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Personal. 21 March, 1918

My dear Mr. Miller:

I have your letter of March nineteenth.
You may be sure that both Mr. Creel and I sincere-
ly desire to find for you some work which would
be suitable and worth doing, and our failure has
not been due to disinclination or indifference.

I am sorry to say that I believe it
would be a very great mistake to send additional
representatives to Russia at this time. Mr. Creel
has been able to accomplish a remarkable work in
the way of disseminating true information in Russia,
and the doors there are closing one after another
as the Germans advance. I think it is the common
opinion amongst us here that further attempts to
have American opinion directly represented in Russia
at the present time would be a mistake.

In haste

Sincerely yours,

Mr. L. E. Miller.
151 Canal Street.
New York City.


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