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10, Apprentices returned last night. I went by Ch's Taylors, he told me he forgot to give my letter to my father - I wrote another and inclosed the former to send by Peter who goes down to look for C.Taylors horse, which he lost at Fredericksburg last week. I killed Three Squirrils-
11, J.Taylor went to Gaines's who is to make him a pair of Cart Wheels - and then to Col'o Alcocks where the Com'rs were laying off Mrs Alcocks thirds. I mixed 8 Pennyw't Ipecac, 2 p'w Rhubard, 2 Pwt Saltpetre & 2 or 3 pwt Magnesia with Castile Soap w'ch made 90 pills began to take them.
12, J.Pendleton his wife & sister Caty, H.Pendleton Jr. J.B.Pendleton & M.Taylor set off from J.Taylors to Culpeper. J.Clark killed a Beef, sent a hind quarter to J.Taylors, I do. to W.Ingram wt 67 lb. at 2d. - 1 Fore quarter to C.Taylor and kept the other. Cooking has been at J.Clarks since the 1st of this month for C.Dickinson & c- Rob't Taylor was at Middleburn, spoke to Mr.Ingram ab't doing his work, but could not agree about the price -
13, Peter brought C.Taylors horse from Fred'g. Bro'r James's Family & self went to Dine at Uncle E.Taylors. Capt Burnley & wife, Cousin M.Chew & C.Taylor were there. M.Chew came to J.Taylor's.
14, Went to H'd Taylors & dined there, Col.J.Taylor there and told me he had agreed to take a place H.Taylor bo't of T.Graves & let H.T. have the place he lives on - H.Taylor told me that laths may be got on his land for my fathers house. Let Col Taylor have 30- for Phil Taylors use. Hub'd Taylor & his father intends down tomorrow - Beat Cyder at H. Taylors - Mrs Burnley & Miss M.Chew at J.Taylors when I returned - & went to Capt Burnleys. The weather has been remarkably warm and good for a week.
C.Taylor told me yesterday there was 3 p's bacon at his house w'ch should be sent to J.Clarks for workmen, he sent 3 p's ab't 1st Oct'r they were all small and that there was no more. George bro't horses from Culpeper.
15, [Sunday] Morning foggy and warm.
16, Went with J.Taylor & family to Capt Burnleys, J.Caines also dined there-and came to J.Taylors.
17, Rainy morning till 9 o'clock - I went to Mr Shepherds & got Jo Griffy to go for aload to Porters S.Mill - He returned at night and said Draper refused to let him haul Timber - I think C.Porter ought to pay for the Waggon hire -I paid W.Martin 18/- pr Ch Dickinsons order for G.Taylor. Had my horse shod at Mr.Shepherds shop and paid 2/6-
18, Met Capt Burnley & went to Wilsons Store, C.Taylor came there & he and Capt Burnley went to Col.Burnleys. I returned and overtook Mr.Joel Early above Court house, he invited me to the ordinary & treated with pint of wine -
19, Fine weather, some Frost Went to C.Taylors, Capt Burnley, his wife, Misses Judy Burnley, Nancy Bell, Lucy & Jenny Taylor dined there.
20, Went to Called Court on Frances Taylor charged with the murder of her bast'd child, there was not proof to condemn her - I paid Maj'r Cowherd for Castile soap 1/6 w'ch he got at Richmond, bought 3 doz thr'd butt's to put to Under Jackets 7 1/2 d - Saw Mr.Belmains Horses at Uncle Taylors who came down to day from Mr.Glassells with Uncle and Aunt Taylor - Saw Mr.Bowie, who with his wife was at Mr Shepherds-
21, Went to Shooting match at Glebe - Two Beeves shot for - one of B.Porter's & one of Jos Woods - P.Sanford had dinner, I dined for 2/-
22, [Sunday] Went to Church, heard Mr. Waddil preach Mr Belmain there - Major Hite was at Church and told me the oil had all leaked out of the Cask, which he [?] had promised to send my father. G.C.Taylor got up last night from Caroline and says U.Taylor will be up next tuesday or wednesday. Fine weather & midling Congregation- Mrs James came to J Taylors to Dinner Col'o J.Pendleton came here about sunset on his way to the Assembly and-

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING [underscored]: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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