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List of Association Members, 3-26-1918

Hallie J. Bentley \ Mary Scott
Elma P. Chandlee Fanny B. Snowden
Annie M. Chandlee / Albina O. Stabler
Elizabeth C. Davis Elizabeth T. Stabler
India Downey Virginia Steer
Ellen Farquhar Mary Bentley Thomas \
Mary E. Gilpin \ Mary E. Thomas /
Emilie T. Massey / Alice Tyson
Julia Hallowell Sarah F. Willson
Amy Hutton \
Elise Hutton
Mary B. Hutton /
Sallie R. Janney Waiting List
Sarah T. Miller \ Sarah T. M. Adams
Rebecca T. Miller / Mariana S. Miller
Eliza N. Moore Margaret E. Jones
Margaret C. Bancroft Mary Nicholls
Estelle T. Moore
Margaret G. T. Moore

Waiting List
Sarah T. M. Adams
Mariana S. Miller
Margaret E. Jones
Mary Nicholls

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