Club Minutes: The Wednesday Club, 1940-1949

Group of original, handwritten minutes from October 1940 to May 1949 for The Wednesday Club society located in Sandy Spring, Maryland. The Wednesday Club is a member of the Greater Federation of Women's Clubs and has met continuously since January 1904.


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October 9, 1940

On October 9, 1940 the Wednesday Club held the first meeting of the season at the Community House with Mrs. Roderick Adams as hostess.

Mrs. Robert Miller Jr. gave the program which consisted in readings from " Mrs Higgs of the Cabbage Patch" and we were pleasantly reminded of Mrs Higgs homely wisdom in Mary Readings inimitable style.

After the program the business meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. England and the secretary called the roll.

The minutes of the last meeting were then read and approved.

Mrs. England announced with regret the resignationn of the secretary, Mrs.Francis Kirk and the newly appointed secretary began her duties.

The treasure, Mrs. Whitlock, gave the following report : Balance on hand $ 71.87 Received from Rummage Sale $ 2.00 Expenditures 73.87 Mimeograpling Constitution by laws 1.00 Mental Hygine Societly Menu. 5.00 Hammond- Hardwood House 5.00 Symphony 5.00 Firemans Pamphlet 5.00

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General Federation Foundation & Birthday Fund 16.02 Sherwood School Pin 4.50

Balance on hand $ 32.35

The Corresponding secretary reported on the news contest sponsored by Time Magazine. It was decided not to have the contest this year. The secretary was instructed to give all material on current events to Mrs. Brigham, the Legislative Chairman.

Mrs. Benson reported on the Meeting of the County Federation. The Constitutional amendments regarding the three year term for officers and no re-election to the same office were carried. The Amendment to revise the method of representation of the large clubs failed.

Mrs. Schillinger then reported on the annual meeting of the Federation in May: American home and citizenship are to be stressed this year; The Mental Hygine Clinic would like members, fee 1.00 The Hammond Harwood House need funds. Mrs. Schillinger then reported on the meeting of the Federation of Sept. 16th. This stressed Juvenile work. We are asked to study the present laws. Abolishment of fraternities in public school is desirable. We are asked to support the legislation for vocational schools in Montgomery County.

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Mrs. Schillinger requested that we notify her of any social or charitable work we are doing. Clothing is needed by school children and we are requested to send any good used clothing to Mrs. Worsley at Sherwood. Anything not needed at Sherwood will be sent to Bethesda.

Federation would like help in raising the Loan Fund $ 350 needed by January.

The Maryland Pageant in Atlantic City May 21st was noted.

We are requsted to contribute 5 cent per capita to the holiday Exchange.

Mrs. Englunel then read the names of chairmen of committees, asking for their report.

Budget - Mrs. Francis Miller- no report

Membership. The club went into executive session to receive the report of the Membership committee. Mrs. Robert Miller Jr. presented her report and as she is resigning Mrs. England announced Mrs. Bussler as the new chairman with Mrs. Metzger the new committee member.

The Club received six resignation: Mrs. Richard Janney, Mrs. Clark Shade, Mrs. Robert Miller Jr., Mrs. Francis Kirk, Mrs. Estelle Moore, and Mrs. Andrew Adams. One member was lost by death, Mrs. Amy Miller. Unanimous election by ballot of the six applicant's followed : Milton Bancroft, Mrs. M. O. Stabler, Mrs.

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Brockett Muir, Mrs. Ross Harvey, Mrs. Albert Wilson and Mrs. Dallas Grady. The chairman of the membership committee was asked to notify each of the new members.

Program. Mrs. Douglas Whitlock, chairman, announced all programs and places of meeting arranged, the mimeographed program to be distributed at the next meeting.

Education. Mrs. Lamar chairman announced Nov. 1st, Friday as the day of the School Fair. Cooperation and exhibits from women especially requested.

Mrs. Lamar moved to make the usual contribution of $2.00 to the fair. Motion carried.

Hospital. Mrs Ladson reported for the hospital.

Welfare. Mrs Winslow chairman asked for help in sewing for the Social Service League.

Mrs. Thomas moved that Mrs. Winslow bring to the next meeting plans for such sewing Motion carried.

Community Council. Mrs. Albert Staber reported. In future a concise report by the Secretary will be read.

The following announcement were made:

The Sherwood Library is trying to raise funds for a new reference encyclopedia. A silver tea will

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be held Oct. 31 st at Mrs. Charles Conners' 4-6. The library would also like donations of books, magazines, wicker chairs and tables.

The Needle work Guild would like new members - See Mrs. Roderick Adams.

The Lay Health would like support of its loan closet at the Hospital. Sheets, pillow slips, diapers, towels and layettes needed.

Bundles for Britain would like contributions of clothing or money and help in knitting. Mrs. Fred Thomas will receive any gifts.

Rumage sale was forecast.

December 13th the Womens' Auxiliary of the Fire Dept. will have a card party. Luncheon will be held last Friday in October.

Hospital Serving on that date.

Communication as follows:

Notice of the Jubilee Americanism program of the General Federation was given in a letter from Mrs.Harcum.

A letter from Mrs. Whitehurst asking Mrs. Englund to sponsor

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