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Andrew Stewart
Helpringham, England
Jan. '95 10L = $15.30

Lactantius, Lucius (Caecilius) Coelius Firmianus (c250 45 - c325.)
See #468 Venice: Johannes de Colonia + Johannes Manthen
29 Aug. 1478 f^0 h2z Cap. xvi
Ref: Goff L-9, HC 9814 Polain (B) 2422 Oates 5625 Pr 4332
BMC V 233
1984- $5500 Cop: HEHL (-) COl UL Corn UL Harv CL NEw L

3rd Venice ed.
228 leaves, the 1st blank Register in 4. col 13^a: 37 lines
Types: 109 R^9 (P8) text types: Vivery wide. In use 1476-79.
110 Gk Used 1474-79 Identical with Vide Spira 110 Gk
Capitals spaces, some with guide letters.
a^12; b-m^10 n^8 o-r^10 s-x^8 y^10 z^8; (3^0, 4^0)8

J. of Cologne + J. Manther + up to Oct. 1480 they had published
over 80 books together (Latin classics, Theology + law).
This partenrship produced more than 12 books in 1474 +
continued regular work until 10 Oct. 1480.
- Lactantius was the 1st Christian author to be printed in Italy.
Apuleius was the 3rd classical author to be printed,
being preceded only by Cicero + Lactantius.
Lactantius, who converted to Christianity in middle age,
is said to have written his religious works "in exquisite
Latin, but displaying such ignorance as to have incurred
ther charge of favoring the Anian + Manichaean heresies."
The printers were successors to "Vindelinus de Spira, a
German compatriot of theirs who was probably forced to
yeild his interest in the business as a result of the financial
crisis in the Venetian book trade which took place in 1473.
Lactanius was the 1st Christian author to be printed
in Italy (1465)
See Harvard Library Bulletin, Winter 1988 Col. XXXVI #1

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