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Seneca's extant works - 7 groups
1) Dialogorum libri XII
2) De beneficiis + De clementia
3) Natuales quaestiones
4) Epistulae morales ad Lucilium
5) 10 Tragoediae
6) Apocolocyntosis
7) Epigrams

In his collection of Controversiae + Suasoriae we have
a vast array of fragments of declemation; from Seneca
(the elder) more than from any other ancient author,
derives the surley exaggerated view that declamations
consisted of little but epigram.
index heading "Hoc in Volumine haec omnia Senecae
opera continentur"
end of volume - L. Annei Senecae Suasorium [inserted] eloquence speech of advice [end inserted] +
Controversiarum libri sex: In quo sunt
quines' & triginta." begins clxxiii
ends ccviii

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