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1, G.Taylor went to Hub'd Taylor & Maj'r Moore Surveyed the land G.T. sold H.Taylor Reuben Taylor & Jn'o Brookman car'd Chain - the Quantity was 40 acres - I went to Howarths & bought a few articles and came to Hub Taylor's to dinner - Mrs Moore, Miss P Moore, Mrs Burnley & R.Taylor's family were there. A thunder Shower and some rain in Afternoon.
2, Sent by S.Daniel who was going to Maj'r Lees for Nails to Capt Hansford, who sent me 7 Gallons Cyder. C.Taylor was going up the road and called by 9 o'clock. Thunder shower in afternoon-
3, Sent to Mill - Rainy afternoon. Hub'd Taylor sent some Asparagus - J.Clark had about Bus' Irish Potatoes-
4, We dined at J.Taylor's, John Taylor came there in the evening - Fair day, the first for some time - Turkey hatched 8 young - the first here - [Sunday]
5, Robert Taylor came very early and at six o'clock he & G.Taylor set off to Fredericksburg &c- C.Taylor was here when they went away- Clear day- J.Taylor got a Bus' Irish Potatoes to plant. Had Peas &c weeded. Planted Watermelon seed. Three first rows on the right next the Tobacco, W.Madison's large kind. Three next, sent by C.Taylor from Hanover. The other three, the sort 1 had last year Also planted Pompion, and Replanted Simblings, Cucumber & Muskmelon seeds. Tho's Mallory came to work at J.Clark's. Moses went to get Timber for Pales. Rolling two Hnds Tobacco with the Oxen.
6, J.Clark sent Jack for Meat for T.Mallory, Cooper- Sent a Shoulder, Midling and Gammon weighing 24 1/2 lb. Packed Bacon in Salt (vizt. Gammons & Shoulders on hand- 38 Gammons- 35 Shoulders & 38 Midlings. A few drops rain. J.Taylor was here for Cimbling seed.
7, Had Indian Pea patch plowed, & planted the lower part. First with Col.Barbour's sort, next Gentlefolks peas. Weather clear & windy since the 3rd, Saturday past. Let T.Mallory have a bottle Brandy to drink at his work. Sowed some Cabbage & Cale seed.
8, C.Taylor sent about a Gallon Indian peas, which Capt Conway had left there for us - Sent C.T. a Busel of Irish Potatoes to plant. Had the peas planted and Irish potatoes with them. I dined at J.Taylor's and walked with T.Barbour to Mr Goodlets School in evening - 34 scholars. Rained a few drops in evening. T.Mallory went home.
9, A great rain fell in the night, cleared about day. Had Cabbages planted about the old plant patch. A young mare of my father's foaled to-day - the Mare poor & did not appear fond of her foal which is a mare. I did not know she was pregnant until to-day- [R?]. Taylor & family dined at C.Taylors- after dinner he walked here & staid two or three hours till his family came against the house, when he joined them. Smart wind & a few drops rain- Thunder & black cloud to South, cool at night- Saw a few peas blossomed yesterday.
10, Shower of rain with thunder before day - Mist and cloudy in morning and cont'd with fine rain all day. H.Taylor came here, I rode with him to the Court house, but the day was so wet, very few people were there. Heard the River was past fording and rising. paid Hansford for Cyder I had last week -
11, [Sunday] Rained a good deal last night, cloudy this morning, cleared off. The colt foaled last Friday died to-day - Whitsunday- I dined at J.Taylor's, J.Taylor jr in Culpeper.
12, Cool and clear, I walked to a sale at Court house, some negroes were offered but I did not see any bought - There were a good many people there, I dined at Alcock's-Rec'd a letter with Cabbage & Cucumber seeds from G.Taylor, by Maj'r A.Madison, who has been to Caroline.
13, Dined at J.Taylor's -Col.Madison jr (afterward president U.S.-WKA), Uncle & Aunt Taylor, Jno. & Robert Taylor & their wives - Mrs Belmain & Jenny Taylor, & Ch's Taylor were there. Weather cool - [Mrs Belmain was Lucy Taylor, dau. of Erasmus. She married Rev.Alex'r Balmain, a Church of England Clergyman at Winchester, Va.-WKA]
14, Dined at Uncle Taylor's- Mr.Belmain got there from Richmond, Jas Taylor, his wife, C.Taylor, Ch Dickinson, Capt Burnley & family, Maj'r Moore, Col. Madison jr. Mrs Glassell & children were there. col Madison with Maj'r Moore were at Goodlet's School examining the Scholars on Education. Rained a little in evening.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: [underscored] MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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