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effectually to check the barrage of falsehoods and sham of the
Germans, Russia would not only be lost as a fighting power for
the allies, but would eventually be turned into a base of supply
for the enemy. In short, in the months of May and June, 1917
I gave Mr. Creel a picture of Russia of the months of February
and March 1918.

And I begged to be allowed to go to Russia, not only because
of my thorough knowledge of its language, life and men, but, mainly
because of my intimate familliarity with the ways and methods of
the German propaganda, which I learned not from newspapers and
magazines, but from close contact with the men engaged in that
propaganda in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia, during this war.

Again, when I applied for some diplomatic appointment
in Vladivostok, Harbin, and especially Scandinavia, I just had
in view the German propaganda, and the increasing tempo of
alarming events, which, I thought, justified precautions unthink-
able otherwise.

Mr. President, I have given away for the country my all,
and more than my all, since my boy--my only child-- nineteen
years old, is now on the way to France. All that I ask of you
is an opportunity to give whatever is still left within me for the

I remain as ever, faithfully and loyally yours

Hon. WOODROW WILSON, President,
White House, Washington, D. C.


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