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24, Wm Ingram was here to breakfast & got 13 lb Wool. I told him I would give Mr.Ben Porter Credit for £13.16.8 and Charge to his account with G.Taylor - John Taylor found Mr.Ingram's pocket book & brought it to the house & Ingram came & got it soon after. J. Taylor was on his way to Fredericksburg &c. C.Taylor borrowed 2 1/2 Bus Wheat - Smart Wind - Thunder and a little rain.
25, Very cool for the season - Clea r- Dined at Uncle Taylor's, J.Taylor & family there I car'd some Linen &c to Mrs Burnley for a Coat -
26, Dined at J.Taylor's- Uncle Taylor & Aunt, Rob Taylor & J.Taylor's wife. Mrs James & Mrs Clark & C.Taylor, were there. The Cart brought 400 Pales from Walkers. Feet, the Pales so sorry, not to send for more.
27, Cloudy & some rain All day. J.Taylor, Ch Taylor & Rob't Taylor dined here.
28, Foggy morning, cleared without rain. Went with my father to Herndon's Mill on fishing party. Heard that Virginia adopted the New Constitution in the Convention at Richmond, Wednesday the 25th, instant. We had 25 persons at Herndon's Mill, where we cooked and dined - Mess'rs Hay & F.Taliaferro, Uncle Taylor & Robert, Hub Taylor, Bro'rs James, Ch's & Reuban, J.Taylor jr - Capt Scott, Mr Cowherd, Capt Herndon, WmAlcock, Capt Hansford, Alex'r & And'w Shepherd, Tho's & James Bell. Mr.Tho's Bell and his son James & some others were there. We had plenty to eat and drink - two seines were employed. Mrs Burnley sent home a Coat she made for me in evening.
29, [Sunday] Went to Church - Mr. Waddill preached - After dinner we went to C.Taylor's Capt Conway there. Heard John Taylor (son of Erasmus WKA) had a *son born last night or this morning. [*This son was Judge John Moore Taylor, who afterward married Ann Foote-P.F.T]
30, C.Taylor sent home work bench & ret'd ______ feet plank. Got 20 pieces of Bacon, w't 168 lbs. W.Alcock sent ab't 9 gals Rum in a Keg, which we emptied and filled with Peach Brandy - C.Taylor came by & I rode to Court house with him, Where a good many neighbors were & agreed to have a Barbecue the 11th July - Went to C.Taylor's to dinner. Col.Madison & family & Maj'r Moore & family dined there.
1, My father rode to Uncle Taylor to see John Taylor & they agreed to go to Rockingham next Thursday - We dined at home. I walked in evening to J.Taylor's & returned. Sent Frank with Linen to Mrs Burnley, who cut a Coat & a pair Breeches out for him.
2, planted some Beans in morning. Capt Burnley sent for my father & me to dine with him - Jno Bell & wife & Jas Taylor there. T he day before yesterday killed a weasel, which had in the night before killed several Turkeys & chickens.
3, C.Taylor came here and left directions for Will to take physick. My father set out to go with John Taylor to Rockingham. Bro'r James sent a piece of Beef & came here, asked me to dine with him, he being cutting wheat. Maj'r Moore & Abner Porter dined there - there was a little shower of rain. George & Frank went to assist cutting J.T's wheat . Capt Burnley & Bell walked here in evening & returned.
4. [word crossed out. Cloudy morning and a little rain, & a light shower in evening. I rode to court house after dinner - there was a sale. Z.Herndon had 2 horses a bed sold on execution. Sent 3 yds. Drogheda Linen yesterday to pay Mrs Burnley for making a Coat & Cutting out for Frank, which she chose rather than money -
5, Clear morning. Tho's Mallory sent his son Reuben for Wool. I delivered him 27 1/2 pounds. I dined at J.Taylor's, who got his Wheat & Rye secured to-day A little shower of Rain late in afternoon.
6, I continued at home all day. Morning foggy & Mist in afternoon, several fine showers but little Thunder. [Sunday]
7, Spence Mozingo here & got 7lb Bacon for which he is to pay Cash - Jos Clark got a jug Brandy for harvest which he began this morning, 7 quarts. Killed a Ram for Harvest People & let them have a Midling of Bacon 9 lb. Fine day till a shower ab't an hour by Sun.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING:[ underscored] MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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