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Clear -
Ther. 55 Tuesday, May 15,th 1894. Wind.

It "sprinkled" rain last night but
is clear this morning. I drove over
to Dr R Brooke's, after dining with
him we went to Rockville together
to a meeting of the County Medical
Society: the first meeting this year.
I called & left "School papers" with
Mr J Higgins in Rockville.
Reached home about 6-30 p.m. Bro:
Chas called this morning & Lizzie this
afternoon. he, after I had gone & she,
before I returned. Dora went with sister
Lizzie to make a call at Dr Magruder's.
this afternoon.

Cloudy & Rain -
Ther. 54 Wednesday 16th Variable Wind.

It rained several times today.
I took "Frank" horse up to eat grass above
the mill. I also mowed some grass and
wheeled it to the stable. I took the
"near" hind wheel of the phaeton up to
Billy Oldfield's shop to have it repaired
towards evening I brought a bunch of
hay from Henderson's stable down to
our own for the horse. Bro Chas called
in passing and reported Bro: Richard
as being rather better within the
past day or two. After supper I walked
up to the shops, hoping to find my wheel
finished, but was disappointed.

Cloudy -
Ther. Thursday May 17th 1894. Wind.

We had quite a thunder gust about 2
o clock this a.m. & lasting until after 4
o. clk. It rained hard several times. Bro:
Chas: called for me to go & see Bro Rchd again.
I drove over to Riverside in Henderson's "buckboard,"
Frank Robison going with me, we called
at P.T. Stabler's to see about Mrs R's flour. Afternoon
there was a "match game" of base ball
Burnt Mills against Sherwood, the latter
winning by a score 27 to 12. Fletcher Clarke
was here for advice & medicine for his infant
son. Miss Grace Harvey also here to consult
me again. Lizzie Scott called to bring
us some nice lettuce. We finished the
lath screen on east end of kitchen porch.
I walked up to the store.

Cloudy & Clearing
Ther. Friday 18th Variable Wind

Fletcher Clark sent for me to go & prescribe
for his infant son. I walked across
through the woods. Frank Robison went with
me taking the horse with him. I borrowed
Fletcher's spring wagon, & came home in
it. Frank R. went on to Riverside and
brought back a barrel of yellow corn
on the ear, which I engaged of Bro: Richard,
getting back & unloaded before dinner
time. Afternoon Joseph Stabler brought
two loads of hay to Henderson's & I went up to see him
about bringing me a load. Sister Lizzie called
& took Dora to call upon Friend Hadasah Moore
at Plainfield & came home in time to escape a
thunder storm, which, although not severe
lasted more or less until dark. I went up
to the shops & brought my buggy wheel

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