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Clear & Cloudy -
65 Ther. Saturday May 19th 1894. Variable Wind.

Rained very hard last night, several times.
I drove over to Riverside to see Bro Richd
Edwd went with me in Henderson's "buckboard"
which we left at Henderson's as we
came home. We brought home some "Pyries
Japonicas" which Harriet & Dora planted in
the yard. Remus Hill Sr called to see
me about some School matters. Afternoon
Edwd went to "Cloverlay" for a music lesson.
I went up to Henderson's for the papers and
borrowed a little hay. It rained quite
hard this afternoon.

Cloudy & Showers
Ther. 66 Sunday 20th S.E Wind.

Rained again last night & showery this
morning. Edwd drove Dora up to Brighton
& left her at E. Peirce's. I went over to meeting
but was called away by "Lem" Purvis to extract
a tooth for Mrs Purvis. Edwd came
home to dinner. Afternoon Flecher Clark
was here for advice & medicine for his
infant son again.

Cloudy & Clearing -
Ther. 58° Monday, May 21st 1894. S.E. Wind.

Rained again several times last night.
I rode down to Ashton on horseback before
dinner. Marjory Clark was here. Afternoon,
Miss MaryColt called & left air cushion
I had loaned them. The sun shone out, and
it seems to be trying to clear off: but does not
seem to succeed, the wind still holding
in the Easterly quarter.

Cloudy & Foggy -
Ther. 56° Tuesday 22d N.E. Wind.

Edwd was up early & fed the horse, &
after getting some breakfast went to bring
Dora home from E. Peirce's, where she has been
since Sunday. Phil Robison went with him
to Thos Lea's: they started at 6-30. & returned
about 8-o'clk a.m. I am not feeling
at all well today, "headache & rheumatic
pains" owing to the continued damp weather
I suppose. We had fire in the dining
room & this afternoon I made a fire in
the coal stove in our room, to dispel the
dampness that has invaded the entire
house "up stairs & down."

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