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Miss Lillie Stabler was asked to write
to Mrs. Brigham, our legislative chairman,
expressing the clubs sympathy and hoping
she would soon be well.

Old business.

Mrs. Kirk announced there were still
a few who had not contributed to the
benefit fund.

Mrs. Bussler announced that there
had been various requests to postpone the
rummage sale until spring. This was
approved by the club.

Mrs. England then announced that
the Executive Board had appointed the
following nominating committee:
Mrs N. O. Stabler
Mrs. Dinwiddie
Mrs. Francis Miller

The slate will be presented
Feb. 5th and voted on Feb. 19th.

New business.

Mrs. Muir asked whether
the Wednesday Club would be
interested in a series of musical
presentations and lectures by Dr. Harold
Pries. After a show of hands showing

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