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Cloudy & Rain
Ther. 60. Wednesday, May 23d 1894 NE Wind

Raw & disagreeable. We had quite a
tunder storm this morning, with heavy
rain, and occasional showers all day.
I mowed some grass for the horse before
dinner. Afternoon I walked up to the
store. Mr: Halowell boarding at
"Marden" brought two little boys to
the office for advice & medicine, they
were his nephews. "Turner" brought
them in the Marden carriage.

Ther. Thursday, 24th Wind

I drove over to Riverside in Mrs
Hazen's road cart taking the lawn mower
& leaving it at Thos Lea's to be "overhauled"
Afternoon Joseph Stabler brought me an
ox cart load of good timothy & greengrass
hay. Tilman Mitchells son called and I
paid him one dollar on account of plowing
the lot. Brother Richard seems better than
for some time past. he rode over to Ashton
both yesterday & to day. We had a thundergust
this afternoon soon after 3 o'clk,

Clear & Cloudy -
Ther. 57° Friday, May 25th 1894. Changable Wind.

I used Henderson's lawn mower & cut
the grass all around the house; it was
quite a task as the frequent rains have
made it grow very rapidly, and it had
got ahead of me. Afternoon "Prof: Hall"
who is to deliver a lecture at the Lyceum
tomorrow evening. upon "Dreams and
Godly Things" called to see me. The Sherwood
boys base ball club & the Sandy
Spring "nine" played a match game in
Allan Farquhar's field: The Sherwood
boys were beaten. After supper Edwd
went to A.G. Thoma's to the "Dance Club"
It rained several showers to day , but no
hard rain.

Clear -
Ther. 57° Saturday, 26th N.W. Wind.

Dora, Edwd, Bessie & Hillis Robison
left here in the Surry for Silver Springs and
Washington about 6-15 this morning. Bro:
Chas called for medicine for Bro Richard
Miss Alice Tyson & Mr Halowell brought
the two little Halowell boys to consult
me again. Afternoon I trimmed the
honeysuckle hedge in front of the house.
The children got home at 8-30 p.m. Dora
remained in Washington to spend a
few days with cousin Hannah Archer.
It looked as if we would have a gust
about supper time but it passed north
of us, giving us some wind & a "sprinkle".
We may have more before morning.

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Line 64 - Hannah's last name, is it Areher, Avelier, Aveher? Please check.