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H/3/1888 -1- 195
Brooke Grove
March 25th 1888 noon temp 36°
The 25th anniversary of the Horticultural
was held at Brooke Grove Mar. 26th 1888
George and Eliza Brooke having invited the
1st regular meeting of the Society to be held
at their house 25 years ago. The occasion
was made especially interesting by contributions
from different members; a history of the
Society embracing important facts since its
origin was prepared by Margaret Magruder, one
of it originators, and a poem by Henry C. Hal-
-lowell, which gave a touching tribute to Francis
Miller, who was chief originator of the society
and to others who are mourned by us.

The secretary being absent Mary Stab
ler was appointed to serve for this meet
ing. The absent members were those from
White Hall, Willow Grove, Falling Green Longwood
and Riverside. Chicken report,
Brooke Grove 4, Rock Spring 26. Hermon 18
total 48.

The President in an earnest manner
desired each member to bring something
to contribute to the interest of the meeting
in order to make the Society a still greater
sucess, and the Secretary was especially
requested to notify the readers of their
appointment a few days previous to the

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