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[image] MRS. C. N. PAGE SALVIA.

A New Salvia - Mrs. C. N. Page.
A novelty for 1903. This grand variety, which originated on our place, is a sport of the old sort called "Bonfire," but is far superior to it in every respect. It is of dwarf, compact habit forming neat little bushes only 18 inches high and entirely covered with large fiery scarlet flowers of a most intense shade. It blooms two to four weeks earlier than any other variety and continues in bloom until killing frost in the fall. As Salvias are now becoming one of the most popular of bedding plants, taking the place of scarlet geraniums, we predict a great run for this new sort. Heretofore the only objection to Salvias has been their late blooming, but that is now overcome in this new sort. Each 15 cents; dozen $1.50.
SALVIA- Splendens.-One of the finest of all bedding plants being completely covered in autumn with long spikes of dazzling scarlet flowers, remaining in bloom until cut down by frost. Each 10 cents; per dozen 75 cents.
SOLANUM- Jasminoides Grand.-This·beautiful plant is of trailing or climbing habit, but if desired can be cut back to a bush form. They are pure white with violet tinge on the back; it is equally a good bloomer in summer and winter, and is wonderfully effective when planted to cover a low wall or trellis, showing hundreds of magnificent panicles of bloom which remain perfect a long time before fading. Each 10 cents; one-half dozen for 50 cents.
PARIS DAISY - White.-A French improvement on the old White Marguerite which has been so popular. Is of much larger size and will produce ten times as many flowers. Each 10c.
PARIS DAISY - Blue.-A striking beautiful flowering plant, producing an abundance of clear sky blue flowers. Plants are loaded with the flowers, and are very desirable for cutting. Each 10c.
PLUMBAGO-Capensis.-No plant in our greenhouse has caused more exclamations of delight than these beautiful heavenly blue Plumbagoes. They are most excellent pot plants, flowering freely at all times of the year. South of Central Missouri they are hardy in the open ground, and make desirable garden plants. They are of a rare shade of light azure blue. Each 10 cents.
PLUMBAGO- Lady Larpent.-The plants are strong, upright in habit, growing to a height of 12 to 15 inches in compact clumps, and from the middle of July until severe frost are covered with lovely rich violet blue colored flowers, borne in close terminal heads. Each 20 cents.
SANSEVERIA-Zelanica.-A singular plant, eminently adapted for decorative purposes in parlors, etc. Dark green, beautifully striped crosswise with white. Has white flowers. Each 15 cents; large size 50 cents.
SHOWER OF GOLD- Genista.-A most desirable plant which has been given the name "Shower of Gold" or "Fountain of Gold," from its peculiar fountain shape and brilliant color. Pea shaped blossoms of a pure canary color, almost hiding the foliage. Each 10 cents.
SMILAX.-Well known handsome climber and the most popular of all vines with the florists. Each 10 cents.
SWAINSONIA-White.-A most beautiful new climbing plant. The habit of growth is extremely graceful and the vine trained up at the side of a window or on a trellis, presents a lovely sight of light green, feathery foliage and a splendid profusion of pure white sprays of flowers resembling Sweet Peas in form. Easily grown, and almost a perpetual bloomer. Each 10 cents.
STROBILANTHE-Royal Purple.-An excellent bedding plant as well as a beautlful foliage plant for pot culture. It forms a compact bush 18 inches high, with leaves 6 to 9 inches long; of a beautiful, metallic purple, shading into light rose, with a light green margin, a combination unapproached by any other plant. Flowers are violet blue, borne in immense racemes. Each 15c.
MAMMOTH VERBENAS.-Everybody likes Verbenas, as no one can help enjoying the sight of a nice bed carpeted with the dark green leaves and brilliant blossoms. Our mammoth flowering varieties bloom freely and have the finest colors. Each 10c, per dozen 75c; one plant each of fourteen kinds for $1.00. Mixed Verbenas, all different, 50c per dozen.
STEVIA- Serrata.-A pretty flowering plant, quite largely grown by florists in pots for blooming in the fall and winter. Plants are of upright growth 18 inches in height, producing numerous sprays of small white florets. These sprays are highly desirable for cut flowers and of delightful fragrance. Plants grow vigorously, enduring both sun and shade and thriving with even very poor treatment. Not hardy, and therefore should be potted in the fall for winter blooming. Pinch off the tips of stems during summer to make them branch out and produce more bloom. Each 15 cents.


The constantly increasing demand proves the coming popularity of Aquatics. Artificial ponds can easily be made or you can grow them in tubs or tanks. In winter most of the varieties should be taken in to keep from injury by frost. Most of the varieties are adapted for aquariums in the house.
FAIRY WATER LILY.-This resembles a miniature water lily bearing small white flowers the year round. Fine for aquariums. Each 15 cents.
LUDWIGIA.-A pretty plant with smooth, green leaves, variegated at certain seasons with yellow and red. It grows nicely in the aquarium and propagates rapidly if set in sand. Each 10 cents, six for 50 cents.
UMBRELLA PALM -(Cyperus.)-It is a splendid decorative plant, being as ornamental as a palm or fern, and above all, it is as easily grown as the commonest weed, as it will thrive in shade as well as sun. It should have an abundance of water. We sell thousands of these plants and they are always satisfactory. Nice plants 15 cents each. Larger 25 cents, and 50 cents.
SAGITARIA.-A grass like plant quite desirable for growing in aquariums. When well established it is a very satisfactory plant, growing rapidly; fine wavy appearance. Propagates slowly therefore expensive. Each 25 cents.
VARIEGATED CYPERUS.-A decided novelty which will please all flower lovers. It is a sport which occurred in our greenhouse several years ago and we have since been propagating to try and obtain sufficient stock to offer it to our trade. See description of Umbrella Palm. It is beautifully striped dark green and pure white, thus making one of the most showy and attractive plants. Does nicely for growing either in pots or in the aquarium as it is of easiest culture. Each 35 cents.
LEMNA.-This is sometimes called duckweed, and is always floating. It has small, oval leaves, with rootlets hanging down in the water, and the plants are produced very rapidly by off-shoots. It is an ornamental plant and shades the water. The fish are fond of it because of the amount of animal life which lodges in the roots and leaves. Bunch 15 cents.


CABOMBA OR AQUARIA MOSS. -This is the prettiest plant in existence for growing in aquariums and also the most valuable. The leaves are beautifully and regularly cut and resemble a delicate lace fern. It rarely blooms in the aquaria, but grows all the year round. It may be broken at any length and roots readily. Should be weighted down so that the base of stems are in the sand. Bunch of ten stems 25c, postpaid.
PARROT' S FEATHER.-An aquatic hanging plant is a novelty indeed, and we have it to perfection in this dainty little jewel. Its long, trailing stems are clothed with whorls of most exquisite foliage, as finely cut as leaves of the Cypress Vine, but more delicate. Planted in water tight hanging basket, will trail finely. Each 15 cents.
WATER HYACINTH.-One of the most remarkable, curious and beautiful plants we have ever grown. It floats in water, forming a lovely rosette of its curious, shining green leaves, and throws up spikes of most exquisite flowers. (See cut.) Color a beautiful, soft lilac rose, sparkling as if covered with diamond dust. The upper petal has large metallic blue blotch, and in the center of that a small golden yellow spot. Each 15 cents.

The plants arrived by mail today in good condition.-Pedro D. L . Santos, Saltillo,
Plants came in fine condition.-Mrs. R. S. Chaffee, Springfield, Mass.
Plants received in perfect order and I am much pleased with them.- Wm B. Foss,
South Berwick, Maine.


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