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J. de Colonia + his partner, J Manthen, took over the
establishment of Vindelinus de Spira around the
turn of 1473 + issued several books in 1474. THey
became a formidable rival to Jensen, + the 2 frims
virtually controlled the Venetian book market. After
the death of Colonia in 1480 both business were
amalgamated under the name of Johannes de Colonia +
Nicolaus Jenson et socii.
HEHL 90926 - rub. in red + blue - my leaf. h2 (of 10) cap. xvi
Book 3 (f^9 - i^4) 30 capitulum. Total of 7 books
Lactantii Firmiani de falsa sapientia Rubrice tertii
foeliciter incipiunt.
de divinis institutionibus Herms is featured Ca A.D. 308/9 adversus gentes.

Lactantius writing in the 3rd C is one of the earliest authorities
on Hermes quoting fragments from the Asclepius in Greek. In Hermes, Lactantus found a pagan
prophesying the advent of Christianity + used Hermetic
writings to prove the truth of the Church.
"During the reign of Constantine, Eusebius wrote at
Caesarea a History of the Church in Greek, + Lactantius
in Nicomedia his Essay on the Philosophy of History,
in Latin, in which he presented historical events as
ordained by Divine Providence. Political events assumed
a moral + religious significance, involved a lesson + a
divine admonishment" (Pirenne, The Tides of History, I, 453.

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