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Helen Farquhar gave us an
interesting report on education.
Sherwood had won the recent state
wide Americana Quiz with four
high school girls. There had been
an election in the PTA.
Mr. Carr Pres., Richard Janney Vice Pres.,
Recording Sec. Miss Santinis,
Treas. Betty Gray. There had
been another panel discussion. The
patch test for TB, mentioned last time, had since
be given to all senior high school children
with any having doubtful
or positive reactions taken to Rockville
for x rays. Virginia Brown
from the phy. Ed. department was
taking 3 girls interested in that
work to a Springfield Conference.

The back drop for the fashion show
painted by the students was especially
commented on not by Helen as
her child was partly responsible
for it, but by several other members

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