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Well produced ed of the works of the 3 major elegiac
poets, with very learned commentaries surrounding the text.

The poetry of Catullus greatly influencesd Horace, Virgil, Ovid
+ Martial. Tibullus wrote sentimental love poems to his
mistress that earned him a prime place among Roman
elegiac poets. Propertius became famous for his poetry
devoted to his mistress, Cynthia.

HEHL 102895 H. 4763 Goff T-372 Venice: 1491
Liber Sexundus not Liber Tertius - also (KA 1487) Stanford Goff p-1017
in this edition my leaf is also p2 (of 8)
Ad Cynthiam
Ad eandem
Ad Cynthiam - Quaeris cur uenia ...
Ad Cynthiam
Loeb Classical Libary - Propertius PA 6156 P8 (HEHL)
XXXI Qvaeris, cur vaniam tibi tardior?
"Thou askest who I am late in coming to thee."
XXX Nunc tu, dure, paras Phriggias nunc ire per
undas et petere Hyrcani litora nauta maris?
"Hard-hearted, dost thou now make ready to cross the
Phrygian waves, and on shipboard seek the shores
of the Hyrcanian sea?"
XXXII Qui videt, is peccat -
Book 2 published about 24 or early 23 B.C.
Lachmann - MSS versions - 4 books
made the 3rd book begin with II, X and treated
the 3rd + 4th books as recorded in the MSS as 4th + 5th
-all others have abandoned this.

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