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H/3/1888 -3- 197
In vinyards they always train to stakes
but wires were suggested to raise the most

6 Is it best to give young chickens as much
milk as they can drink? Some think it
wont hurt.
7 How get rid of plantain on a lawn?
Sow ashes every week in summer
and cover thick, using a lawn mower
contantly, or dig each plant up
8 Is it too late to trim a grape vine? No.
9 What is the best way to raise plums?
Put a sheet under a tree & shake every morn
10 Is it a good time to enrich rose bushes?
11 Wait until they are trimmed & spring comes.
11 Is it too soon to trim raspberries? Yes.
12 What is the best kind of earth for hot bed?
Rich garden earth, mixed with sand,
bone dust, and wood's earth.
13 Is it worth while to get apricot trees and
would they grow? They would grow trained
against a building
14 Is is too soon to take the manure from
strawberry beds? Yes
15 What is the best way to raise salsify?
Buy the seed from Henderson & plant 6 in apart
16 What is best to do with a bulb bed?
Rake off and leave for awhile
17 What do you know of the "Jessie" Strawberry?
Nothing is known of it

Henry Miller recommended Kainit for
enriching grape vines, He also gave a
mode for keeping salsify which was to

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