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15, Out Negroes shelled a bag, ab't 3 Bus' Corn (last night) to send to Mill which was done to-day - Cloudy & some rain, and continued all day - I staid at home-
16, Cloudy all day - I rode to the Court house - Mess'rs Shepherd & Downey just going to Fred'g, sent a letter to my father - returned by J.Taylor's & dined there. Jno Bledsoe was at Midland when I got home & received Two bushels of wheat on Spence Mozingo's account.
17, Foggy morning- Capt Burnley here to breakfast & said Uncle Taylor's family, Mr Belmain &c are to dine with him to-day - and asked me to dinner - I gave him some Indian peas (C.Conways). Tho's Mallory changed half a Joe with me for 4 Dollars & Cut money - Little Peter went to Mill for Rachel &c- Fine warm day. Dined at Capt Burnley's - Maj'r Moore, Mrs Moore, Miss Polly, Mr & Mrs Belmain, Aunt Taylor & Mrs Glassell were there. Capt Burnley's daughter Judy baptized. Eat Strawberries.
18, [Sunday] At Church - Mr. Waddill preached to-day. Mr.Balmain gave notice that on Sunday next he would preach and administer the Sacrament. I dined at J.Taylors a little shower in the evening.
19, C.Taylor came by & I went with him to Howarth's and bought sundries - we came home to dinner & J.Clark dined with us - We had a bowl of Punch . Warm day, some clouds but no rain. Saw Light bugs, or flies.
20, Went fishing with J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr., T.Barbour and Ch's Taylor - Bit midling well - Came by Orchard near Ingrams & eat some cherries - Sent George in my father's mare in a sledge for a Table which I paid W.Gibson for some time ago. He got a Table but said Gibson was not at Mr.Cartles. I think it is not the Table was made for me. Heard Locusts cry.
21, Thunder & lightning last night & a very little rain. Capt Burnley's boy had 2 1/2 Bus' Wheat my father gave him. He dined here, a shower of rain fell & he went home. J.Clark planted the Tob'o Ground next the house. Thunder shower with smart wind - the rain fell hastily and washed -
22, Rainy night and showery day - J.Clark planting in the old ground hills not cut off. Heard Catlett James died this morning - Moses went to make a coffin - I went to Court house in afternoon - Col.Towels [Towles-PFT] had property under ex'on of Terrils Ex'ors, but there was no bidder.
23, Hub Taylor came here and I went with him to Uncle Taylor's, Maj'r Moore, Capt Burnley, Mr.T.Bell, Maj'r Lee, their wives &c, Mr & Mrs Balmain & J.Taylor Jr dined there - Jno Taylor & wife & Rob't Taylor were from home - Showery and a little hail. In evening came by J.Taylor's - Hear C.Taylor had a daughter born the 21st, inst (patsy,-AGG-) [-Martha, PFT] Wed'y last. This morning Replanted Melons, very few left that were formerly planted, the bugs &c had destroyed them.
24, Went before breakfast to James Taylor's, assisted him about the Dockett &c. Mr & Mrs Belmain, Capt & Mrs Burnley, Rob Taylor, his wife, Miss'es S.Madison & Polly Moore, C.Taylor & Aunt Taylor dined there. T.Barbour's child was baptized and named "James Taylor," very cool & a few drops rain. G.Taylor got home from Caroline -
25, Went with G.Taylor to Church - Mr Belmain preached & Adm'd the Sacrament . We came home to dinner, a Shower about 2 o'clock but passed mostly to the North.
26, Went with G.Taylor to Court. There was a trial of C.Conway's Joe for Stealing goods out of a waggon. He confessed and was burnt in the hand & rec'd 39 lashes - A.Porter p'd for Warrants had last year of me. Let Holmes have stuff to make me a Vest & pr Breeches -
27, Went again to Court, was chilly & very unwell after the middle of day - took some pills at night. J.Clark's boy sent 2 1/2 Bus' Corn to Mill.
28, Took dose Salts and staid at home - G.Taylor walked to Court & dined on his return at Uncle Taylor's. A few drops of rain - weather cool for several days.
29, My health better. I went to Catlett James's funeral. Mr Leland preached, came home to dinner, after dinner G.Taylor rode to H.Taylors - I walked to J.Taylor J.Pendleton's wife & both Miss Caty Pendletons there - J.Pendleton went home to-day

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING [underscored]: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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