Letter book for the Receiver of Wrecks at Kingston upon Hull, England, 1855-1861

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as Auctioneer on the occasion - & I will thank you to attend on my [part?] & report the result -


Lt. Stewart R L Hornsea

15 Oct. 1855

Sir -

Annexed I beg to forward for your Information a copy of my appointment to the office of Receiver of Wreck, for so much of this Port as lies between [Spurn?] Point & [Flambro?] Head in the room of Mr Stephenson lately deceased - & will thank you to cause to be sent to me the necessary Books & Forms - appertaining to the duties of the office -

I have already been supplied with 10 sheets of form "Claim to Wreck or other property", marked Wm 13-


Sect Marine Deptmt Board of Trade London

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18th. Oct 1855

[My?] [d?] Sir -

I am directed by the Board of Trade to call upon the representatives of the late Mr Stephenson for all Books of Accounts Papers, Forms - &c that he had in his possession appertaining to the office he held as receiver of Droits.

Will you have the goodness to make inquiry & inform me, - who I am to address on the subject


Capt Metcalfe R.N.

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20th. Oct. 1855

Sir -

I am directed by the Board of Trade to apply to you as Representative of the late Mr [Mr?] John Stephenson of Bridlington Quay, for all Books of account, papers Forms & [?] of Wreckes property formerly in his possession as receiver of Droits & also for whatever balance of Cash may appear due from his estate in respect of such receivership which I will thank you to furnish me with as early as possible -


Mr Stephenson - Representative of [?] Mr John Stephenson Bridlington Quay

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23 Oct. 1855

Sir -Mr. Clubby of [Firth?] on [Howser?] hascalled upon me today on the subject of Admiralty[Drorts?] thus shewn me your letter to him dated the 9 Inst - directing him to sell all wreck &c that came into his possession on or before the22 [?] inclusive -

I beg to acquaint you that I havedirected him not to attend to your Instructions, -[?] refer you to my letter of the 20 Inst - calling upon you as the representation of your late Fatherto deliver to me all Books Accounts, Notes &cappertaining to wreck, that he had in his possessionat the time of his decease, - at the same time I beg to assure you that whatever emolumentshe might have been entitled to, - up to that time, -shall be duly paid to you, - But I apprehendyou have no authority, - as your fathersrepresentative, - to make sale of any wreck &cas his authority ceased with his existence -should you have made arrangements for Sale of any wreck property - I beg you will have thegoodness to cancel the same - Also to apprizeme when it will be convenient for you to deliver to me the Books &c required by myaforesaid letter of the 20 Inst


Stephenson JamesBridlington

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24 Oct 1855

Received from Mr James Stephensonof Bridlington Quay the undermentionedBooks & Papers appertaining to the Office of Recr.of Droits of Admiralty

viz1 Report Book

1 Admiralty Regulations respecting Sights

6 Forms of Wreck Returns

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6 Forms of Entries in Report Book 1 Copy of Instructions 1 Report Book to Secy at Lloyds) 1 Book account of [Droits?] recd and [disposal?] 6 Accounts of Sale of Wreck by Lt. Stewart 1 Account of [droits?] in [Admiralty Zan at Bridlington?] [Quay?]

J. Sparrow


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29 Oct. 1855

Sir -- Having been informed that you possess Manorial rights over a portion of the Coast between Flamborough Head & the [Spurn Point[s?,] --- ?] I am directed by the Board of Trade, -- as the Receiver of Wreck for that District, -- to bring under your notice the 454th Section of the [M. S?] Act of 1854 (17 & 18 _?_ c 104) -- Whereby it is enacted that

"Any Lord of the Manor who is entitled to "unclaimed Wreck, found on any place [etc. / &c?] -- "such Lord of the Manor shall deliver to such "Receiver a statement containing the particulars "of his Title & the address to which notices are to "be sent -- and upon such statement being so "delivered -- and Proof made [etc. / &c?] -- such "Receiver whenever he takes possession of any "Wreck shall send notice accordingly," --

I will therefore thank you to inform me of the extent of Coast within the said limits over which you claim Manorial rights, --with the particulars of your Title thereto, -- and the address to which I am to send notices, -- Unless you have already done so in compliance with the [10th?] Sec of the act 9 & 10 [?] -- in which latter case I will thank you to inform me of the date of your letter & to whom such particulars were supplied J.S. Copies sent to - [Sir C Constable ? Burton Constable] [Sir H. Boynton ? Burton Agnes] [Sir ?. Strickland ? Boyton] [W. Strickland Esq. Flambro] - (over)

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