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23, He set out after breakfast. I went to Midland, wrote to Draper to send Scantling for my father & gave the letter to Ch's Porter. Mr.Ingram promised to go w'th Cart to Walkers Saw Mill tomorrow -Note that Capt Walker told me last friday that I might had F Edge plank for Cash at 40/- Com'n Inch at 45/- broad & Flooring at 60/- best inch at 48/- Mr.Ingram to get such as he wants. Cherry tree in bloom, pretty full at Midland. Jos Clark told me one Side of Leather is stolen from G.Taylor -out of two -J.Taylors Negro George being examined confessed that he had stolen a Side Leather from Mr. Shepherd w'ch he produced- J Clark went w'th him to Mr.Shepherd who confined him for trial tomorrow. Ch's Porter brought 221 feet 8 Scantling.
24, Went to Mr. Shepherds where sundry Negro's were examined about stealing leather, but there not being sufficient Proof to condemn them(though circumstances strong) they were all discharged. G.Taylors Cart brought 325 feet Flooring plank from Walkers Sawmill.
25, Ch's Dickinson finished Chimney today. My father came from Haleys this morning & got to C Taylors to Breakfast. Went to Gen'l Muster. Capt W.White came to J.Taylors- Mr.W. Beale spoke about coming to view the land my father intends to sell - Gave Ch's Porter his bond for Scantling.
26, Went to Court, Mr Shepherds Waggon brought sundry Articles for my fathers house from Fred'g viz. Glass, Hinges, Locks, Putty, Paint &c- Paid Capt James Walker in full for Plank had from him £39.9.0 he agreed to pay for expense of Mr.Shepherds Wag'n going to Sawmill & being disappointed. Spoke to Morgan Finnel, who promised to send a Load of Scantling tomorrow by Mr.Shepherds Wag'n at 50/- pr M. Lent said Finnel 6/- to buy files.
Gave my measure to Mr. Hancher who promised to have two good pr Shoes made & sent up to Mr Newmans for me- M. Taylor & James ret'd from Culpeper.
27, Went to Courthouse, E.Atkins who was bailed to appear on his trial today charged with Stealing Leather did not appear- Col'o Madisons servant came up from Fred'g with his Masters horses and passed the Court house & says his Master set off in the Stage this morning for Richmond. C.Dickinson began to under-pin the Dairy- Mr.Shepherds Waggon brought from Saw Mill a load of Scantling of Morgan Finnel, 430 feet 4 inches- Capt H.Pendleton & wife came to J.Taylors ab't sunset. Mr.Belmain made a short visit in the evening.
28, Went to Midland with G.Taylor- The locks & Hinges brought from Fred'g not well suited to put on House - Glass pretty good. Dined at Ch's Taylors. Got some Apples in his Orchard & brought home. Capt Pendleton &c bro'r James & family went to Mrs.Thomas's & ret'd in evening- Do.my father. Mrs Thomas very ill-
29, G.Taylor went to C.Taylors, G.C.Taylor who came from there says Capt Conway is there. Got my two flannel vests made by Mrs Burnley brought home by Frank Ja Gaines called on his return from Mrs Thomas's where a Daughter of Capt. Buckner's (who died last tuesday, supposed by swallowing a Bean the Saturday before, or of worms) was buried today- Capt Pendleton & wife set off after dinner to J.Waughs, on their way home.
30, Rainy morning & for some hours before day. No rain since 6th inst till this. Mr. Belmain came before Breakfast & got a Licence to Marry Lucy Taylor. M.Throckmorton & sister, Tho Barbour & sister and Miss Polly Moore came here after dinner.
31, Cold and Cloudy- Began to wear my Flannel Jacket. Bro'r James went yesterday to see Maj'r Madison by whom he wanted to send to Richmond, he was at Col'o Madisons & is not going - Bro'r James staid at Col.Madisons last night & got home to dinner. Mr.Nat Gordon & his brother & the Company who came last evening & G.C.Taylor dined here and went away in evening- Mr.Gordon talks of purchasing Maj'r Willis's land & wanted to get the courses of it- Ch's Dickinson began to Rive laths & nail them on yesterday & to day. The 28th I got 11 yards fine linen, which my father let me have, cost 2/6 Ster'g per yard.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING [underscored]: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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