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Remarks on board Saturday the 2nd of Nov.
These 24 hoursCommences with moderate
Breeze. We saw a Gam of whales and
lowered the boats and Mr. Jones
[ILLUSTRATION] Whale tail - 70
boat got fast and the Capt
fastened and soon got ?loos and short
after Mr Jones ?loos and Mr.
Fordhamgot fast and the whale
sounded and hook his line and Mr.
Jones soon fastened and the Capt fastened
and we killed it and got it along side
and cut it in.
129 Days out

Remarks on boardSunday the 3d. These
24 hours Commenceswith pleasant
Breeze. We saw several whale. Mr Jones
[ILLUSTRATION] Whale tail - 70
and Mr Fordham loweredtheir boats
and went after them and Mr Jones
boat soon ot fast and Mr Fordham got
fast and soon got it to spouting blood
and the others very soon went away
and we soon killed it and got it along
side and begun to cut it in.
130 Days out

Remarks on board Monday the 4th. These
24 hours Commences with fresh wind
and squally with rain and thunder. We put
the oil beween decks and took in sail.
AM a Gale of wind at 6 put out
the ire and went below.
131 Days out