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List of Members 2-1916

List of Members 1-1-1717

Hallie J. Bentley /

Elma P. Chandlee Homewood
xMary T. Bond - Magnolia
xLouisa T. Brooke - Holly Cottage
Elizabeth C. Davis - Knowlton
India Downey - Charley Forest
Ellen Farquhar - The Cedars
Martha Farquhar - Mt. Olney
Mary E. Gilpin - /

Emilie T. Massey - Avalon
Sallie R. Janney - Brooke Meadow
Sarah T. Miller - /
Rebecca T. Miller - \ Mt. Airy
Eliza N. Moore - Norwood & Margaret C. Bancroft
Margaret G. T. Moore - Plainfield
Mary Scott - Rangely
Fanny B. Snowden - Ingleside
Albina O. Stabler - Sunnyside
Elizabeth T. Stabler - The Cottage
Virginia Steer
Mary Bentley Thomas - /
Mary E. Thomas - \ Belmont
Alice Tyson - Marden
Sarah F. Willson - Longmeade

20 active members 5 associate members

Waiting List

Mary Janney Hutton. elected 1917
Amy Hutton and sister elected 1917
Mariana S. Miller
Florence M. Hallowell & sister Julia Hallowell elected 1917
Sarah T. M. Adams
Margaret Jones
Mrs. Nichols

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