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Esechiel beings on p. 991 Iiiiii^4 (of 4)
ends on p. 1059 Ssssss^2 (of 4)

De Hamel

"Robert Boyle (1627-91), the physicist who is especially
famous how for his scientific work + as te proponent
of 'Boyle's Law' was also a remarkable student of the
Bible. He knew Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee + Syriac. He
took a great interest in translating the Bible for
missionary work. This was still a new concept.
He spent £700 on the publication of the Bible
in an Irish translation, the N.T. in 1681 + the
O.T. in 1685. An Irish typeface was cut especially
for this ed. Boyle arranged for the book to be circulated among the Gaelic speakers of
the Scottish highlands as well, where it
enjoyed a notable success among those who hardly knew English, if at all."

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