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Andrew Stewart
Helpringham, England
Jan. '95 3L = $4.60

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (c 4 B.C. - 65 A.D.)
Epistolae. Opera philosophica - Suasorise.
Controuersiae [By Seneca the Elder]
Venice: Bernardinus de Choris de Cremona., 31 Oct. 1492 f^0
Ref: Goff S-371 HC 14594 Oates 2053 Pr 5221
BMC V 466. lxviii Liber Secundus
Cop: HEHL, Stan UL, LC, Folg SL. Declamationum loud
210 leaves 2-210 numbered i-ccviii. 4^a: 62 lines + headlines, 246 (252)
x152mm. Types: 120G (P6) Small heading type. In
use 1489, 1492.
80 R (2nd state) (P7 13) small text tyep, recast in 1492
large face with single Qu, t with sharply pointed top.
Capital spaces, with guide letters; also is spaces for Greek.
The correspondance of S. Paul is printed on fol. 2, the Epistles
of Seneca occupy quines a-h (ff 3-60)
[*^2]; a-g8 h4; i-z&2^8 Rx aa^6.
Earliest products of this press - 3 books from 1488. Last
recorded edition - this one, i.e. Seneca
(KA 1486 B) Stan UL rubricated in red my leaf i^8 (of 8)
before - Annei Senecae de remediis fortuitorum ad
Gallionem libellus.
after - Annei Senecae de clementia ad Nerorem libri duo.
L. Annei Senecae Declamationum libri decem. In quo
quidem opre sunt quattuor & septuaginta declamationes
book 1 - begins lxv.
" decimus - ends lxxx.
Venice: Bernardius de Choris, de Cremona + Simon de Luere. f^0.
S-370 5 Oct. 1480 BMC. V 464 216 leaves, the last blank, 4-150
numbered i-cxlvii, 151-215 numbered I-LXV 621. + headline
246(253)x160mm Type 107 R, 80 R, 80 Gk. Copy: HEHL
Seneca (Lucius Annaeus) - Roman philosopher, dramatist + statesman, the
son of the rhetor Marcus Annaeus Seneca (d. A.D. 38)

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