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Bible, Old Testament, Irish
Leabhuir ha Seintiomna. 4°
London: printers name is not given, 1685.
Ref: D + M. 5534 Wing 2759A, R-Petri #315.
Copy: HEHL, Yale, L.C. Newberry.
The editio princeps of the O.T. in Irish.
This version was made by William Bedel (1571-1642)
the eminent Bishop of Kilmore who died from the
results of hardships in the Irish Rebellion of 1641;
aided by Murtagh O'Ciong or King (who had
assisted W. Daniel in preparing the N.T. of 1602) +
Dennis O'Sheriden; though it is not printed till more than
40 years after the death of the principal translator.
This ed. (consisting of about 500 copies) like the
N.T. of 1681 c which it is uniform, was printed
c the Irish type presented by the Hon. R. Boyle +
chiefly at his expense. The volume does not include
the Apocrypha.

1 f. blank (or - in some copies - bearing on verso a
note on the Irish type), title, verso blank; text 1142 pp.,
1 f. blank. 574 ff. Text in double col., c marginal
references. 240 x 182 mm.
1602 - 1st ed. N.T. in Irish. John Franke: Dublin. f° 500 copies
1690 - 1st ed. of the Irish Bible contained in 1 vol.
R. Everingham: London, 12°.

my leaf pp. 1047-48, Ezekiel 40:28 → 41:15
Qqqqqq4 (of 4)
(before 1106 A.D.) - Lebor na h Uidre (The Book of the Dun Cow) is the
oldest surviving MSS written entirely in Irish.
Earlier books in Latin have notes + glosses in Irish,
but this is the earliest book of Irish literature which
survives. (Dublin: the Royal Irish Academy).

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