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10, My father rode to Court house and let Blair have 5 Hnds Tob'o which he is to give the best price for, he came home to dinner - Carted 57 Posts from Capt. Burnley's -
11, Replanted Water melons in large patch & finished planting peas there. I. Potatoes in Sweet patch. G.Taylor and self went to *C.Taylor's-Maj'r Moore, Mrs. Moore, Miss Polly, + Capt Conway, Mrs Conway & Miss F.Madison there. Gave my watch to J.Taylor to carry to White, watch-maker.
[*Dr.Charles Taylor, married March 11, 1777: Sarah Conway, daughter of Francis & Sarah [Taliaferro] Conway. The latter (Sarah Taliaferro Conway), after the death of her first husband, Francis Conway, married, as his second wife, Col.George Taylor, by whom she had George Conway Taylor. PFT]
[+"Capt.Conway," was Capt Catlett Conway, brother of Sarah (Conway) Taylor. He married Susannah Fitzhugh, daughter of John and Alice [Thornton] Fitzhugh.-PFT]
12, Mrs. Haynes & J.Clark breakfasted here. Capt Conway & C.Taylor dined here. Wm. Bell came for C.Taylor after dinner to go to see his wife, who is sick. Cart brought 2 loads, about 800 pales.
13, Went fishing as low as Church. Met Capt Burnley on the way, he went with me, we caught but few- Capt Burnley gave me his- Rain made us take shelter in the Church-fine season- Cart brought 2 loads pales.
14, Rainy all day, very moderate, without thunder- Cart brought a load Pales, abott 1,920 in the whole. Planted Cabbage plants-
15, [Sunday] Went with G.Taylor to J.Taylor's and dined, Reuben Taylor came by Midland & to J.Taylor's -After dinner Hub Taylor walked there - His waggon to take a load of Tob'o for G.T. to morrow to carry to Fredericksburg. Saw C.Taylor at J.Taylor's, says he intends to Fred'g Tuesday morning. Cloudy & foggy -evening Clear-
16, Hub'd Taylor's waggon came for Tob'o. Cloudy morning, a little rain in evening, sent a Guinea pr my father to C.Taylor to purchase some articles for me, from Fred'g where he intends & goes part of the way to-day.
17, Went fishing at Dade's Mil l- J.Taylor & J.Taylor jr., Reuben Taylor, Hub. Taylor, Capt Burnley & John Taylor were of the party - We did not catch many but cooked them & with cold Victuals made a good meal. Fra's Taliaferro & Ch's Holloway were at the Shop and went to the Spring & eat & drank with us - Smart Showers and some thunder. A lamb was dead, hung in the fence.
18, Thunder & Rain in the night. G.Taylor went to Alcock's bought Cask to make Vinegar. Negro Will hired to Pritchett came here with note that he had the venereal disorder. A few drops Rain in evening.
19, Thunder & Rain again last night, cleared ab't 7 o'clock. G.Taylor went after dinner to C.Taylor's, who got home to day from Fredericksburg - J.Taylor dined here -
20, Capt. Burnley breakfasted here - I sent Frank to cut Grass seed - he could find but little.
21, Lent C.Taylor my horse to ride to Col Taylor's quarter - He came by & set off after breakfast . Capt Burnley came by with him & went home. J.Clark breakfasted here. C.Taylor came back in evening & told me he had bought some things for me & ret'd half a Guinea I sent pr him. G.Taylor made two Cases bottles Cherry bounce. The weather has been Cloudy & rainy, for some time, till to day-
22, [Sunday] C.Taylor came here and breakfasted, got Sledge & brought home some articles H.Taylor's waggon brought him up. After dinner G.T. and self went to C.Taylor's - He delivered me some medecine bought for me at Fred'g. My father & self bought 11 Chickens at 3d.
23, J.Taylor sent and got 2 1/2 bus' Wheat, lent. Went to Court - Rob't Taylor returned my Interest Warrants & said the Auditor told him it was not necessary to have them registered-

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING [underscored] : MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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