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We consider them not only the most popular but also the most satisfactory of all flowers. We do not grow cut flowers and our rose growing is exclusively for the production of plants. Our soil here is well adapted to rose culture and we are sure that customers will find our plants specially strong, healthy and vigorous. Every variety listed has our most hearty recommendation. Roses are sent by mail or express prepaid in perfect condition to the most distant parts of the United States and also to some foreign countries. Directions for Rose Culture sent with every package if requested. We furnish one dozen of any variety at the price of ten.
EMILIE GONIN.-There was no rose at our place this year which attracted more attention than this grand new variety. Creamy white, tinted with orange yellow at the base of petals, while the tips of the petals are reflected and broadly margined with bright carmine crimson. Each 15c.
MADAM COCHET. -Has rich, healthy foliage and large flowers on long, straight stems, color deep rosy pink, the inner side of petals silvery rose. Equally valuable for pot culture or out-door planting. Each 15c. Strong dormant plants 35c.
HALLOWE'EN.-A beautiful new variety of dark crimson color, distinctly striped with pink and pure white. Each 15c.
SNOWFLAKE.-The freest flowering pure white rose that we know of. Each 15c.

BEAUTY INCONSTANT.-A new variety of many shades of pink, red, crimson and yellow. Each 15c.
KAISERIN AUGUSTA VICTORIA. -The finest white ever-blooming hardy garden rose. The beautiful, perfectly shaped flowers are borne in profusion on long, graceful stems. Each 15c.
SOUVENIR DE WOOTON. -Color a beautiful shade of velvety crimson, and the full open flowers are frequently six inches across. Each 10c. Dormant 30c.
BLACK PRINCE.-Very dark, rich velvety crimson. Each l5c. Dormant 35c.
LADY HELEN STEWART.-Color bright crimson, flamed with scarlet, very beautiful. Each 15c. Dormant 30c.
THE QUEEN-It is pure snow white, makes good, finely formed buds. Each 15c.

For porches and trellises nothing surpass the climbing roses, especially the everblooming varieties. We recommend the two year old dormant plants for immediate effect.
MARY WASHINGTON. -A hardy perpetual blooming climber, producing double snow white blossoms from June until frost. See cut. Our first president named it after his mother, Mary Washington. The original bush can yet be seen at Mt. Vernon. Each 15c. Dormant 35c.
MRS. ROB'T PEARY, OR CLIMBING KAISERIN AUGUSTA VICTORIA.-The buds are long and pointed. Color, pure ivory white, of delicious fragrance. Grows 10 to 15 feet in a single season. Each 20c. Strong two year old dormant plants each 50c.
MANDA'S TRIUMPH.-Beautiful white climbing rose; elegant for cemetery. Each 15c. Dormant 30c.
ENGLAND'S FAVORITE.-An everblooming climber, golden yellow color, delightfully fragrant. Each 20c. Dormant 40c.
AMERICA. - A novel everblooming climber bearing immense numbers of large, beautiful buds of rich, creamy white tinted with pink. Each 20c. Dormant 40c.
EMPRESS OF CHINA.-A new climbing Rose of Chinese origin. Hardy and perpetual bloomer. Color, soft red, changing to light pink when when fully open. Each 15c. Dormant 35c.
PINK ROAMER.-Single, flowers pink with white center. Each 10c. Dormant 25c.
SEVEN SISTERS.-Crimson, changing all shades to white, blooms in clusters. Each 15c. Dormant 25c.
BALTIMORE BELLE.-Very double blush white bloom. Each 10c. Dormant 25c.
PRAIRIE QUEEN -An old standard variety. Bright rosy red, large, compact and globular flower. Each l5c. Dormant 30c.
DOROTHY PERKINS.-Very hardy, immense clusters of deep pink flowers. Each 20c.

CRIMSON RAMBLER.-The blooms remain on the plant for a great length of time without losing their brightness. Each 10c. Strong dormant plants 30c.
YELLOW RAMBLER.-Grand new variety like above, except that it is golden yellow and is one of the most satisfactory sorts. Each 10c. Dormant 25c.
WHITE RAMBLER. -Quite similar to above except that it is pure white, very fragrant. Each 15c. Dormant 25c.
PINK RAMBLER.-Of vigorous climbing habit with flowers of shining rose color. Each 10c. Dormant 30c.

Hardy and creep over the ground like ivy. Used extensively for covering graves, rock work, embankments. etc.
EVERGREEN GEM.-Flowers creamy white. Each 15c. Dormant 30c.
SOUTH ORANGE PERFECTION. -Color soft blush pink at tips. Each 15c. Dormant 25c.
WHITE MEMORIAL-Perfectly hardy. Each 10c. Strong dormant plants 25c.
JERSEY BEAUTY.-Bright yellow flowers. Each 10c. Dormant 25c.
UNIVERSAL FAVORITE.-Beautiful rose pink. Each 10c. Dormant 25c.

Above four grand Roses shown in cut for only 35c.

METEOR-Very double and perfect in shape. The color is rich velvety crimson, exceedingly bright and attractive. The plant is of vigorous growth. Each 10c.
SUNSET.-This exquisite orange yellow variety, shaded ruddy copper color, "a sunset glow," is one of the finest Tea Roses. Each 15c.
CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.-The champion bloomer. It is claimed that one plant of it will produce more flowers during the year than ten plants of any Tea Rose. Rich, deep, rosy pink. Each 15c. Dormant 30c.
PRESIDENT CARNOT.-Magnificent new Hybrid Tea Rose, which we consider one of the daintiest and most charming and fragrant roses in cultivation. Each 15c. Large two year old plants 35c.

The most satisfactory of all flowering plants, making a permanent improvement which is constantly growing in value. Nothing is more beautiful than a nice hedge of these roses. We can supply these from the time this catalogue is issued up to May 15th. Remember we prepay the postage or express charges on plants at prices named.
GLORIE DE MARGOTTIN.- The color is a clear dazzling red. Each 15c. Dormant 30c.
AMERICAN BEAUTY.-Color rosy crimson, exquisitely shaded. Extra large full flowers, fine buds, very hardy, a constant bloomer. Each 15c. Dormant 35c.
BARON DE BONSTETTEN. -The Black Rose. -The color of this rose is a rich dark red, passing to a deep velvety maroon, nearly black. Each 15c. Dormant 35c.
MOSS ROSES.-Acknowledged queen of all roses; moss-covered stems and buds show off the delicate loveliness of blossom to great advantage. See cut.
Crested Moss.-Deep pink colored buds, surrounded with a mossy fringe; fine. Each 35c.
Crimson Globe.-Fine large flowers, deep rich crimson, richly mossed. Each 35c.
White Moss.-Beautiful. Each 35c.

BRIDE.-This is undoubtedly one of the finest white roses ever offered. The buds are of exquisite form, the flower very double, measuring from 3 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter. The color is a very delicate creamy white. Each 10c.
BRIDESMAID.-An exquisite bright clear pink, a lovely shade; flowers very large and perfectly double. Each 10c.
CLOTHILDE SOUPERT.-This hybrid polyantha Tea Rose has become one of the most popular. Flowers pure white. Each 10c.
PERLE DES JARDINS.-Fine straw-yellow; very large and perfect. Blooms freely and we consider it one of the most satisfactory varieties. Each 10c.



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