Francis Taylor Diary

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Francis Taylor (1747-1799) was an officer in the American Revolution and later a planter in Orange County, Va. Taylor lived at Midland Plantation with his father, Colonel George Taylor (died 1794). The collection includes a typed transcription of a diary, 1786-1799, of the daily activities, business and leisure, of Francis Taylor. In addition to farm activities, the diary records daily weather conditions, social and religious activities, purchases, election returns, and local events. From 1789 until 1799 there is a chronological list at the end of each year of the births, deaths, and marriages in the neighborhood. Persons mentioned belonged to the Burnley, Catlett, Madison, Pendleton, and Taylor families. Also included are some military returns of the 4th Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army.


Diary, 1786-1799

Diary, 1786-1799

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