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Letter to Mr Milne requesting a Report on a printed Form of the wreck of the vessel "Capital" J.S. Marginalia: Mr Milne Holmpton

31/12/59 Vessel "Capital" Dear Mr Milne, Let me know as quickly as possible, - whether you have any claims on the "Capital" Faithfully yours. J.S. Marginalia: C Mr Milne Holmpton

31/12/59 Vessel "Capital" Similar letter to Lt Poynton R.M. resptg vessel "Capital" J.S. Marginalia: C Lt Poynton R M Patrington

31/12/59 Vessel "Amalthea" Dear Mr Milne Enquire of the agent of the "Amalthea" whether the articles belong to that ship, if the parts of masts belong to her - all the others must belong to her also Therefore if he will pay travelling 2/6 and 4/- cartage and give the salvers something for the goods - let him have the proceeds of sale.

In all cases where there is not an owner, I give the best salvage I earn! - but where there is an owner salvers should settle with him.

Let me know how you settle as soon as you can., faithfully yours. J. S. {J.M.} Marginalia: A Mr Milne Holmpton

Monthly & Quarterly account of wreck transmitted 3 January 1860. Marginalia: W Secty Marine Depts Bd of Trade

4/1/60 Mrs Sarah Sutton Vessel "Capital" Sir:

This morning Mrs Sarah Sutton called upon me and requested that I would deliver to her the account Book, some private papers, - and letters, (one written to Mrs Sutton) which have been lodged with me

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from the wreck of the vessel "Capital," - Samuel Bowser Master, - of which you were the managing owner, - on the ground that she is the sister of Mrs Bowser, and mother of the little girl of the name of Sutton who was lost in that vessel, - I have gone through the papers which were placed in my hands with Mr Souster auctioneer in the abscene of Mr Clarkson who is now at Shields.

Should you not object I will deliver to Mrs Sutton the documents referred to and the remaining papers which appertain to the vessel, to your agent Mr Clarkson. I am sir; , your obdt servt J.S. {J.M.}

I will thank you for a reply by return of post as Mrs Sutton is going with her husband to Misselthorn in Essex. Marginalia: John Scott by Sandall near Wakefield

5/1/60 Vessel "James & Francis"

The Receiver of wreck Hull is requested to complete the annexed return and forward the same to the department as early as possible. J.N. Faver Bd of Trade 30/12/59

The vessel herein referred to - although registered at Hull, belonged to Mr Rhodes Hudson of Goole. - The Collector, - at Goole is therefore requested to com-plete the return as above requested. J.S. 5/1/60 Marginalia: J C&C Goole

5 Jany 1860 Vessel "Amelia" Mr Ross

I am obliged by your attention to this matter and have seen Mr Hewett - the French Vice Consul on the subject and have satisifed him that a duty is due of 5 per cent on the Hull and materials of the vessel "Amelia," - Her sails are free of duty, - I have however assented to {her} the vessel, materials and sails being put up Marginalia: A

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in one lot, on condition that the sails be valued immediately after the sail is over and such amount deducted from the gross amount of proceeds of sale, - Mr Hewetts clerk will be at the sale He will leave here by the 12 o clock Tram.

Should Captn Palmers be at Home, - consult with him about valueing the sails; you will I doubt not with, - or without assistance come to a proper conlcusion on that point, faithfully yours Return all the papers. J.S. Marginalia: Mr Ross Bridlington

Wreck Forms returned to Stupps Master, Hull 11/1/60 Sir

With reference to Bd of Trades circular no 63 dated 1 April 1857, herewith you will receive the un-dermentioned forms which have become obsolete form WRI - 8 sheets I am sir; your obd sevt Form WRI 2 10 sheets Form WRI 4a 26 sheets Form WRI 5 13 sheets Return of wreck 242 sheets Form WI 10 10 sheets Form WI 11 11 sheets Form WI 18 3 sheets Form WI 19 16 sheets Form WI 20 16 sheets J.S. Marginalia: W Shppg Master

Form W 28 sent to Mr Milne for signature. J.M. Marginalia: FM Mr Milne

Vessel "Orient" Wreck 11 Jany 1860


With reference to my letter of the 6 [?] on the subjects of the loss of the "Orient! of the Port on the Island of Rudsear in the Gulf of Finland on the 6th Octh last.

I beg to accquaint you that I handed all the papers in my possession to "Mr O. Dowd" and the enquiry took place on the 14th mth before the stipendiary magistrate of Marginalia: O see 137

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this Borough, and Captn Harris of the Board of Trade. The expenses incurred are as follows by:

Mr Davis - Tidesurveyors - £0 - 12Ds - 6s serving 5 summonses Mr Agne, magistrates clerk - £3 - 13Ds - 10s

Summonses served 9 'Deck Heaving 14th Deck Mr Dyson - mast six days Mr James Hounshaw - mate - ditto John Maiden, seaman - ditto James Scarlett, seaman - ditto Summons served 10 'Deck Wm Major, seaman 5 days {Total £}

I have not placed any amount opposite the names of the parties who were summoned assuming that nothing will be allowed to Mr Dyson the master mar Mr Hounshaw the mate, - and with respect to the seamen, I have left blanks opposite their names because they understood they were each to to have 5/- pr day for the number of days they were obtained under summons. I am sir; your obdt sevt a J.S. Marginalia: The solicitor Buston House

17th Jany 1860 Vessel "Rebecca & Elizabeth"

My Dear Sir;

I enclose £5-0-0 to be distributed to Coast Guard Officers {to be distributed} for services rendered to vessel above named.

Acknowledge receipt hereon to. Yours truly J.S. Marginalia: R see 137

no of note 07138 Ct. Poynter R.M. Patrington

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21/1/60 Vessel "Capital" Dear Sir;

I, enclose £5-0-0 for your Establishment, acknowledge Receipt hereon, - and sign and return enclosed acknowledgement for owners Truly yours. J.S. Marginalia: Lt Paynton A.N. Patrington

Vessel "Capital" Board of trade Marine Department Minute Paper P1414 Registered 30 Jany 1860 Referred to Mr Farrer Capt Robertson

The Receiver of Wreck Custera House, Hull For his report J.H. Farrer 30 Jany 1860

208 The Wreck of the "Capital" took place on the morning of the 26th October last, - and as all persons on board were drowned she was taken possession of - on my behalf by the Coast Guard Officer in the district. But Mr Scott,one of the owners who lives near Wakefield,having been telegraphed for - was on the spot early on the 27th and directed Mr Clarkson to act for him in his absence. - During the time Mr Scott remained he identified the bodies of the master, mate and females who were washed on shore and conducted their funerals.

Therefore, as the Vessel be - was but a short time in my charge - and the loss being - in a pecuniary point of view - a very severe one - I am of opinion that this is a case in which the charge of commission on the value of the property saved might be waived James Sparrow C.H. Hull 31/1/60 Marginalia: C

see John 145

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