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196 H/3/1888 -2-
John Bentley and Samuel Hopkins
were to report on the subject of bees attack
-ing grapes. The result of their investigations
was that bagging would save the grapes.

The President gave the Society the
privileges of changing their officers, but
the members decided to "hold fast that
which is good", The 1st reader, Carrie
Farquhar, read an interesting article on
"Lessons of Life" from the "Friends Intelligen
cer." and an unfinished poem written by
Edward Farquhar and we all wished it
had been completed. 2nd reader, John
Bentley, had not expected to be at the meeting
so had nothing prepared. Eliza Farquhar
read "Plants for amateurs to raise, among
those mentioned were, moon-flower, Golden
Margurite, Fuchsias, Roses and geraniums

1 What is a good grapevine to plant?
The Concord
2 Has any one raised Spanish Onion?
not much known about them
3 What is the best time to trim climbing
roses? When the green begins to show
cut back about 3 feet.
4 Is it considered best to spray apple
trees with Paris Green to make more per
fect apples?
5 How train grape vine 10 or 12 feet apart
So as to get the most grapes with least

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