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Andrew Stewart
Helpringham, England
Jan. '95
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Seutonius Tranquillus, Gaius (b. c AD 70)
Vitae XII Caesarum (with the commentary of M. Antonius
Sabellicus) known in an issue with variant colophon,
See #190 wherein "Gorgonzola" appears in place of "Mediolano." f^0.
Ref: Goff S-824 HC 15124 Polain (B) 3629 Pr 5512
BMC V 543
Copy: HEHL, LC, Harv CL
Venice: Damianus de Mediolano de Gorgonzola, 29 March 1493.
a^8 b-u^6 x^8 130 leaves, 2-129 so numbered. 4^a: 60 lines (62)
of commentary surrounding the text, + headline. 241(251)x
160mm. hiiii Octavius Augusstus. 48.

Type: 150 G title
104R (P1) heavy text type with separate Q.
81R (P2) bulk of book. Com. tyep with single long tailed Qu
111R (P4) text type with large seperate Q, wide M + dotted i
In use 1493-5.
77R (P5) sheet t3, guire u, sheets x^1, 2 - large face comm.
tyep with single Qu. In use 1493 + 4.
text Gk - lower case only.
comm Gk - lower case only. In use 1493 + 4.
Captial spaces, a few with guide lines. Catchwords.
The dates fo this printer's signedwork at Venice run from
29 March 1493 to 30 Aug. 1494. His name reappears
at Perugia in 1500.
Augustus 63 BC - 14 AD (Emperor 27 BC - 14 AD).

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