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23, Sunday, Fair morning-broken clouds in evening. I went to J.Taylor's - Mrs Parsons, J.Taylor jr & wife, E Chew, dined there.
24, Fair morning - some clouds- fair evening. I walked to court, D.Triplett paid for balance of Bacon had the 10th instant, of which I made no account 31/5, Jos. Bell paid 10d for balance of Bacon had in August. I bought Table cloth, Anderson's pills & a Book, of Pedlars 21/- I agree with Malachi Atkins as mentioned the 10th instant except that he agreed to have 28 instead of $30 - There was a considerable large number of People at Court and James Barbour & Rob't Taylor spoke in behalf of sundry Resolves to be presented to the next Session of Assembly, to which Col.Johnson was almost the only dissenter.
25, Tuesday, Very clear morn & cool. Richard Noel Sent a Guinea & got 10 lb bacon & 3 dollars -28/- in return. Reuben Taylor walked here, I walked to the Court house with him. There was a sale of the Stock of Horses &c of T.Bell's Est'e which were sold at a high price. We came with Mess'rs Howard and C.Taylor's & dined there. Mrs Smock & Mrs Wardell were there- Sally & Betsy Taylor came after we got there. Frank gathered the Apples, says only a small quantity. Frank says C.Bell, J.Taylor jr's wife & Nancy Taylor had been here.
26, Some white frost in my garden, very clear, cool day. I went to C.Taylor's, Mrs. Smock, Mrs Wardell, Sally Burnley and Nancy Taylor dined there. C.Taylor expected Mess'rs Howards, but Col.Pendleton was to dine at Aunt Taylor's which prevented their coming. I killed the bees in my two old hives, suppose 3 or 4 Gallons on honey in them.
27, Clear cool morn, cloudy & warmer afternoon. C.Taylor sent 4/6 & got 4 1/2 lb Hog's lard - I went there to dinner. Mr John Howard, Mrs Smock, Mrs Wardell, Aunt Taylor, Mrs Howard & J.Taylor there. Stacked part of my Fodder tops.
28, Clear and remarkably cold for the season, and windy. J.Taylor came by, I went with him to Mrs Burnley's to dinner, his wife, J.Taylor jr's wife, Nancy Taylor Maj'r Moore,J.Moore's wife, Mr.J.Howard,Aunt Taylor, Mrs Howard, Mrs Smock, Mrs Wardell, Charles, Thomas & Milley Bell, Nancy & Sally Miller, C.Taylor, Sally & Betsy Taylor there.
29, Saturday, Very cold last night and this morning, remarkably clear-Still evening and more mild. Reuben Taylor walked here, said he wished to borrow $20. I did not lend it, as he said Mrs Taliaferro wanted it in advance for board of his sons. We walked to J.Taylor's. I walked with the latter to Rob't Taylor's. Col.E.Pendleton & wife, E.Pendleton jr & wife, Aunt Taylor, Mr.J.Howard, C.P. Howard & wife, Col.J.Madison jr & wife, Miss Ann Payne and Ch's Taylor dined there. Mrs Smock, Mrs Wardell & other company at J.Taylor's.
30, White frost, very clear day & mild evening. I went to J.Taylor's, gave him a mem'dum to get me sundry articles at Fred'g, where he is going tomorrow. Tho's Barbour & family got to J.Taylor's to dinner, he is going down with J.Taylor & I requested him to assist in getting things for me. Nancy & Sally Miller & Sally Burnley, J.Taylor jr & wife dined at J.Taylor's - C.Taylor there in evening. M.Biggers measured Wheat (a day or two ago) & says 178 Bushels in Hhds in the Wheat house. Seed sown 58 1/2,
Crop this year, 236 1/2

1, Monday, A little white frost, clear mild day- very dry. Sent 2 bags Corn to Madison's Mill and got ground. Wm Stewart's Daniel got 3 p/s 31 lb Bacon for his master. About getting Fodder tops togethe r- they have been to dry for several days and continue. Sent Essex to Mr.Shepherd's with Cart & got a Barrel of Herrings & 1 lb Salts, sent there by Mess'rs Blairs. Took out 20th Hhd Corn.
2, Fair and warm, Scattering clouds in evening. Finished putting up Fodder tops. I took a dose of Salts - S.Daniel taken sick yesterday but does not want to take physick. M.Biggers covered Shelter by Corn house with Slabs and dined here. Patsy Leathers was here & got 2 Setts knitting pins - J.Taylor's Cart got 4 Bus' Corn for him & 3 bushels for Roger Bell, which I lend & they are to send corn to repay, when seasoned. J.Taylor had 6 bus more the 9th - 10 total.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING:[underscored] MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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