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31, Cloudy morning, warm and fair & dry. I killed a lamb wether, ¼ to M.Biggers.
Col.E.Pendelton, E. Pendelton,younger,
Rob'tTaylor,C.P.Howard,T.Jenkins,And.Shepherd jr,Maj'r Moore, J.Taylor, J. Taylor jr.,C.Taylor, Reu Taylor dined here-- We had good peaches &c-- After dinner Peter Fontaine came, he went to J.Taylor's --[ Peter Fontaine was 1st husband of Catherine, dau.Commodore Richard Taylor-- WKA]

1, Friday, Warm, hazy. Frank mowing weeds on clover patch. I took Ipecac & Jallup & was at home. One Hanno, a Dutchman, got 91/4 lb.Wool & paid 12/- Trod wheat. I walked to wheat yard in evening.
2. Very warm Morn. A sprinkle of rain in evening. Treading wheat. Sary delivered of a boy (by Venus) ab't 4 o'clock afternoon. William Stanard & son Carter, came here after dinner-- and staid.
3, Sunday, Cloudy morn-rained about 8 o'clock moderate, cleared before noon--weather cool. I delivered 40 sheep to William Stanard, for them he paid me L20. l sent assistance to drive them into the main road-- He & son & servant set off
with the Sheep after breakfast. 28 sheep left. I paid Sam Daniel 6/- for l doz. chickens had formerly & 1/2 doz. now. I paid Venus 10/-- for delivering Sary of a male child. I paid Woods' Harry 4/6 for 2 Trays. I walked to J. Taylor's,he & son James went to Church but the parson was not there. J.Taylor jr & wife and E.Chew dined at J.T's. Nancy at J.Pendelton's. Rec'd a Letter from Jon'a Taylor jr.,9d postage.
4, Fair pleasant morn. I sent Frank with Sledge to Mr.Shepherd's & got a Cask Port wine which I spoke to Mr.J.Blair to get for me. There was 38 bottles and came safe. Began to pull Corn blades in mountain field. C.Taylor called here,going to Mrs. Madison's to see R'd Lee.
5, Warm morning, cool at night. William Stewart sent Daniel & got 19 lb. Wool being all I had. I went to J.Taylor's(being sent for) C.Taylor,G.C.Taylor, C.Bell, & E.Chew there, J.Taylor jr.& wife at home.
6, Wednesday, Cool and clear. I ground Coffee & both sorts pepper. In evening I walked to J.Taylor's. Maj'r Moore was there and Reu Taylor called after I was there
7, Continues cool, dry. Had leather(Tanned at J.Taylor's) brought home.Wm.Hancock exchanged Ab't 6 Bus' Early for Red Wheat. I walked to C.Taylor's in the evening. J.Taylor went there after The Girls & G.C.Taylor not ret'd from Aunt Taylor's.
8, Cool and clear, very dry. Removed Hhd Corn, 15th. I rode to Court house, read Newspapers, ret'd to dinner. I gave T.Bell his acco't for 18 lb Butter,he did not pay. Wm Stewart had his own pot full of butter--the butter,pot & coarse towell 11 lb weight. I waked in evening to J.Taylor's,he gone to T.Barbour's.
9, Cloudy morn, small rain afternoon. I rode to Court house-- A vestry was appointed, but only five members met. I came back to dinner. I paid 3/- to Mr.Shepherd, which he paid Medley for ringing Cask Port wine from Fredericksburg-- Capt.Conway & Mr. O'Neill went on--F. Conway and Phil Barbourcalled and got peaches & to overtake them-- Cleaned part of Wheat which was left in chaff & put in cellar & wheat house.
10, Sunday, Fair,pleasant morning and day. I bought 2 small baskets for 1/6 of Mrs Bell's Frank. I walked to Mrs Burnley's. Col. Burnley, Hardin Burnley, his wife, Reuben Burnley, John Burnley, Arch'd Wilson, Capt Howell Lewis, Doct'r W. Shepherd, Aunt Taylor, C.P. Howard & wife, T.Bell &wife, T.Bell jr. Rob't Taylor and wife dined there. I received a letter from F.S.Taylor,dated 19th Aug't, mentions having sent me some things.
11, Cool,Fair, dry. Thos Bell came here and looked at my large steer,and agreed to give me 20 dollars for him. I rode with T.Bell to his house,he paid me 3 dollars fo 18 lb butter sold him 28 Ulto. I sent Frank & got a box & 2 reams paper sent from NOrfolk by F.S.Taylor, the box contains 1 bottle of Castor.}

From the Taylor Diary #1907 - z in the Southern Historical Collection,
University of North CarolinaLibrary, Chapel Hill.

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As a farmer, I find this a very typical life. September seems a little late for peaches.