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9, Sunday, Hazy, My black mare brought from Mrs Burnley's. M. Biggers rode here yesterday. J. Taylor sent and got a pot part full of butter, weighed with towel 15½ lb gross, pot 6½ Nt 9 lb. weighed 10, Oct'r.Mr Daniel Triplett called here, paid me $3.12.7 in part for Bacon to be sent for. I went to J. Taylor's to dinner. Mrs Parsons, Rich'd Noel & family, *Thos Crutchfield, C. Taylor's wife & daughter Betsy & children there. [* married Ann P., dau. of James Taylor, WKA]
10, Sunshine, a little hazy. Daniel Triplett sent Charles Smith with a Waggon, who received 36¾Bushels Wheat, being the last of my old crop. I delivered him 3 Shoulders & 2 Gammons old, 2 Shoulders & 2 Gammons new Bacon, 104 Lb, see yesterday - Malachi Adkins came to agree to Oversee my plantation next year- I told him I would determine at our next Court- If I employ hin, to allow him $30. wages- find 400 lb pork, 6 Barrels Corn, 1 Bus' Salt and allow him a cow to milk.
11, A very little rain last night, warm thin clouds & hazy. J. Taylor Jun'r called here in morning. Got some peaches &c.
12, Smoky & hazy, sunshine, clouds in evening. J. Taylor jr sent Billy & got ½ Barrel Corn I had given him. Wm Stewart sent Daniel & got 3 pieces, 27 lb bacon. Mrs Burnley sent for me to dinner - Mr John Howard, C.P. Howard and wife, were there - After dinner C.P. Howard & I walked from Mrs Burnley's to Court house, and got the Newspapers - I got two, Mercer & Carter's beginning at No 41. A.Finnel paid 6/- he owed - Came by Aunt Taylor's & home.
13, Fair a smoky appearance - I dined at home - After dinner walked to J. Taylor's. Mrs Parsons there - J. Taylor jr & wife got here from Majo'r Moore's, whilst I was there. About securing [Fodder]blades, done pulling
14, Fair and warm. I sent a Gammon old bacon 10 1/2 lb, 3 lb Butter, Bread & potatoes, by Frank, to Barbecue at Courthouse - to which I went and dined &c. The Company was genteel & a good number. I paid 4/6 to J. Bell for my part incidental expenses. Received 22/- of Stephen Fox for 22 lb bacon had Aug't 19,
15, Fair warm weather. I dined at home. Finished cocking Fodder. Evening walked to J. Taylor's - he & son gone to Barnett's ford - There were several persons at J.Taylor's -
16, Sunday, Fair and warm. I walked to ( Sermon by Mr O'Neill) at Court house dined at Aunt Taylor's - Nancy & Sally Miller, Sally Burnley, Messrs Howards, there. Came home by J. Taylor's. T. Crutchfield & Mrs Parsons there. Sary had her child Christened Ben ( at C. Taylor's) C.Taylor's son Christened at same tine.
17, Fair warm morn and do. evening. Killed a Shoat, gave M.Biggers ¼Began to sow Early Wheat - A Bus'Sown 10 days ago. Mr.John Howard, C.P.Howard & James Taylor jr dined here. J.Taylor brought 7 squirrels, had 4 of them potted.
18, Broken clouds, very warm, light showers afternoon. Sent Frank with 2 bags corn & got ground at Madison's Mill. Sowing E.Wheat. I staid at home all day.
19, Cloudy warm morning, Fair day. Sowing wheat. Picked Geese, Frank sayd 40 - about 7 lb feathers. I walked by J. Taylor's, where Mrs Parsons is unwell, went to Aunt Taylor's -dined there with Reu Taylorm Reuben Smith, Mr J. Howard, C.P. Howard & wife. Went after dinner to court house, paid Smith 3/- for Soaling my shoes -Got Newspapers.
20, A little Fog. Fair, warm. Finished Sowing Wheat, 21 1/2 Bus Early-
(37 bus Red; 21½ = 48½ sown); Took out 19th Hogshead Corn.
Mr John Howard, C.P.Howard, Colo J.Madison jr, J.Taylor, C.Taylor & Chas Bell dined here. Began to Cut Fodder Corn tops.
21, Friday, Rained a little in last night & this morning - warm. Fair after - morn cooler. Had 7 Shoats Spayed, 2 cut & one marked and left a Boar - 1 of the spayed died immediately, had it Butchered & gave a Quarter to M.Biggers. I went to J.Taylor's - John & C.P. Howard, C.Taylor, Mrs Parsons, Nelly Barbour C. Bell & E.Chew dined there.
22, Fair pleasant very clear at night. I walked to Aunt Taylor's - Maj'r Moore, J. Moore & wife, Rob't Moore, Jas Taylor & wife, Nancy Taylor, J. Taylor jr & wife, Capt R'd Barbour, Mrs Parsons, C. Taylor, Mr John Howard, dined there.

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