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List of Members 2-1916

Hallie J. Bentley \
Elma P. Chandlee \ Homewood
Annie M. Chandlee /
[x] Mary T. Bond Magnolia
[x] Louisa T. Brooke Holly Cottage
Elizabeth C. Davis Knowlton
India Downey Charley Forest
Ellen Farquhar The Cedars
Martha T. Farquhar Mt. Olney
Mary E. Gilpin / Avalon
Emilie T. Massey \ Avalon
[x] Martha Holland
Sallie R. Jauney Brooke Meadow
Sarah T. Miller / Mt. Airy
Rebecca T. Miller \ Mt. Airy
Eliza N. Moore Norwood
Estelle T. Moore Pen-y-Bryn
Margaret G. T. Moore Plainfield
Mary Scott Rangely
Fanny B. Snowden Ingleside
Albina Q. Stabler Sunnyside
Elizabeth T. Stabler The Cottage
Virginia Steer
Mary Bentley Thomas / Belmont
Mary E. Thomas \ Belmont
Alice Tyson Marden
Sarah F. Willson Longmeade
20 active members 5 associate members

Waiting List

Mary Janney Hutton. elected 1917
Amy Hutton and sister " " [elected 1917]
Mariana S. Miller
Florence M. Hallowell & sister Julia Hallowell elected 1917
Sarah T. M. Adams
Margaret Jones
Mrs. Nicholls

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