75c.
GOLDEN MARGUERITE.-A fine yellow-flowered perennial. It is a continuous bloomer the entire summer, withstanding both wet and dry weather. Each 15c.
DELPHINIUM FORMOSUM.-(Hardy Larkspur.)-This is certainly one of the handsomest and most satisfactory of all the hardy herbaceous plants and should be planted extensively, even in the smallest garden; its long spikes of bright blue flowers are produced continually from June until frost. Each 20c, dozen $1.75.
PHLOX SUBLATA.-(Moss Pink.)-One of the finest of low, turfy-growing plants, fine for carpeting under trees, around rock work, edging beds, etc. Early in spring is very showy with its cloud of bright, pink blossoms. We do not understand why this is not more widely grown, for it is perfectly hardy, and will care for itself. Each 10c, dozen 50c.
EULALIA ZEBRINA.-A stately ornamental grass for the lawn or hardy border; perfectly hardy: often produces 50 to 100 beautiful large plumes. Each 25c.

Everyone knows the old fashioned red "Piny" of our grandmother's garden, but the specialists of America, Europe and particularly those of Japan, have been at work so that there are now more than one thousand named varieties, many of them of the most curiously beautiful shapes and colors. We prepay the postage.
FESTIVA MAXIMA.-This is by far the finest double white Paeony grown. Usually sells at $1.00 each, but we offer it at only 75c, dozen $8.00.
LA ESPERANCE.-An exceedingly fine vivid rose colored flower. Early and free flowering. Each 35c, dozen $3.50.
ANDRE LAURIES.-A very double flower of deep bright red. Blooms till late in season. Each 25c, dozen $2.50.
GRANDIFLORA RUBRA.-Extra large perfect balls of blood red magnificent
flowers. Probably the largest red variety in existence, often 8 or 9 inches across. Each 35c, doz. $3.50.
DOUBLE WHITE.-Large size double flowers. It is about as pure white as any other double white; is a free bloomer. Each 40c, doz. $4 00.
RUBRA TRIUMPHANS.-Flower rich, brilliant, glowing, satiny crimson color. Each 25c, dozen $2.50.
MISSOURI WHITE.-A handsome variety. On our grounds the outer row of petals are tinged with light pink, and the center ones are creamy white. Each 35c, dozen $3.50.
PINK MONARCH.- One of the best tall growing sorts. Flower light pink, handsomely variegated with carmine pink. Each 25c, dozen $2.50.
MEDIUM PINK.-A fine large flower of handsome, bright pink color. Blooms freely. Each 25c, dozen $2.50.
FINEST MIXED.-This mixture contains many of the choicest American and foreign sorts. Only 20c each, $2.00 per dozen, $12.50 per 100, charges prepaid. Why not put in a large bed, or border your drive with them.
COMMON MIXED.-Mainly composed of pink varieties. Each 15c, dozen $1.50, per 100 $10.00, or if sent at purchaser's expense, $7.50 per 100.
ROSE FRAGRANS.-Large flowers of rich, dark, rose color and exquisite fragrance. Blooms late in season. Each 25c, doz. $2.50.
VICTORIA TRICOLOR.-Very large full flower, outer petals pale rose mottled with pink; center yellowish white. Each 25c, dozen $2.50.
POTTSII.-Finest dark crimson sort, the color being very rich and showy; very double. Each 85c, dozen $3.50.

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