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March 19th, 1918

My Dear Mr. President;

Fully conscious of my selfishness, but with hope for your
forgiveness, I must again abuse your patient kindness.

About a week after my letter, asking you to help me to "do
my bit" I received the following from Mr. Creel:

"Your letter to the President has been handed to
me with an urgent request from him to do some-
thing in the matter.- - - - -I am giving
every thought to you, and hope that I may be
able to suggest something very shortly."

This letter was addressed to me February the 15th. March
the 15th I received from Mr. Creel the following communication:

- - - - -"At our last interview I told you
distinctly that I had been able to do nothing
that I knew of nothing, and that there was
nothing to be expected of me. -- - - -
If you can develop anything through your own
initiative, I shall be glad to join in your
support. I have the deepest appreciation of
all that you have done, and as far as I am
concerned, there is absolutely nothing in sight."

Thrown upon my "own initiative", I have now but one course
and that is again to address myself to you. Your sympathetic
interest in my fate, and generous support of my request, if I be
permitted to judge, show a genuine desire on your part to help ne.

The unfortunate moment in Mr. Creel’s conception of my
desire is an assumption that I am after a "job". I am not,
Mr. President.

Immediately upon our entry into the war, I pointed out to
Mr. Creel in a language as clear as I dared to make it that unless
America organizes in Russia an extensive and forceful propaganda


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