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7th ed. 18th all at HEHL 13th 15th ed.

Petrus Lombardus: Sententiarum libri IV Basel: N. Kesler.
Goff P-484 1486 54 lines 221 (234) x 129 mm 232 leaves
P-491 1488 55 " 225 (238) x 137 mm 281 "
P-492 1489 55 " 226 (240) x 137 mm 280 "
P-495 1492 55 " 224 (237) x 137 mm 252 "
P-496 1498 55 " 224 (237) x 134 mm 256 "
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P. Lombard wrote the Sentences while professor at the cathedral school
of Notre Dame in Paris. It was "the fundamental book of all
medieval theology, one might say even the starting point not
only of Paris University itself but of all university + theological
teaching....it was not only the basis of all later theological
science in its doctrine, it was the basis in a much more
literal sense, for the majority of the subsequent theological
works were written in the form of commentaries on the
Sentences. The principal books embodying the thought of
Aquinas, Bonaventura, Duns Scotus + so on down to
Gabriel Biel are their commentaries of the IV Libri Sententiarum."
Maggs Cat. 200 -- Written between 1148 + 1150 the Sententise is primarily a
collection of opinions of the fathers of the Church, arranged on
the basis of the aphorisms of Augustine, the author's favorite
authority. It is divided into 4 books, the 1st treating of God,
the second of the Creation + Sin, the third of the Incarnation
and the Virtues, + the 4th of the Sacraments + the Last 4
Things. This work became the standard textbook of Catholic
theology during the Middle Ages.
- The extant early ed. of the Sentences are far less numerous
than those of the commentaries written on them. The
earliest, indeed the one + only Paris printed ed. of the
foremost of all Paris textbooks does not appear until 1510.

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