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12, Cool mornings- Col.Pendleton went after breakfast towards home. Aunt Thomas, Sister, M.Taylor, John Pendleton & J.Taylor jun'r went to Church. Bro'r James having hurt his leg & I not being very well did not go to Church. Little rain, G.Taylor, C.Taylor & Miss M.Chew came here from Church to dinner- The latter staid 'till next day- Hear Aunt Battaile is dangerouslyill.
13 G.Taylor came by on his way to Hub'd Taylor's Col Taylors Waggon is there, came up Saturday and brought up 1 doz chairs from R'd Taylors for G.Taylor. Bro'r Benj'a wrote up to have his young horse sent down by William & the Waggon who are to go tomorrow. Miss M.Chew went home before noon- G.Taylor came here from Hub'd Taylors to dinner & went after to C.Taylors.
14, James bro't Jug of oil from H.Taylors to the building- My father went to Midland early, expected the Waggon wou'd have brought some Chairs, w'ch Col Taylors Wag'n bro't from Caroline, but the Wag'n did not. G.T.came here to breakfast & staid the day. Aunt Thomas, J.Taylors wife & M.Taylor went to Maj'r Lees & ret'd in evening. H.Taylors Waggon brot two loads for J.Taylor from Walkers Mill.
15, Went by Midland- saw H'd Taylor, who said his Waggon should go next day for Timber from Walkers Mill- I went to Uncle E.Taylors, My father, Aunt Thomas J.Taylor & family dined there.
16, G.Taylor & F.T. went to Midland. H.Taylors Waggon came by & went for a load, which it brought from Walkers in the evening- I dined at C.Taylors with G.Taylor- Raised the Roofs of Meat house and Dairy- My fathers Negroes went rolling with two [Hads?] Tob'c.
17, J.Taylor & family, G.Taylor & F.Taylor Dined at Maj'r Moores, he was gone to Fred'g, C.T. & F.T. came by Uncle E. Taylors to J.Taylors-
18, Rain, hail & snow, the snow cov'd ground but melted chiefly as it fell. G.Taylor staid here.
19, [Sunday] Cloudy & Misty. I paid Morgan Finnel 15/6 the balance of 21/6 for 430 feet Scantling. G.Taylor went in evening to C.Taylors-
20, Cloudy & foggy with some rain. The trees & houses covered with ice, which melted off about noon. cont'd cloudy all day. J.Pendleton went to Culpeper Court. I went to Shepherd & Lees stores, saw F.Madison who told me he bought only one lock for G.Taylor, could get no chalk. C.Dickinson (who had been all last week gone to Louisa) returned to work, and sent word he wanted 4 M. more 4d Nails which I got at Lees for G.Taylor. Mr T. Barbour jr came to J.Taylors at night.
21, Foggy, but likely to clear off fine and warm- Two sheep were killed and one wounded last night at Midland by a Wolf or Wolves. I went to Midland, my father was there and came here to dinner. Aunt Thomas, Rob't Taylors wife, Miss Jane Taylor & Miss Nancy Bell & G.C.Taylor dined here. I received a pair Gold Sleeve buttons w'ch Col Madison had made for me to Northward & paid 2 dollars for making, having sent a pair w'ch cost me 15/- so they cost 27/- Maj'r Madison left them with G.Taylor at Ch's Taylors yesterday.
22, Began to snow before day and was about 2 inches deep- Snowed & a mist or rain all day but did not increase in depth. Maj'r Moore dined here, he had been in search of Wolves which laid in the Mountain last night. T.Barbour went away with Maj'r Moore.
23, Foggy wet morning and day. I went to Court-got 1M 4[?] Nails for G.T. at Mr. Shepherds - Very dirty, most of the snow melted, cleared at night. Paid 21/- to W.Martin for C.Dickenson. T.Barbour & G.C.Taylor came to J.Taylors & staid.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING [underscored]: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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