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1, My father came from Mr.T.Bells & says he heard that the Rev'd Alex'r Balmain was married to Lucy Taylor yesterday. Weather cold & Cloudy, some snow upon Great Mountains-
2, Very great White Frost and Ground Frozen, weather cold. Went to Court of examination on Micajah Morris, charged with Stealing a Horse, the property of Wm Pettyjohn a Delegate from Monongalia- He was sentenced to be sent to Gen't Court for further trial. Bro.James's wife dined at Capt Burnleys with Mr Belmain & spouse & R.Taylors family- Says J.Taylors family & G.Taylors company are desired to Dine at Uncle E.Taylors tomorrow. Gave Mr.F.Madison a memo to purchase some Locks &c at Fredericksb'g next week-
3, G.Taylor, J.Taylor, Molly Taylor & F.T. went to E Taylor to dinner. Maj'r Moore & family & Capt Burnley & family dined there- Paid Mrs.Burnley for making 2 vests. Weather rather warmer. Mrs Glassell at Uncle Taylors.
4, Went to Midland-Mr Ingram had sent the Cart to Capt Walkers for load Plank which was brought in Evening- I carried some Hinges to Mr.Shepherds Shop to have the holes out for screws. Got 11 pair Hinges cut & left 9 pair which are to be cut Monday morning- Bought 6 pr hinges for G.Taylor at Maj'r Lees at 3/2 pr pair, who had bought 6 pair at 1/6 the 2d instant.
Exchanged 1 Doz Knives & forks at Maj'r Lees which had bought there & gave 3/6 more- Ch Dickinson gave me a [Molcdore?] to get changed & next day at Church pd him 6 Dollars. Saw Col'o Madison who had rec'd a letter from his son dated 1st instant which mentioned the Assembly had that day determined against making paper money 84 to 17. Hear that Indians have joined against us in the West & have killed some people, also in Georgia.
5, [Sunday] Went to Church - Mr. Belmain preached, & is to set out with his wife tomorrow on his way home- G.Taylor went from Church to C.Taylors. John Pendleton, his wife and Aunt Thomas got to J Taylors in the evening. Yesterday the Joiners put up the Bodies of the Meat house & Dairy- the underpin'g being done.
6, Went to Court house, Winslow Parker set off with Morris from aol for Richmond Ja's & Ch Taylor went to hunt at Capt Scotts, I dined at Mr. Shepherds, got hinges done, 9 pair to day making 20 in all & paid 5/- Great many Hnds Tob'o rolling- Mr.Belmain, his wife, Mrs Glassell &c set off from Uncle E.Taylors.
7, Went to Midland- Mr. Dickinson underpinning Porch- Ch's Porter Hung some Doors & windows- Weather warm & fine-
8, My father came to J.Taylors in the morning and I went with him & J.Pendleton to Hubb'd Taylors and viewed about thirty acres of G.Taylors land which H.Taylor wanted to buy but they did notagree. G.T. said he would not take less than 25/- per acre. Maj'r Moore, his wife, and Rob't Taylors wife dined at J.Taylors.
9, J.Pendleton went to Capt Burnleys who sent word that Maj'r Willis was to Hunt from Hub'd Taylors this morning- He returned at noon & had not started a Fox- Set in rainy about 12 o'clock - My father came from his building and dined here- rained moderate all the afternoon- Cart bro't load from Walkers.
10, John Pendleton & F.T. went to Wilsons Store bought some trifles - 4 paint Brushes for G.T. -1/3- Laid by Teakettle- We came to Col'o Madisons to Dinner & staid till next day- This day dark, cloudy & little rain.
11, Col Madison, J.Pendleton & F.T. went to Maj'r A Madisons, where a Company of young ladies had been quilting and had a Dance last night & the Company staid till this evening when most of them retired- Maj'r Moore & wife there we got home after sunset. Aunt Thomas here. Col.Pendleton got here about 7 o'clock at night (on his way home from Richmond). Cleared in the night and a fine day but cool.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING [underscored]: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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